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theother99percent - 6 days ago

Matthew 5:44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...And again, it does not say, after you forgive, stick around so they can do it again! Hey, your faith is in God, you cannot put your faith in people because they Will fail you. (point blank/period)

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cherokeewoods - 6 days ago

This Young Brotha Is Deep And Very Much On Point{^_~ Iv Dubbed Him The New X And MLK{^_~ Yep, Hes That Powerful{^_~ You Ones That Cant Handle The Truth, You KNOW Who You ALWAYS Are{^_~ This Is NOT For You, Real Talk Point Blank{^_~ Your Welcome {^_~ Tuesdays Bless Luv & Happiness.

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CutePicChic - 8 days ago

Soulful moanin . Get up..get up..get up...get up...I need my morning...._______ ( fill in the blank )

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mercedescristine - 9 days ago

im grown and there is no need for me to explain myself to anyone point blank

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