TBoo43 if you really like a female I mean really like her give her that attention don't let somebody else give it to her... Reverse that if you like a man really like a man give him attention don't let another woman do it - Yesterday add/view comments (2)

April 16
TBoo43 Questions: is this a dating site or hook up site? And do y'all ever wonder who you're hooking up with if they have something? Condoms can't protect you from everything.... And before you ask me no I haven't hooked up with anybody on here it's called questions I'm just curious to know if anybody uses their mind these days? In 2018 you still thinking w/what's in your pants so sad... you say you're not looking for nothing serious acrimony and all these other movies.... there's a reason why these movies exist hooking up with Friends with Benefits all these movies is this for reasons people stop saying you don't need nobody cuz you need somebody for something... men and women  

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Female, 55, Madison, AL

Posted April 16


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