knarf95 I want to hit on a touchy subject... and I'm not hear to judge or take sides...and I can only speak about what i hear and see! There are some black females who appear to angry or have this so called attitude! But the big problem is the black females who are innocent of this, get put in the same category!!! Not all black women are angry or have attitudes...but lets be honest they do exist...if we could come together as a whole...the black man and black woman and communicate better there would be less issues among our race! Those are my thoughts...God bless... - 17 hours ago add/view comments (14)

January 14
knarf95 If folk would mind there own damn business this world would be a much better place!!!! From trump on down...that's how wars get started, crime, and ect! If it don't concern you then mind your own business..sounds easy but I guess not! smh...ijs  

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