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April 16
Overlord3 You guys are retarded! Some dude on here said that I play Tekken 4, and he asked who the hell plays that anymore? Okay, for one, I don't play Tekken 4. I play Tekken 7. Your dumb %#&@$! needs to learn how to read! Now, if you wanna ask who plays Tekken 7 anymore, uhh... millions of people all over the world? I mean, it did sell millions of copies! Typically, the more intelligent people in society play Tekken, though. Tekken is a game for the thinking man, much like chess but much more complex when played on an advanced level. Also, I'm not a casual gamer. I don't just beat the computer (A.I.) on the games and put them aside. I play 1 or 2 games competitively in tournaments. My goal is to be one of the best players and join the esports arena, and make millions from being fantastic at video games. I have gotten 1st place in video game tournaments before.  

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Female, 42, Indianapolis, IN

Posted April 16

i still play the first black ops.. on my ps3 mind you.. tekken 6 on ps4 ... there's nothing wrong with throwbacks (if you did play 4) LoL


Male, 28, New Castle, DE

Posted April 16

@BeautyBeginsWithin - lol thanks. It was just some dude being a smart %#&@$!. That's cool you still play those games. Nothing wrong with throwbacks. As a matter of fact, I still play Spyro the Dragon for the ps1 every once in a while! I can't wait until the remastered trilogy comes out this September!

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