ShebaLoveIsrealite I am feeling really super fantastic right now! My soulmate is here on this island and I can feel his natural presents all over me! The brother is coming to me strong his soul is already all over minds and I can't stop thinking of us! The wait is OVER and my SHIP is here my brothers and sisters! Be Happy for me! The journey was long now it is worth everything and all things. I my sister's will have a covering over me throughout eternity! This is my soulmate, a son of Elohim The Most Ineffable One! There is no greater blessing for sister's for her to discover her real thing from the HEAVEN'S! - Yesterday add/view comments (0)

May 16
ShebaLoveIsrealite The eyes are one of the most important tool in our bodies. We need our eyes in order to see where we ate going in life and so we can see evil and turn directions immediately. Our eyes are watchers... Our eyes have seen every little nasty things we have gotten ourselves into in our past lives and our eyes can voucher for all the happiness we have experienced in our lives too. We can't get away from our eyes and what they have seen throughout our lives. Our eyes watches out for us! Let's let our eyes see all the beauty surroundings us by paying attention to the Earth. It is good to see ourselves doing all the right things and we will enjoy seeing our selves living under the Bright Light of The Great Almighty Elohim. . Peace and Blessings  

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