glam-grl Who Shapes & Controls the Image of Black Men in Media? It?s important that we know these things so we can better prepare are children for the 24-7 war against them & us adults. The reason they stay ahead of us is because most of us refuse to pay attention to this type of essential information.: - 9 hours ago add/view comments (0)

March 14
glam-grl Watch your backs Peeps! I did say they were going to start acting even more psychotic on several occasions. White Supremacist terroists are attacking black people with bombs & of course the main stream media is barely talking about it! Share this Peeps: The 60's All Over Again! Somebody Is Killing Blacks With Bombs In Austin TX:  

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Female, 36, Austin, TX

Posted March 15

It is very sad what happened. I do pray that it does not happen again. It is a shame for people to have lost their lives for nothing. #Back2God


Female, Age Private, Chicago, IL

Posted March 16

@TheChosenOne2017 Greetings Queen! It is a shame but who we are dealing with have never change they have always killed our people mercilessly. The only difference today is far more people have knowledge of what they are doing because of social media. They are not going to change who they are. As I have said on numerous occasions, we are the ones who have to change.

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