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michael115m20 - 15 minutes ago

Can you or have you forgotten all that God have done for you ,even now you senses His present in your life .

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jadedkiss - 16 minutes ago

I want to live my life in such a way that when I get out of bed in the morning, the devil says, “aw **, she’s up!

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BlackPrototype - 22 minutes ago

Those who desire to be nothing, do nothing...

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coupedaddy - 24 minutes ago

if you can not show love to yourself how will you be able to show love others.

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LIL__72 - 25 minutes ago

Have a wonderful prosperous day! Smile, your allowed😁

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Miacanes305chic - 28 minutes ago

If you gonna RISE.. you might as well SHINE.. GM BEAUTIFUL PPL..

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anEasternStar - 31 minutes ago

If i bloc you on social media an you see me in these streets the bloc applies in real life too

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Blackeneselady1 - 36 minutes ago

Hump day!! Wonderful Wednesday in the DMV!! 😊🤩

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babegirl4everINdy - 39 minutes ago

Gm everyone have a blessed day.... I am off and going to read and rest

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Stacyh43 - 54 minutes ago

GM, today is what you make it.

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LadyTizTheSexyDiva - 1 hour ago

GM: Lord, please give me the strength and boldness to talk to others about You. Speak of the matchless love of Christ to those who need to hear.

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1realgemini85 - 1 hour ago

Never become anyone’s option

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CalmBrutha - 1 hour ago

Will never be on television: > She passed at age 95. She combined two natural ingredients to cure cancer, then the government did this to her.

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SxySmartPretty1 - 1 hour ago

I am learning the hard way that some people won’t even try because they know you got them! I have to stop trying to save everyone! Some people need to fail before they can figure it out on their own!

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simply_complex_24 - 1 hour ago

My alarm is set to #Prince ~Sign O’ the Times. 🎶

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Don1love - 1 hour ago

To few ppl have voices ,but to many have really nothing of value to say.speak wisely.God morning

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ROBERT983 - 1 hour ago

Good morning and Happy Wishful Wednesday to my real warriors and true goddesses may all your wishes come through knowing you deserve it x2!!!!! #HighGradeConfession21 #ToughPeopleGang

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weyesintellect - 1 hour ago

Love is love

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summer_reignz - 1 hour ago

“Blue is the blood in my veins even if mine ain’t in his.” Ralph Angel you’re giving me aquarium eyes! The tears of a man caused by a chick who **ed off and then told him years later that he’s not the daddy (or so she believes). Messed up on all levels!!! Life imitates art and my heart weeps for men who experience this loss and grief.

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1mayeth - 1 hour ago

Counting the days....🙏🏻

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