Melij228649 People have such a way with words..they know how to make it all about how they feel..then they speak knowing they gonna shove it up your %#&@$!.. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

February 10
Melij228649 I love it when you with someone and as soon as your presence enters the room from the corner of their eye they immediately snap the phone screen off like they were never typing or even on it.Really?? Lmfao...cmon now..  

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Male, Age Private, Washington, DC

Posted February 10

Classic mistake. Distrust starts as a seed and its little actions like that that make it grow into a big %#&@$! tree that casts a shadow on the whole relationship.


Male, 36, Shawnee, KS

Posted February 10

The problem is that we are all discouraging conversations with other people, and nowadays the only way to converse is by phone, it's still possible for two people to talk without talking about sex, the more we realize this, the more peace will get, so let your man speak to other people, as long add he's telling them how awesome you are


Female, Age Private, Albany, NY

Posted February 11

Good call guys , thank you for the thoughts on that..sometimes you need another view on the topic

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