SLAPDOG51 CHRISTIANS If My Posting The GOSPEL On These Websites Interrupts Your Regularly Scheduled Lives...You Will Be Just Fine And If Not...Count Your BLESSINGS!...Genesis 3:8...Then The Man And His Wife Heard The Sound Of GOD as He Was Walking In The Garden In The "COOL OF THE DAY" And They Hid From The Lord GOD Among The Trees!...I Always Thought That Meant Father GOD Was Walking In The Evening Time! But Then It Came To Me The Garden Of Eden Had No Hot Or Cold Weather It Was Made Perfect By a Perfect GOD So The Weather Was Perfect And It Remained Perfect Because Man sinful Self Was Kicked Out Of There! (Genesis 3:24) And We Are Suppose To Be Living In Perfect Weather Not Hot Nor Cold No One Dying From Heatstroke Or Freezing To Death...Last Winter I Was Told Someone Had Froze To Death In This Fare City I Live In...I Still Haven't Gotten a Grip On That And Oh I Guess My Daddy Sent For That Person...Called Them Home By Having Them Freeze To Death! Smh! - February 24 add/view comments (1)

February 13
SLAPDOG51 John 1:17...For The Law Was Given Through Moses GRACE And Truth Came Through JESUS CHRIST! CHRISTIANS Stop Trying Not To Go To hell Because That's What That demon Wants Us To Do And Start Striving In Your Walk With CHRIST To See Father GOD Because That's What The HOLY One Wants Us To Do! That's What The "GOSPEL Of GRACE" Is And Allows Us To Do To Stop Trying Not See hell But Through Father GOD's Amazing GRACE Strive To See The KINGDOM Of HEAVEN! In Our Trying Ways We Accumulate "Righteous Deeds" That Isaiah 64:6 Says Are Like "Filthy Rags" But In Our Striving Walk With CHRIST Who By The Way Has Washed Us Clean (1 Corinthians 6:11) We Accept And Receive The Free Gift Of Father GOD Which Is GRACE And GRACE Says "I Will Be Merciful To Their Unrighteousness And Their sins...I WILL REMEMBER NO MORE! (Hebrews 8:12)...That's Why That demon Wants Us To "Try" Not To Go To hell And "Not" Strive To Be In The Presence Of Father GOD!  

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