KillaKjelly1 If you don't go threw their phone then you won't get your feelings hurt MYOB Talking about my phone is my phone I can do what I want....Then you go threw hers and BAM in yo feelings! #StopItBro - 18 hours ago add/view comments (3)

February 14
KillaKjelly1 This %#&@$! wants to pray to Jesus over me then gets mad when my fiance hasn't done ANYTHING she claims ALL men do SMDH Just say you're mad to be alone and you don't trust men....Dont try to rain on my parade cause you can't find a good man....These hoes is crazy!  

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Female, 26, Dearborn Heights, MI

Posted February 14

you aint NEVER lied!! ????


Female, Age Private, Arlington, TX

Posted February 14

I don't know why these Christian weirdos always think I need prayer GIRL BYE Pray for yourself while you're trying to convince yourself everyday that you dont need a man cause all you need is Jesus....NOT ME

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