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Msyose - 5 hours ago

Beyonce is soooo overrated

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NewsOne - 4 hours ago

Summer's here so let's keep our kids reading!

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I came in late today about 5mins late never been late b4 in the 7yrs I've been there An the owner gave me a raise ... Well thank u Jesus !!! The lord be working for a Sista lol

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moseshester - 47 minutes ago

I wish I could capture this moment forever not with a camera but something far better, something that would enable me to remember how you taste without my lips going near your face,something that would let me gaze at your eyes even if we were below different skies, something that reminded me of the beauty of your scent even if it was a place we nev...

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JayKelz - 1 hour ago

Sometimes you just gotta learn how to live with yourself.. Quit hating on everything you believe to be wrong and make amends to what's right with you. Become friends with your flaws. With that you'll learn how not to constantly put yourself down and hold yourself more accountable to what you're able to control. If you'd want the best for your frien...

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kelove38 - 5 hours ago

Daughter's are mini flowers that you water and watch blossom before your eyes. I'm glad I have 3 bcuz I planted great seeds in them with self respect, self confidence and the ability to understand what common sense is. You can't hold their hand through life but you can give them the tools to walk on their own.

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cococutie82 - 2 hours ago

people get mad at you when they can't use you

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Mz_Vice - 6 hours ago

This Guy Sent Me A Picture Of His ** So I Made A Meme Saying It Was Missing & Added His Name And Number To It An Sent It Back To Him Saying Imma Post This Online To Help You Find Your **. He Said Okay Go Ahead Lol! So I Found His Family Members Pages On Facebook And Posted It On Their Comment Section. #SinceYouWannaShowOut #LetMeHelpYou

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TANGY1101 - 1 hour ago

So I went to see my aunt. Since I was a little girl, she has always checks behind her shower curtains when she go in the bathroom like she expecting somebody to be behind there. So I said, Auntie if somebody is back there, what's your plan?...lmao. She told me to get the hell out of her house. Her ** aint got a plan.

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phillynetta - 1 hour ago

When a female that's with a person that looks good like her it feel more comfortable. remember if they Choose a ugly person they have 2 see him everyday take pics & Etc. its embarrassing being with a ugly person unless he has money. thats how it is

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finesse1023 - 4 hours ago

Selfish individuals always want others to share with them....

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King_Wise_1 - 29 minutes ago

The sad part is so many Black people have been programed to hate who they are because of their skin tone and hair texture. Social Media and Helevision has only increased the Black self hate.

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NewsOne - 5 hours ago

Educators examine minority teacher retention crisis

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CherquitaConner - 53 minutes ago

Is anybody real these days? Are people really looking for? Seem like everyone is on games, scams etc. Damn if your not coming correct please leave me the ** alone! #inmyownsandbox! SMDH

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Mzkim02 - 5 hours ago

If you ha e no intentions of committing to her then get your hands off of someone else's woman!

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cccallie1 - 7 hours ago

Today's Inspiration. ..don't let anyone or any situation disrupt the peace of your spirit!

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derrical18 - 5 hours ago

Pretty toes=pretty **

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NewsOne - 1 hour ago

Meet the Library of Congress' new poet laureate Tracy K. Smith

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NewsOne - 7 hours ago

The family of an unarmed slain Black motorist Samuel DuBose continues to wait for a verdict

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HappyChyck - 6 hours ago

Hearing black people say they hate getting darker in the summer always makes me sad....The beauty in every shade of who we are should be celebrated! #teammelanin of every degree!

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