April 16
ladies how do you know when a man is being sincere?? if he starts off with saying how attractive or beautiful you are and he hopes to get to know you better. whats wrong with that? it may not be original but he could be sincere? im just asking?  

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Female, 55, Madison, AL

Posted April 16

Nine times out of Ten they shower you with compliments because they are buttering you up for the WOO. Women get tired of the same ole same ole UNTIL we find out that you truly are sincere


Female, Age Private, Louisville, KY

Posted April 16

That ?I want to get to know you better? comes across A LOT.


Female, 42, FPO, AP

Posted April 16

I know hes maybe sincere when he says those things AFTER a few conversations at least and not right away. Even after a few conversations its probably still bull ?????

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