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MissVanityReign69 - 2 hours ago

Today is such a relief for me. I opened up to someone to let them know I'm not going to tolerate a fake made up relationship to the point I'm expressing my all my feelings but he is unable to do the same. I deserve so much more. And I can replace these type of guys in a instant because I don't have to be fake an have nothing to hide. My life on...

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heywhatsupu - 4 hours ago

whats up bp how you all know i just got my ole lady and engagement ring for 4k. Now yesterday me and my ole lady had phone sex because we are unable to see one another at this time. anyways my ole lady's mother heard her doing so she got embarrassed after the fact. But her mother says some ** like im not upset or anything i expect you to do that ...

Zeena_63 - 8 hours ago

Never Push A Loyal Person To The Point Where They No Longer Care.

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Joannemarie2 - 11 hours ago

Politicians, If serving all the people is below you then leadership is beyond you, no wonder the world is so messed up, they all profess with mouth to know God, thanks for sharing that point my sista

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dntcare - 12 hours ago

Ladies explain how your makeup can be on point but your friend makeup be fxcked up

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BlackPrototype - 13 hours ago

I'm not really a Toys 'R' Us kid cause my time with toys was short-lived until that Nintendo came out. After that, all I wanted from that point on was video games!

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archiearchie - 14 hours ago

All people who have true Holy Spirit In them are SOUL mates. Spirit is so strong you can really connect with that person as strangers. You like we got the same Father!Real family. Strange babies sometimes really reach for me to the point, parents ask them do you know them? YES,by Spirit. Now let her hug her sister.

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MsWanda2209 - 23 hours ago

I had to admit that yes, sometimes depending on the circumstances, I can be a little selfish, but not to the point of detriment. I like what I like and that's all to it...and nothing left after that... LOL, It's Friday! Let's All chant!

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mzmeeka1234 - 1 day ago


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LacyQt - 1 day ago

Pondering on the fact that almost everyone on here is good looking, hard working, positive yet SINGLE... so... what's wrong with us? Don't point the finger cause we have "all the good qualities". Point is, let's look at what we are doing wrong. Good afternoon.

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CARAMELCUP731 - 1 day ago

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Idar77 - 1 day ago

...but that game, Buffalo vs Arizona was a SURPRISE!! Buffalo's 3 point shot game is ON POINT though!!

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1RealG - 1 day ago

People ask me why do I think the sun is the real son of God and not jesus. well just imagine life without the sun! How it makes everything grow! How it makes you feel when the sun is out! I can go on and on but u get the point

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LowIncomePolo - 1 day ago

#YOLO does not work in real life..I learned the hard way..Trust me..having an emergency reserve will help you at some point in your life..I’m sure of it...

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Perna - 1 day ago

Never push a loyal person to a point where they don't give a damn

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glam-grl - 2 days ago

Self Hatred is So Thick Among Us: Even if some of us do have Native American ancestry, why the hell do we have to throw down our African ancestry, as if Native American is better?? Let s examine how some of these divide & conquer tactics work against us. There s undeniable proof of chattel slavery: slaves were brought to America from Africa, p...

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Thuglife138 - 2 days ago

What is the point of this site? props? attention? or catfish? I know 1 thing pac will come from the dead if he is dead and tell u himself this is 1 real mf descised as me....he said EVEN WHEN THEY SHOOT ME DOWN THERE LL BE ANOTHER NIGGA BIIGA FROM THE MFKN UNDERGROUND,i dont giva f,2pac apacalyst now 1991

Humbleservice - 2 days ago

Let GOD represent your actions .... If your a giver's a good chance your trapped with a taker ...of joy / money / energy / ideas /time .....if your not a giver ....your a taker point blank the time a giver wakes up to a taker .....they become a taker ...

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LowIncomePolo - 2 days ago

Wealth is nothing more than a tool to make things easier in general..and easier does not mean easy..Most self-made individuals at some point paid a heavy price to accomplish it..and it is usually along the lines of opportunity cost..The thing is most are not willing to swap their comfort for the pain to accomplish...