SoldieretteofChrist Questions? If color don't matter why did they paint YESHUA HAMASHIACH white then? If color don't matter why have white folks made such big deal about it by inventing racism and bigotry in the first place? If color don't matter why are black folks considered as 3/5 a human by Constitutional Law and the government has never repealed that clause to this day but Color don't matter though? OH OKAY! - May 19 add/view comments (1)

February 09
SoldieretteofChrist CDC said flu season on track to break records...hospitalizations are at all time high... Many children and adults have succumbed to flu and died suddenly.... schools are now shutting down because of so many children and staff are getting sick! I WARNED YAWL WITH A THUS SAID THE LORD THAT A PANDEMIC FLU SEASON WAS COMING BUT I GOT LAUGHED AT AND TALKED ABOUT! DO I HEAR THE LAUGHTER NOW? I DONT THINK SO! FOLKS GOING TO LEARN TO STOP LAUGHING AND HEED A TRUE WARNING FROM THE FATHER! --that's all--  

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