jwr88888 Saw the movie BLACK PANTHER, excellent movie, well deserving of the accolades its receiving. I wont debate the merits of the movie, they speak for themselves. If you can "SEE" the message in it for poc around the world, you're spiritually dead and I can't change that. The only way it could have been better is if it was owned by POC and the hundreds of millions it will make went to our communities. No matter I'm glad it was made and we're represented in a positive and realistic light. HOTEP/ASHE' - 1 hour ago add/view comments (1)

February 13
jwr88888 Wildflower by NEW BIRTH 1974...Wild Wild West by KOOL MOE DEE 1988...My Prerogative by BOBBY BROWN 1988...No More Drama by MARY J BLIGE 2001...My My My by JOHNNY GILL 1990. soul food music!!!  

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