glam-grl Business Ambitions: Stadavarious-Jay said on the YouTube comments: I'm working on it right now but it's sad when your own people would rather continue to make others rich before investing in each other. Anthony Crafts response: I told my dad I wanted to start a business and he looked at me like I was crazy. Stradivarious-Jays response: I feel the same way with my friends & family members. It is really sad because once people start to see you doing it on your own watch how quick everyone believes in you all of a sudden. I'm not going for that. Anthony Crafts response: I agree and my business is going to help me leave something for my kids so they don't have to work for nobody. I agree with both of them. Ideally it would be great to start businesses with friends & family but sometimes our loved ones may not be on the same page as us. That's why it's wise to only start businesses with people who share the same ideology & are responsible. If you choose to have partners, choose wisely. - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

February 13
glam-grl If it's missing part of it's genetic code, how do we know we can trust it? If a food has something removed that is naturally supposed to be in it, it's missing something very important! Logically, if someone where to just remove the part of a human's genetic code which allows them to procreate, just because they can, it would be correct to consider that person flawed because they no longer possess an essential essence/gift part of what makes them human. I'll put it another way. Are we blessed if we are not able to bare fruit? Is a fruit tree blessed if it is not able to bare fruit? Is a tomato without seeds blessed if it it is not able to? Some consider it a blessing to be able to naturally reproduce them self, myself included. Only someone who is against nature has a problem with nature doing what it was intended to do. Think about who is fighting the hardest on this planet to get everyone & everything to go against the NATURAL ORDER. And how many of us still trust them?  

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