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kemay_503 - 49 minutes ago

most can't give you an example of what they convey, they just make ** up and get mad when someone point out that they're not making sense..

Muzik-Happy - 59 minutes ago

Linda "honey" just listen, listen Linda. ~~ If you keep getting it wrong, how's that everybody elses fault? ~~ Lick it Linda, just listen...........

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hubbytype_ - 1 hour ago

I remember when people cried over their relationships, called their best friends for advice, and fought for their relationship.. Now people just move on to the person they had all along

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MzLaeDii - 1 hour ago

Maaaaaaan it s cold af and snowing

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Khamel3 - 1 hour ago

When did it become so complicated for a black woman to wear her hair natural

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rodimusprimus - 1 hour ago

where's my queen

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Severn - 1 hour ago

It's not fair Black people get the shortest month of the year. Midgets should get February and Black people get March. That seems right.

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Tashauh83 - 1 hour ago

Another winter storm headed through texas.....i foresee a snow day coming my way.

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MixtapeMiniBeatz - 1 hour ago

Man it's crazy how life can change on you in an instant. Got a text that my home girl husband passed away yesterday at 43. Don't even know what to say to her, a good brother gone too soon. Black men, start taking your health seriously and see the Dr.

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PRITIGURL08 - 1 hour ago

Uh oh...the weirdos are coming out lol

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chinali27 - 1 hour ago

As long as you're happy, Nothing else around you should matter...

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eugene - 1 hour ago

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

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KindofBlackRob - 1 hour ago

People tend to work on their looks and not work on themselves as a whole. Just remember, looks fade, but a personality is forever.

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MD_QueenChelle - 2 hours ago

Ok it s almost 3am it s past time for bed but still working no I gotta get up in a few hours!

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masterik - 2 hours ago

I am looking for a single female friend and a companion to chat with each other.

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SCHYNNA2 - 2 hours ago

good night all I hear we have another snow storm on the way

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keekee235 - 2 hours ago

it's my birthday can somebody bring me a cake and some balloons tomorrow

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CA_CHERRIE_PIE - 2 hours ago

Im up watching movies . What are y'all doing ?

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krazygyrl2002 - 2 hours ago

Wide awake for no reason...

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Pappydice - 2 hours ago

Yes 32 single never had a gf never married and no children I had a lot of people said to a lot of rude things I tend not to care anymore after a while I'm numb

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