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HappyChyck - 3 hours ago

Anyone present in your life should have a positive purpose period. You should have no time for folks who don't replenish you.

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chiraq4 - 2 hours ago

We tend to judge others by their behavior, and ourselves by our intentions.

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ColeyCole- - 23 minutes ago

Niccas is out here stressing about relationships, popularity on social media apps, who and who doesn't like them. And my black ** over here getting money and eating chicken wings. Get your priorities in order. From the desk of Coley Cole.

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aquariuseye - 6 hours ago

Some ppl will try to take u there, in a negative way, DONT GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION!

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Tadow_DGAF - 48 minutes ago

If anyone on a social website caused you to get upset or mad and leaves you needing someone to talk to in order to help you make sense of all this? I AIN'T THE ONE hahaha Betta call Tyrone, or a pastor sheeit I'm just here to ham it up with my friends

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twinpoet77 - 2 hours ago

Some may say by looking at me that I am too quiet but honestly I'm not.... It's just that I take my time to observe and be reserve regarding the things that has been told to me and also what I've heard. You see I'm not one to spill out my business and concerns to just anyone.... I'm the type that I need to fully be acquainted with you and have a ...

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paradise_gem - 1 hour ago

When your son in law calls you at 0430 because his wife told him to please call Mommy. She is in so much pain and wants Mommy to tell him how to help her. #alwaysmybabies. I wish I could take her pain away...😢😢😢

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Oatmeal86 - 37 minutes ago

‪This chick at the gym asked me why my wife doesn’t come workout with me? In my head I’m like “damn, is that how I carry myself, like a married man” I’ll take that as a compliment tho

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Red_1983 - 6 hours ago

You can give a person your all and it still won’t be good enough...

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KindofBlackRob - 6 hours ago

I don't think that I know everything, but I've learned a lot from other people's mistakes as well as my own. And when I don't have the answer, I'll admit that I don't know or Ill know someone who does.

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1971Carmen - 32 minutes ago

Good Morning. My body is saying stay in bed, my mind is, wait for it....THINKING OF A MASTER PLAN LOL Y’all have a great weekend! #ImSillyDontMindMe

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archiearchie - 5 hours ago

Good men and women do rare&do exist. My best friend is a good guy who has the Holy Spirit as well as myself. We both never been married. He has 1 kid and I have none. We are Faithful, Celibate, Loyal, Giving, Loving, Caring, Peaceful, Humble, Non- drinkers/smokers, No Tattoos..Be Encouraged &Don't Settle.

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ahliah20 - 9 hours ago

You just never know what someone is really going through.. the brightest smiles holds the deepest secrets..

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summer_reignz - 5 hours ago

I cannot stand the Trump Administration but firing Andrew McCabe 24 hours BEFORE he could retire was some hoecake bull**!! To be stripped of your pension after 20 years of work for THIS government is **ed up on all levels! They should not have that much power... and for simply having too much info. I would sue!!!

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KPITRL42 - 8 hours ago

Find joy this weekend & carry it into the new week. Shalom kisses.

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archiearchie - 3 hours ago

All people who have true Holy Spirit In them are SOUL mates. Spirit is so strong you can really connect with that person as strangers. You like we got the same Father!Real family. Strange babies sometimes really reach for me to the point, parents ask them do you know them? YES,by Spirit. Now let her hug her sister.

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cherokeewoods - 10 minutes ago

Be Comforted And A Comfort{^_~ Good Shabbat Shalom Saturday Mornin BP, Much Joy Love And Happiness{^_~ Mwahhh...

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Pamela303 - 4 hours ago

I’m bored so.....goodnight everyone. Sleep well!!

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seriouslynoseriously - 7 hours ago

SOME men are so funny & entertaining!! ....straight sarcasm!

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archiearchie - 3 hours ago

People say they love Jesus and you go to their profile and it's saying that they love evil. How can a house divided stand? A double minded person can't please anyone. Cursing, Illuminati signs, witch craft, bare skin, sunglasses/darkness, liquor, Not speak God's word, are all not Jesus like. My profile lines up with/ my words .

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