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MsWanda2209 - 21 minutes ago

Thought Of The Day: I did not come to teach you, I Came Too Love You, Love will teach you..

Only1Zhabraisha - 24 minutes ago

Hey its been A while since I been on here ... so show me some love hey yall

Realest1uknow336 - 26 minutes ago

Yall love a brotha that can raise pitbulls....more than u love a brotha that can raise his kids & raise money 2pay bills.. what in da hell?

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JUSTIN672 - 31 minutes ago

the strength that we have is always there..we just need to find the door ...sometimes the ppl we love are the one who open it 4 u ...look at them and smile bcz u are free now

96BLACCBOY - 33 minutes ago

Black is a beautiful.. it's goes with anything and that's why we have interracial yourselves my people...

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garrymoore1 - 1 hour ago

God is always there my friends! (Much Love) Especially for YOU today!

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garrymoore1 - 1 hour ago

God is always there my friends! ( Much Love ) Especially for YOU! ://

chiraq4 - 1 hour ago

If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor: Love is the rhythm, & You are the music.

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toughguywill2010 - 1 hour ago

This is way over due. So I know with a new year there should be things I d like to accomplish like for example putting out a cd I d love to do that but worried that I don t have what it takes

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EKisses26 - 1 hour ago

Ella Mai Naked ! I love that song!!!

Derrick884 - 2 hours ago

God doesnt have Blackberry, An iphone or an ipad, but he is my favorite contact! He doesnt have an account on FaceBook, but he is my Best friend. He doesnt have Twitter, But i follow Him. He doesnt have internet, But iam connected to him! I call him anytime, but his customer service never puts me on hold! He loves me truely and no conditions app...

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Niceguycursed - 2 hours ago

Some Christians are convinced social media is bad and I know a few who have social media but refuse to put photos of themselves up or even post anything but have no issues observing and occasionally interacting. I know others on the opposite side of the spectrum who post regularly, share what's happening in their lives, their struggles and even try...

KPITRL42 - 3 hours ago


Babyboy_comic - 3 hours ago

Share with someone in your phone list! (You Are One Of A Kind): "Never allow your True Value to be Undervalued by anything or anyone....." 1 John 3:1 KJV Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not because it knew him not. Have A Safe And Blessed Da...

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SCORPILICIOUS19 - 3 hours ago

Pardon, even though the vid took place in Aug with her ex.....can someone send me the link to that vid of blac chyna. I would love to know what the talk is about......

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sweet_black_kim - 3 hours ago

I love the comradery that is displayed on this here BP...I see posts where someone has accomplished something worth praising in their life such as being sober & weight loss...and to see the many uplifting/positive comments under the posts is very heartwarming. #ComingTogetherForSupport :-)

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Zendala - 4 hours ago

SMDH. The angry woman stage has passed. I think to myself...why do I always remind the person I'm with of their ex? Am I not over my ex?? We have a history. A ten year one. I was 16 he was 15. Had kids got married. In my heart I knew he wasn't the one. I didn't listen to God's voice when He said wait... A preachers daughter searching for Love. God...

Chiffon82 - 4 hours ago

...Love yourself first, respect yourself first, put yourself first, believe in yourself! Then you ll be able to love someone just as much... have a great day my beautiful people!

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Whisper-_- - 4 hours ago

Love is in the air!

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Dre3291 - 4 hours ago

I feel like it needs to expressed about the Black Panther film, but when I went out to see it, I just wanted to see a new Marvel movie and nothing else. Tho it will always have my love and support, there were no intentions of me celebrating black excellence. If you actually dress in African garbs and dance to African drums on the regular, then that...

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