SLAPDOG51 CHRISTIANS...He Brings It To My Remeberance a Few Years Ago Someone Commented On What I Had Posted a BELIEVER I Suppose It Was About The Unbeliever Going To hell She Said That If I Didn't Post Like That Maybe More People Would Become BELIEVERS And I Actually Believe That She Believed That!...Maan Please! The Unbeliever Doesn't Want To Believe Choose Not To Believe Either By Themselves Or Someone Teaching Them Not To Believe In a God In Heaven They Don't Want To Serve Father GOD Or Follow LORD JESUS Just Like Some Of You BELIEVERS They Wish To Serve Themselves And Follow Themselves And Follow Themselves Right InTo hell They Will...And If You Believe Like She Does You Will Be Smelling Dust Behind Them...Where Else Do You Suppose The Unbeliever And The Ungodly Are Going? My Daddy Who Is GOD Almighty Told Me To Warn Them To Dissuade Them Perhaps Help Save Them (Ezekiel 3:18 33:8) And I Do I Have And I Will! Or Have Their Blood On My Hands! - 58 mins ago add/view comments (0)

February 13
SLAPDOG51 CHRISTIANS You May Think That I Be Having On These Websites...What Fun Is It That Some People People That You Know And Love Will Be Going To hell Not Going To Hell as The World Says "You Go To Hell!" But Actually Going To The Place That Was Prepared For satan And his 1/3 Matthew 25:41..."Then he will say to those on his left 'Depart from me you who are cursed into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. There Is No Fun In That Mess And I'm Not Laughing...I ENJOY Sharing This GOSPEL Tho!!!  

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Female, Age Private, San Jose, CA

Posted February 13

Amennnn ? We can only impart & pray for the Lord?s Spirit to speak to their hearts.. Thank you for being an instrument for the Kingdom! ????

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