100percent_Gentlemen Shorty so seductive dancin on me, the way that she move is makin me horny. If I wake up next to her in the mornin, Imma turn over and tell let's do it AGAIN lol! - 1 hour ago add/view comments (0)

May 17
100percent_Gentlemen Has anyone else noticed the increase of men having feminine sounding voices these days? There are a lot more men with high pitched voices than ever before lol. A LOT of men these days lack adequate testosterone.  

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Female, Age Private, Etobicoke, ON

Posted May 17

it's all the hormones in the foods people eat..just a thought


Male, 32, Syracuse, NY

Posted May 17

Yup. That's why I mentioned the testosterone. I recognized last night after a workout how DEEPER my voice got lol. I was like whoa.

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