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MR_KING_JAY76 - 3 minutes ago

Fellas be honest with your intentions with a woman and let her know exactly what you looking for at that time....if it's relations or vibes let her know and it's her move or choice after that besides she may not like your answer but she'll respect you more for it 100% cause women just hate being led on!!!

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msdonna38 - 5 minutes ago

Watched my son graduate yesterday , felt good to say I did that , I raised him by myself . It was a challenge at times but we overcame those and now I can relax a little and take that much needed vacation 😏

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cococutie82 - 16 minutes ago

Beautiful women with normal jobs,and natural bodies don't get enough credit

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cutetonyCA - 28 minutes ago

Sitting up here trying to figure out wtf going on mofos black folk so greedy have to have 3, 4 plus baby mommas and they smh think I want to share there problems dont bring that around me im not interested

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Allergic2Nonsense - 36 minutes ago

Idc how hard life gets, we dont expose our friends/family business when we fallout. #Itsrules2thissh*t

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Joannemarie2 - 45 minutes ago

The more technical the world gets the more people are bored to death, why is that? i know technology is a great isolator

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brat04 - 53 minutes ago

Cookout and drinks!πŸΉπŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸΏ

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Chikatalented - 53 minutes ago

Every day can be your holiday if you believe yourself

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pharmdenilson - 53 minutes ago

Those that live fearless of the existence of God but more as a vessel for the devil makes no progress time is all that is needed before they start to count their losses

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Rose69ON - 54 minutes ago

Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you...😊πŸ”₯πŸ’―βœ”πŸ€—

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slimgoody2011 - 55 minutes ago

damn folks dont have big cookouts like they used too guess i will be staying in tonight its boring

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Tashica2 - 56 minutes ago

Too often we base our value on how somebody is treating us, or how successful we are, or how perfect of a life we live. The problem is that all of those things can change. Here’s the key, your value should be based solely on the fact that you are a child of the Most High God.

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100percent_Gentlemen - 57 minutes ago

If ya ain't know, it's them junk foods that many people eat that keeps them under a large amount of depression and feeling down about themselves and life. Decrease the eating of them, drink more water and walk at least 15-20 minutes daily and watch the amazing health benefits.

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starlite1981 - 57 minutes ago

I can't wait for this game tonite

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Rose69ON - 58 minutes ago

I love those who can smile in trouble...😊πŸ”₯βœ”πŸ’―

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KindofBlackRob - 1 hour ago

Have you ever been out in public and you're go to the bathroom, but someone that looks like they stank beats you to it and youre all like.....nah, I'm not going in that bathroom? XD

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coatedcandy22 - 1 hour ago

Why are feelings so complicated

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Joannemarie2 - 1 hour ago

People use derogatory vocabulary because their vocabulary is limited

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itznobigdeal - 1 hour ago

A healthy diet consists not only of regulating what we ingest in our bodies, but also regulating what we allow into our soul (via sight and sound). We are what we think. Happy sweet Sunday! ❀️❀️😍😍

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NikiBe - 1 hour ago

Currently watching Jaws

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