April 16
Spoiled_Rotten2 I don't be in my feelings, I be in my thoughts... It's a big difference..... Especially those late night thoughts.... They are the worse, I swear... ?  

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., 78, Pasadena, CA

Posted April 16

It is because we human beings are ?mystic? entities and are one with THE UNIVERSE that human-kind can and will advance courageously toward a world of peace and harmony. Man cannot progress without effort. Man cannot be happy without effort. Effort and happiness are indivisible. Neither a pure land nor hell exists outside oneself, both dwell within the hearts of men. Awakened to this, one is called a human being. Deluded about it, one is less than the wildest beast of prey.


Male, Age Private, Irving, TX

Posted April 17

Those thoughts can get you in trouble

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