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Trinaaaaa - 5 hours ago

All men are not dogs and all women are not gold diggers...That's just propaganda, created to keep us pitted against each other... #WakeUp... we need each other, dammit!!

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TrueMist - 3 hours ago

Pay attention: Anyone who is intimidated by you (your looks, your education, your job, your blessings, your kids, your home, your favor) and sees themselves as less than you .....will silently become your enemy.

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KindofBlackRob - 1 hour ago

People tend to work on their looks and not work on themselves as a whole. Just remember, looks fade, but a personality is forever.

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SxySmartPretty1 - 6 hours ago

Feels good to be back in my own bed. I thank God for traveling grace.

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BillBoardB - 3 hours ago

Life is not about how much money you make... But how you enjoy your life while you living. Did you ever take a chance on something you always wanted to do ? Create memories, and leave a legacy..

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hubbytype_ - 1 hour ago

I remember when people cried over their relationships, called their best friends for advice, and fought for their relationship.. Now people just move on to the person they had all along

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makinhoney72 - 7 hours ago

Forgive yourself for accepting less than you deserve-but don't do it again....

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love1222ok - 8 hours ago

PSA: I Wish Some Females would understand THE MEANING Of A LACEFRONT Is To NOT SEE THE LACE Y all Be Having A WHOLE SCREEN DOOR On Y all FOREHEAD....

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vallsunn1 - 2 hours ago

Please Lord help me not to group all white people in I hate you catagory But after seeing the most hateful vile disgusting comments on another social site about this great man Dr.King I wanted to vomit Please lets stop ing referring to each other as the n..word in any context.Just an old lady seeing and experiencing racism in my life

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Jalita0713 - 16 hours ago

I swear people are a$& backwards these days. If you re over 30 with no kids & never married, your response should not be What s wrong with you? It should be Congratulations you got your s$&t together.

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one2mpressTX1 - 7 hours ago

I guess the state of Texas will be closed tomorrow. Lol. I know the people up north is laughing they ** off at us. Lol. :)

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MixtapeMiniBeatz - 1 hour ago

Man it's crazy how life can change on you in an instant. Got a text that my home girl husband passed away yesterday at 43. Don't even know what to say to her, a good brother gone too soon. Black men, start taking your health seriously and see the Dr.

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Chellielove - 7 hours ago

Everybody be safe in Dallas Ft Worth. Please drive careful!!!

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MareeIsBeauty - 3 hours ago

People!!!! What happened in Hawaii was a real warning of what's to come... read in between the lines!!! They just wanted to see how the people would react.... It must be something ahead smh... this world is crazy but God be the glory!!!!

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Muzik-Happy - 59 minutes ago

Linda "honey" just listen, listen Linda. ~~ If you keep getting it wrong, how's that everybody elses fault? ~~ Lick it Linda, just listen...........

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Brandnew116 - 7 hours ago

9 out of 10 times if they want to chat on google hangouts...they a CATFISH

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annie_granger75 - 2 hours ago

Sometimes you find that person you re looking for when you least expect it. When you do treat them like the King or Queen they are and they will return the favor. Stand by them no matter what. Please them both sexually and non sexually and they will keep coming back and never leave. There are some good ones out there still

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LovelivePlay10 - 3 hours ago

When I'm worried and cannot sleep I count my blessings instead of sheep ~~ Bing Crosby ~~

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JBBusy - 4 hours ago

Settle?? Tuh! Don t u ever settle! Wait for someone who treats u like an investment, not a fkn free trial. Wait for that someone who looks deeper than ur appearance and materialistic things & merely wants to know ur soul. Wait for someone who loves u so much that they would give u their happiness just so they can take ur pain.. It may require mor...

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summer_reignz - 4 hours ago

Pedophiles are trying to get recognized as a sexuality called pedosexuals so it will reduce the stigma!!! 2018 is about to be more **ed up than 2017!!! Be on guard! Hide your wife, kids, cousins, friends, bananas, hair grease, and gloves... **!! Hide everything cause they are about to get bolder! You aint seen bold yet! Stay woke! #TeamNoSle...

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