BeautifulBlacPanther OKAY, NOBODY LAUGH IM ABOUT TO SHOW MY NERDNESS. WHAT DOES 420 MEAN???? - 14 hours ago add/view comments (7)

April 16
BeautifulBlacPanther GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TO CHANGE ONES LIFE, what does that mean? To me it means to make yourself BETTER to UPGRADE so to speak. Not your OUTWARD appearance but your INWARD appearance, what you feel about yourself and allowing YOURSELF and OTHERS to treat you how you feel inside. To CHANGE oneself, you have to be able to see what others may not see at first, but as that UPGRADE takes place, the CRAP you now except will no longer be tolerated and excepted. Changes POWERFUL but ONLY IF YOU FEEL WORTHY OF YOUR UPGRADE. I LOVE YOU FAMILY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY  

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