Ehiob Do white folks have a platform like this where they take on and abuse each other? While I like my blacks folks so much, I don t see anything we do to promote our unity, love and progress as a race. It s so sad. - January 21 add/view comments (9)

January 14
Ehiob At BP, we all are teachers, advisers, the good, the used, most intelligent, most perfect, whatever. Keep wondering then who we are teaching and advising?  

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Male, 33, Trenton, NJ

Posted January 14

It's funny that you pointed that out about people of the bp community. Actually bp social network is filled with a bunch of ghetto fabulous psychologist, therapist, preachers, and philosopher's. Once you get an opportunity to talk with some these same folks offline, their conversation be just as hollow as a creek.


Male, 37, Greece

Posted January 15

@Theophilus00 haha yeah you are right

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