jmoney7769 Has anyone ever ?complimented? you, and you didn?t know whether to be flattered or insulted... In Starbucks, trying to not get arrested, when two young ladies in line say to me, ?You?re a very good looking older gentleman?... Huh?... Well I?ll be damned... Of course I smiled and said thank you... But you know in my head I was sayin, who you callin old you lil.... :-/. Oh well... If the shoe fits.. lol - Yesterday add/view comments (1)

April 16
jmoney7769 Life is funny.. Sometimes you stress over things that you shouldn?t.. I guess that?s why they say ?hand it over?... Anyway.. Monday worked out just fine.. And trust and believe.. I?ll be having a glass of wine... Good afternoon Beautiful.. Much love..  

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