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TiaBrownTalks - 2 hours ago

I'm a Gemini, and have to admit this horoscope is surprisingly on point.

stacie52 - 2 hours ago

I'm sick as hell, laying in bed. My throat is sore to the point I can't talk or eat and I'm aching all over and my body can't decide if want to stay warm or cold. But my back and legs are killing me the most of all, an my throat. Please pray I feel better and hope I don't have the flu.

10Kids9BabyMommas - 6 hours ago

At some point you're going to learn how to enjoy life. Unfortunately, by the time you finally acquire this knowledge all the prospective partners you passed over when you were spending all your time **ing and whining will be happily settled down with someone else. Sucks to be you. Happy Wednesday.

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aloevera31 - 6 hours ago

And don't miss a lot of work this would be a day to take a point I assume.

Muzik-Happy - 7 hours ago

Okay, another question. If you argue with yourself, who wins? ........."I know you think we are arguing, but the truth is I've tuned you out right after I made my point. I've heard what you've had to say, like an hour ago, but you won't stop talking. The fact that I'm quiet should not be an indication that you've won, nor that I agree. It simply me...

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kemay_503 - 14 hours ago

if you're posting up my wall then you're missing the point... get the ** up... Simon said wake the ** up!!!

JuicyThaBody - 14 hours ago

yall can all stop talking to me fr I'm over Detroit at this point cause now I'm here without a **ing phone and today was a good day i knew it was too good to be true

MR_KING_JAY76 - 18 hours ago

I wish I had girlfriend in my life cause I start serious relationship with her but that's wishful thinking in the first place besides no one dating at all plus it's real easy to ask woman out on date therefore every women are in their feelings all time and scare to take chances on that so I just stop asking these single women on here and different ...

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CARAMELCUP731 - 21 hours ago

Specializing in Thai Pregnancy Oncology Myofascial Release Lymphatic Drainage Trigger Point Therapy Hot Stone and Ginger Therapy

cherokeewoods - 22 hours ago

Lotta Yall Fellas Want Submissives. Want Females To Be All Coward Down And Shat, Walking All Over Them And Bullying The Heck Outta Women To The Point She Dont Know If She Cming Or Going{^_~ That Shat Dont Fly Or Hunt With Me, On EARTH When I See A King With Kingly BeHavior, I Will Bow Down And Then Kiss His Azz{^_~ But Up Till Now, Itsa Big AZZED N...

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theother99percent - 1 day ago

Matthew 5:44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...And again, it does not say, after you forgive, stick around so they can do it again! Hey, your faith is in God, you cannot put your faith in people because they Will fail you. (point blank/period)

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MixtapeMiniBeatz - 1 day ago

I saw a porn where this guy had a ** piercing, I don't understand at what point in your life you decide hmmm I want a shinny piece of metal running through my **.

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iRelax - 1 day ago

if you have made your point, stop talking..

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cherokeewoods - 1 day ago

This Young Brotha Is Deep And Very Much On Point{^_~ Iv Dubbed Him The New X And MLK{^_~ Yep, Hes That Powerful{^_~ You Ones That Cant Handle The Truth, You KNOW Who You ALWAYS Are{^_~ This Is NOT For You, Real Talk Point Blank{^_~ Your Welcome {^_~ Tuesdays Bless Luv & Happiness.

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Cupid4PW - 1 day ago

Real friends don't judge you to the point of hurting your feelings.

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rock1211 - 1 day ago

Acts mean nothing to me it's the motivates behind them that proves the point.

azdiva33 - 1 day ago

At what point does a person decide it s a good idea to post every plate of food they ate as their profile pics??? We get it you eat!! Make me get all the way to pic 100 and that s your prom pic!

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kemay_503 - 1 day ago

most can't give you an example of what they convey, they just make ** up and get mad when someone point out that they're not making sense..

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BlazinCutie48 - 1 day ago

My Father who art in heaven: Thank you for the gift of life. I am understanding the depths of Your great design and purpose for life and it is awe inspiring. I pray you would use me to encourage others. I pray I would find rich value and great concern with edifying and uplifting other women and wives. May your Holy Spirit give me the courage to spe...

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MisterH66 - 1 day ago

I never post like this. It's this angry ** at work who gossips and tries to drag me into her ** to the point where a discussion had to be had with management. I did nothing wrong. This is not an ego trip on my part. Atleast 5 times she used the word animosity towards me. All I could say is I do my job, and help where I can. She threw in the t...