SirJohnnyGuitar Jan 19 2018 Dear Diary ( Part 1 ) The Loneliness We Seek To Fill In Life Is Not Sex Or In Money Which Is Your Business Partner Or A Tool We Use To Build With Other Tools To Work Or Teach :SJG) - January 19 add/view comments (0)

January 13
SirJohnnyGuitar Jan 12 2018 Dear Diary We Still Trying To Get Basic Relationships Which Is Part Necessity For Everyone ? The Quest For Man s Kind Survival Depend On Helping Whom Interested In The Future ? ( Join Me In College ChatRoom ) Many Left Behind By Not Adequately Reading Books ? With The Time And Order Communicating From Nation Too Nation Seeking The Future : By Using History Not Trying To Lead The Way Because We Think We Should But As Global Operators Connecting The Calls To Its Rightful Place :SJG)  

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