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Babyboy_comic - 2 hours ago

Share with someone in your phone list! (What's The Motive Behind Your Prayers): "Effective Prayer is the Fruit of a Relationship with God not a technique for acquiring Blessings (Things)...." Matthew 6:33 KJV But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Have A Safe And Bless Day

Beethagreat - 3 hours ago

I want a real successful relationship frfr

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qveentinkaaa - 4 hours ago

🗣Don’t give a woman good 🍆💦💦 , she will start a relationship without your permission 😂😂😭 #TinkaaVibess💫

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Niceguycursed - 7 hours ago

What do you think it tells about your walk with the Lord when every person you consider to be with in a romantic relationship is Godless?

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tlampki - 7 hours ago

Good morning BP!! I’m a Baptist Christian that was in a relationship with a man that was raised as a Jehovah Witness. He didn’t tell me about his religion upbringing until after we decided to be exclusive. I really didn’t know much about the religion and realized how strict it was. Needless to say, his Mom gave me an ultimatum- either I conve...

SOLO_CHRIS - 7 hours ago

If your married or in a relationship stop posting your body and bedroom pics on your page ladies! Show some respect for yourself..

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Ray63275 - 8 hours ago

Play your prospective roles/positions in the relationship... (determine responsibilities of each person's attribute to maintaining a healthy happy relationship) #RelationshipGoals

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alice2_k - 10 hours ago

I wonna be in a serious relationship ❤️

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nu-avenues - 13 hours ago

If you don’t have the relationship you need it’s something you are doing wrong!

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pearlyAndrew - 15 hours ago

Am in search of a serious relationship not for a millionaire man all I seek is true love

MixtapeMiniBeatz - 21 hours ago

It's funny how people desire a perfect relationship in an imperfect world.

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Tiffany1271 - 21 hours ago

everybody wants serious relationship but they are liar and cheated

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Libra_lovechild - 21 hours ago

In a relationship she wants 3 things.. Eyes that don't cry, Lips that don't lie, and Love that won't die.

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Libra_lovechild - 22 hours ago

Choose your significant other very wisely. Physical looks and material things is not what makes a relationship strong. Lust and affection eventually wears off.

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sweetladybfly - 1 day ago

You will NEVER be happy trying to be in a relationship with a piece of woman or a piece of man. #piecesdoesntcreateharmony👊🏽

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mystic091 - 1 day ago

Do you think a person (man or woman) should tell you he/she is bisexual before entering a relationship with you?

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maestro_arAR - 1 day ago

Relationship advice: Be with someone you look forward to seeing just as much as you look forward to sexing!~kjs

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sugar158 - 1 day ago

A friendship is still a relationship. So respect either way it goes.

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SexxySingle318 - 1 day ago

Listening to the finally part of relationship goals....

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Brandnew116 - 1 day ago

Scam note 101 I'm=am Mom=mum Where you from: United States What you looking for: am looking for serious relationship ending in marriage

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