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marvin334 - 3 hours ago

Cheating on someone is played out. Just leave

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BaBy_TwEEty - 5 hours ago

When you a good person you don't lose people they lose you

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KonFlicTDaHuLKMc - 2 hours ago

Stop gettin mad at people who tell you the truth about something you asked for. If you can't stomach the truth, then be happy with the lies. The greatest lie is to yourself sayin you can handle the truth when you know you Can't. Don't be made at the truth teller be mad at yourself for believing so many lies that when the truth is told it almost kil...

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PrTyGyRl4u - 1 hour ago

Still getting used to my new home. Luv it but not quite settled in yet. Where's Martha Stewart when I need her smh

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InLveAndWar - 3 hours ago

Insomniacs UNITE lol

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jae626 - 7 hours ago

The comeback is always stronger than the setback...

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Delvontay - 1 hour ago

when it comes down to relationships remember it's only 4 kings and 4 queens in a deck so what or tha odds of you pulling one on tha first try. but each time you pull u get closer to your king or queen. what I'm trying to say is that don't let one bad relationship stop u . u keep trying God is gone bless u with somebody special sometimes success co...

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travelgurl65 - 8 hours ago

Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them...

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MisterBibbs - 1 hour ago

For the love of GOD, please, PLEASE get Hooked on Phonics before before sending me a thesis of how you're "Am new here", Am good", "Am So-n-So by name", and want to "Know me more better"..try knowing Proper English first...**...

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57l24269O2 - 1 hour ago

What's in it for me? You want a girl you can fuk on the regular. I want a guy serious about who who pays attention to me, communicates, takes me in dates, falls in love with me and all of that. I really don't care about dik from a guy not serious about me. So you got anything to offer since I'm not looking for cok? Didn't think so. - IG: momois...

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mstaliyah313 - 9 hours ago

Stop looking for someone to please your FLESH and pray for someone to speak to your spirit.

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ViRtUoUs814 - 3 hours ago

I pray everything that is bothering you be released from you! I pray Father give you space to breathe and to gather your thoughts. Goodnight BP

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bigsexy188 - 3 hours ago

Your worst enemy could be living with you, laying in the same bed as you with their hands wrapped around you.

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fayatte - 2 hours ago

Never put Temporary people in the Permanent place of your Life, and don't be afraid of Removing the Wrong People from the Right Place of your Life. If it's your Life then it's your Right.

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HappyChyck - 5 hours ago

One of the greatest misconceptions society thrusts on us is that black women don't support black women. We do we have and we will continue but that doesn't sell reality tv shows huh?? #Queensunited

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EyEz_of_a_Soldier - 14 hours ago

Instead of clubbing, wasting money on liquor & weed, let's go away for the weekend. See a new city, check out a museum or two. Something different

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efficient123 - 4 hours ago

BP please update this site so your members can do more with it. its out dated . if you out there agree prop this post

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CaramelB - 4 hours ago

He met me offline and said 'Wow, you're real! And you're beautiful for a digital girl.' *smirk*

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jae626 - 18 minutes ago

Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were...

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DeliciouslyDark75 - 2 hours ago

Had to tell someone off for insulting my daughter today. No one messes with my princess without feeling my wrath!!!

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