APoetsDream27 It's called I've learned from it and I'm not going back I've bossed up Came across my rusty crown I threw away years ago and decide to brush it off Reunited with it even had to get it a little fitted but that bull%#&@$! I been through I ain't going back to it Never will I step my foot back in it Call me what you want but a repeated offender of abusing myself love I ain't wit it So toot ya nose up and judge me if you please But I've found a reason to love all of me That past %#&@$! I ain't accepting Crown fitted right Bank account looking just right Got kings in line seeing my worth without me verbally saying it or coaching them to meet my standards I'm a whole goddess at work Because I now know my worth -DN@ - 13 hours ago add/view comments (1)

March 13
APoetsDream27 That lesson, maaaaan I learned from that %#&@$!.  

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