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seriouslynoseriously - 17 minutes ago

Ok sooo I m having a interesting conversation via notes... we are talking about black men & success and how white men are scared to lose to black men. So I m wondering if the tables turned & black ppl were in control of everything, do you think we would retaliate & give white people the same treatment as they have been giving us all these years...

MR_KING_JAY76 - 17 minutes ago

A Woman should never be struggling financially,spiritually,Insecurely or emotionally with a grown man laying up with to her every night!!!

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AKHIBLAZE - 24 minutes ago

Say what u mean and mean what u say and act on ur thoughts

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Sexygthatsright - 26 minutes ago

listening to Chris Brown! his new album, it's the **!!

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carmelkisses_83 - 26 minutes ago

What s on your bucket list?

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gh3ttobottie - 31 minutes ago

place is nice and clean smell like pinsol :)love the smell of it

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laidbackbro007 - 33 minutes ago

Do people go on line to be petty/trolls, or are they REALLY this difficult? Being petty on line is quite boring, and it is unproductive in so many ways. For one, the time lost on a useless conversation when there is so much more important topics. How long will it be before people go back to just being normal?

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ColeyCole- - 36 minutes ago

Why is it always the ugly mofos who has the most to say about black women? If you're a black man who has hate for black women you're the one who is mentally ill @DJACEONE8686 lmao nicca look like a piece of throw away burnt toast lmao

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ROBERT983 - 39 minutes ago

News flash if you can't love someone enough to let the world know please let them go!!!! #HighGradeConfession21

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Joannemarie2 - 45 minutes ago

Forget about it, nothin you say can or will shake my ground I'm standing on solid ground, the Truth and the truth leaves no room for rebuttal, unless you a blind fool

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Anthonyepps1977 - 46 minutes ago

People come people go. Love seems like an open door. Hoping to find something real someone who'll stay. But we often end up with broken hearts and feelings that fade away. Love is hard to figure out a mystery it seems. Thinking you've found the right one and realizing it may have all been just a dream.

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crazyoutlaw - 46 minutes ago

RIP Chicago Rapper Fredo Santana

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CaramelCutie_ - 47 minutes ago

its sad when people can make everyone else happy but not themselves.

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peacefulvybes - 55 minutes ago

I miss Christmas.

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Dchocolaate01 - 57 minutes ago

Its really simple, be respectful!

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Sweettea37ky - 57 minutes ago

In black families when all of the pop is gone and there is none left in the refrigerator everybody swears up and down that they've only had one....

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Only1me721 - 1 hour ago

You can't blame someone for walking away if you didn't do anything to make them stay

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esscence101 - 1 hour ago

I like sex. Sue me...

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AzSweetheart1 - 1 hour ago

Let the past make you better, not bitter

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cococutie82 - 1 hour ago

Social media made some of y'all forget who y'all are in real life...

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