CalOne33 If the person you have sex with hasn't asked you your fantasies or fetishes then your not partners. Partners trust the other with their satisfaction and focus on the pleasure of the other. The thought of what I will get becomes meaningless because you know they will do what needs to be done. It's not about being the best when you first meet it's about asking and being taught how to be the best for your partner. Learn to be a student and a teacher, be the giver and the receiver and sex will be so much more fun. If you really want to reach the next level learn tantric sex because with a knowledgeable person it can be unforgettable. #lmJustSaying - 20 hours ago add/view comments (0)

March 13
CalOne33 I wish clarity could be given instead of learned. For many are blinded by their own truth and mistake the lies they tell themselves for the truth the world should follow. We as a people will never see that we are people. It will always be a clouded view of singularity and difference because equality is merely a word not an ideal state of being. If we are all the same then why does every aspect of life revolve around a scale, a measurement of worth. Because no one wishes to live in a world where everyone is treated the same. No matter how innocent you try to claim to be this truth fall upon everyone. Because if a child molester was treated the same as you and not judge for their character or action the world would be in an uproar. In our quest for unity we strive for division and embrace small battles thinking they will end the war.  

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