michaelfears_1980 (Who am I,) I reply I am human ,photons of light manifested from a thought my origin are from the beginning of creation who am I, I am spirit once traveling beyond light speed, slowed down to experience earth three dimensional construct who am I the result of merging practical of light infused through unified concoussness who am I, I reply, the unexplored idea that gravity is consciousness unified creating the push that promise our now and permeates purpose propulsion of our future who am I, I reply. By : Michael fears - May 11 add/view comments (0)

February 10
michaelfears_1980 (Rivers to falls), as I slowly kiss that which releases the valve of her falls, while sensually stimulating the banks of her love rivers. My mastered art of focused love energies begin to euphoriclly stimulate every fiber of her feminine being, and then I whisper to her, just let it FLOW, between her gift and my lips lies the key to turn her rivers to falls! By Michael fears  

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