JayKelz Differences shouldnt always equate to debates. We cant be arguing about EVERYTHING. Learn to compromise for the sake of PEACE, if nothing else. ITS OKAY to step away and come back to express perspectives, but dont RUN away and not confront them. That doesnt serve you any justice. Talk about what matters and what matters, to you. Enjoy seeing things through others eyes and if nothing else, learn from the experience.. Every encounter, is an experience. #TalkAboutIt - 53 mins ago add/view comments (0)

February 08
JayKelz Want a life change? What I have learned is that a major way to do so, is to simply change your viewpoint on your present and your future. We have been taught (directly and indirectly), on how to be a product of our experiences, (our past and what we have endured) but now is prime opportunity to retrain yourself to becoming a product of your EXPECTATIONS. Talk the part Dress the part Portray the part.. Nurture and conduct yourself in the manner of which you want real change. If you want change, you must first become it in order for others to grasp that it is indeed tangible. Opinions wont bring change, but Results will. #BeTheResult #BeWhatYouBELIEVE  

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