rock1211 Why is it that we finally run after Jesus when all our other options have failed. Sometimes we're to proud to say "whatever it takes". When you stop reaching out that's where the enemy takes hold that's where he wins. The fact that you have a problem that your education can't fix and your pride most definitely can't fix. And being at this point we need and house call from the father. - 8 hours ago add/view comments (2)

February 13
rock1211 The Lord whispered, my son you are long overdue for my blessings, I've heard your cry. I m not sure I knew what has been holding me and my family back, but He whispered to me I'm still here. Everytime you wanted to take a step forward, you were stopped you took two steps backwards. We need to break anything that is following your NAME. God says don't pay attention to the odvious because what's going on it's really what's going on.  

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Female, 19, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Posted February 13

good evening

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