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lights - 13 minutes ago

I'm exhausted I can't wait to get a good check headed straight to the spa.

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Tadow_DGAF - 26 minutes ago

This one of them Erykah Badu Kem Anthony Hamilton music playing while you sippin on somthin kinda day hahahaha yeah buddy!

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CarmalDe-Lite - 34 minutes ago

Work smart and then start working for your dream or die making someone elses!

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finesse1023 - 38 minutes ago

I think Black Friday should include half off on all household bills

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SunshineLuuv - 39 minutes ago

If some of y'all would learn when to give somebody space, you might give a person a chance to show more interest. If it's all one sided, there's no future.

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DretotheA - 44 minutes ago

Just take your aggression out like an artist. Watch what the results will be. Surprise yourself~

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chickyr - 49 minutes ago

Finalizing my trip to Florida next month. I'm gonna try to squeeze a trip to NY in for January. February a birthday trip for my homegirl to Canada. Good thing I saved all these days up.

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doublecupshawty - 57 minutes ago

This weather just has me wanting to be laid up with my tits being sucked

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Leo_Brotha82 - 1 hour ago

cold and rainy outside what sounds good to do today

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Rain_Moonshine - 1 hour ago

Wow ... I have been making out with my husband all afternoon lol. We will never make it out to groceries or to the date. I am only letting him feel how wet I am and I am also measuring how erect he gets -with my throat. But he can t do anything more. Not until tonight at least. ~Rain

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Mohump - 1 hour ago

) I've noticed that women have a lot of quotes messages that a real man doesn't need seems like you're searching for someone to change and someone to want you to doesn't want you. there are 72% of black households that are single mothers because good decisions were made it's because 28% of white households are single mothers because sometimes it's ...

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fishbonecapone1 - 1 hour ago


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glam-grl - 1 hour ago

Smh! So many of us still think our enemy is each other. Meanwhile, our real enemy is saying: See! I told you they are not that smart! They still haven't figured out this agenda, after all this time. They still think we love them & we are their friends. # Black/Nubian people, it's time to come out of the sunken place, stop being distracted by all o...

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lyquanbillups - 1 hour ago

In your struggles is where you find your strength..

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PoeticmindforChrist - 1 hour ago

I heard this woman say, I refuse to let your procrastination become my emergency!!! Love it!!!

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Babyboy_comic - 1 hour ago

Share with someone in your phone list! (The Blessing Is Already On You): "The Blessing is never in what's lost in your life but in what's left. So stop crying and complaining about what you don't have or the relationship that didn't work out. For who lost more than 'Job' being a perfect and an upright man one that feared God and eschewed evil....

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BrownButterfly29 - 1 hour ago

Having one of those days a lot on my mind and heart.

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ms_nice_petite - 1 hour ago

Him: wyd tonight ? me:nothing as of now Him:I would love to come and take you out tonight but I'm between pays.... this is a complete waste of you even bother texting

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Black_Heart66 - 1 hour ago

I'm good but not an angel. I sin but I'm not a devil

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ThisAgain - 1 hour ago

I am unhappy

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