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Iconic_2013 - 3 hours ago

It's funny--the women with attitudes--are always the ones talking about there are no good men out there--there are lots of great men out there--they're just avoiding you--Happy Holidays---

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Pretty_Independent81 - 7 hours ago

Dont waste your energy treating people like they treat you. Always treat people how you want to be treated. Its not your job to give the lesson. Let people reap what they sow, because you will too.

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milkcocoa2 - 1 hour ago

I like a Saturday which involves nothing important! Relaxing, cooking, napping, and just planning for the holidays. Boy, it's gonna be a good day.

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_Br00klyn_ - 4 hours ago

Being a wife to your boyfriend doesn't guarantee a marriage.

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Mohump - 1 hour ago

) I've noticed that women have a lot of quotes messages that a real man doesn't need seems like you're searching for someone to change and someone to want you to doesn't want you. there are 72% of black households that are single mothers because good decisions were made it's because 28% of white households are single mothers because sometimes it's ...

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glam-grl - 1 hour ago

Smh! So many of us still think our enemy is each other. Meanwhile, our real enemy is saying: See! I told you they are not that smart! They still haven't figured out this agenda, after all this time. They still think we love them & we are their friends. # Black/Nubian people, it's time to come out of the sunken place, stop being distracted by all o...

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JazzyJaySC - 2 hours ago

The distance between people is not in the MILES it s in the MINDS! You can sit right next to a person and be distant!!

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summer_reignz - 1 hour ago

Imagine my high ACT, SAT, and IQ, being in Gifted and Talented Academic and music classes alone all of my days. Imagine me obliterating every test, every academic rally, never missing a mark... History and Biology my obvious favorite subjects. [My Name sounds white]. Fast forward to high school graduation and a pale face white guy in a tan jacket t...

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Babyboy_comic - 1 hour ago

Share with someone in your phone list! (The Blessing Is Already On You): "The Blessing is never in what's lost in your life but in what's left. So stop crying and complaining about what you don't have or the relationship that didn't work out. For who lost more than 'Job' being a perfect and an upright man one that feared God and eschewed evil....

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spcgra - 5 hours ago

You can have a good woman and still not have the right woman.............

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Bossip - 4 hours ago

Bish I'm A Dog, WOOF! Cardi B's Slippery Bando Boo Offset Sued Over Secret Love Seed

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babegirl4everINdy - 2 hours ago

I'm having a relaxing day binge watching shows on my my PJ's and snacking... Hope everyone has as just as a relaxing day as I'm trying to have....

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BOM218 - 2 hours ago

Parent your children.. Don't be just a man or a woman who got kids..

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J_2084 - 4 hours ago

In a relationship you should want someone that compliments you (in whichever way that may be for you) not someone contradicts you.

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Sexybrownskin38 - 5 hours ago

Building relationships,will be your greatest resource. Becarful how you treat people you never know who will bless you, or elevate you.

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itznobigdeal - 3 hours ago

Just getting in the house from Adoption Day. i relived stories and sights of babies born opioid positive jerking from withdrawals, children so severely beaten they couldn't bathe 4 days. The law tells me that I MUST make "reasonable efforts" 2 reunify the child w these abusive parents. Thousands of $ spent by localities to pay for services, counsel...

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Black-English-Rose7 - 3 hours ago

Do you think long distance relationships can work?

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SunshineLuuv - 39 minutes ago

If some of y'all would learn when to give somebody space, you might give a person a chance to show more interest. If it's all one sided, there's no future.

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Bossip - 4 hours ago

Madam C.J. Rih Rih: Time Mag Names Fenty Beauty One Of 2017'S Best Inventions

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brat04 - 3 hours ago

Nice day outside guess I will finally wash my dirty car lol hope everyone have a good day!

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