Pleasure_Pleaser At work right now... hearing my name call very loudly... Me: Yes sleep???... Sleep: U ain?t comin? I been waitin on U foreverrrr... Me: Yah. Miss U too ?... Sleep: So what U waitin for? U kno our midday hookups tend to be off d chain. Let?s go... Me: ???? - 27 mins ago add/view comments (0)

April 16
Pleasure_Pleaser Guess what!!! Grandma n Grandpa never left me no inheritance. Mom n Dad never financed my post secondary education. So any wealth I accumulate is through d sweat of my own brows. I kno hard work. I kno dedication. I kno commitment. I kno patience n perseverance. Coupled with some streetside knowledge n big dreams, I can see an even brighter future for myself than was originally forecasted. #SmartInvestor. #Stocks can turn a bum into a billionaire or vice versa.  

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