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KPITRL42 - 4 minutes ago

Be careful of those who boast in themselves instead of the Lord. Only GOD gets the glory.

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iam_wolf - 4 minutes ago

**head Donald Trump’s parade is going to cost this country between $10-$30 million dollars. Yet, Flint still don’t have clean water, there’s still places in PR without power, and a bridge just collapsed in Miami. People died there.... But hey, fixing the infrastructure isn’t important, let’s waste money on a parade instead. Oh and this ...

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Darkbrowneyes1980 - 5 minutes ago

The struggle may be real, but some people are addicted to the struggle because the struggle is all they know. They know how to survive. They don't know how to live. They don't know how to exist and function in this world without the stress and chaos. They may want to, but they don't know how to live outside of the struggle. Be mindful of the co...

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ntburrell67 - 13 minutes ago

Good Morning my people!

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holdonslowly_forever - 16 minutes ago

Don't take anything for granted, because it could be gone before you know.

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denson59 - 21 minutes ago

I been alive over 40yrs and never seen a Chinese restaurant commercial

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rogue_brother - 27 minutes ago

Sometimes you just gotta accept that some things will never go back to how they used to be(that old-fashioned courting)

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LadyTizTheSexyDiva - 30 minutes ago

GM: Lord, I realize that focusing on my troubles causes me to forget that even in the midst of trials You are good. Teach me the art of a grateful heart. Thanksgiving is a virtue that grows through practice.

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89Shauntae - 32 minutes ago

Happy Monday!

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TeddyBlanco - 34 minutes ago

People only bring up your past when they are intimidated by your present.

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Ray63275 - 36 minutes ago

By choosing your friends... you chosen your enemies... chose wisely #Friendship101

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Blaxicasian - 37 minutes ago

Have a productive week

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Gala3022 - 39 minutes ago

Be careful who you call your friend, not everyone is your friend...!!!

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Ray63275 - 41 minutes ago

Before you can expect someone's loyalty... you've got to accept their honesty #Friendship101

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Danaijia2 - 45 minutes ago

Some bastard did a hit&run! I have never experienced this type of ** in my life!

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RockStarr11 - 45 minutes ago

Today Is National Black People Day...... :)

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Ray63275 - 46 minutes ago

Before you diagnose yourself as depressed... You may just be hanging out with **s...

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Ray63275 - 47 minutes ago

People treat other's how they treat or mistreat themselves...

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milkcocoa2 - 49 minutes ago

You are the only person who can control your character!

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RCARTER2635 - 50 minutes ago

soooo many dumb ** calls from folks talking bout “my car was stolen while i was at the Saint Pattys day parade”.... no fool!! Yur drunk ** parked it on the other side of the street and you didn’t turn around to see it there... 🤦🏾‍♂️

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