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krissmith1983TX - 42 minutes ago

I don't think most men would wanna date a woman living in a women's recovery home and hide the fact of it that or not being upfront about it when they first start talking. Not ready for the dating game nor relationship. PSA: Be upfront about your situations.

michael115m20 - 1 hour ago

Question ? Don't each generation change and the dating ritual change as well as ethnic background of all race dating change from generation to generation ..... I wonder back in 1970 relationship and marriage last a lifetime .....Now so many options it's sad to me how some of us loving people that be taken for granted

michael115m20 - 1 hour ago

A few days ago I was listening to someone on the bus .. this one young lady was going on how she went to church ....The Pastor of the Church was giving advice on relationship and what a man or woman should be looking for in a mate amazes me how someone can tell another person how do this or the other ...not knocking these Pastor that want h...

Newbreedize - 3 hours ago

If you can only handle a casual conversation or interest: you're digging a grave for yourself because this can only end up in a dead end relationship. Take some time to heal mentally and emotionally or keep repeating the same cycle that broke you in the first place.

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BIGGHARDMEAT - 6 hours ago

I'm just here to chill laid-back entertain this website not into a relationship right now I'm already taken I just like to be a website and like to flirt don't take it personal just loving life

MR_KING_JAY76 - 6 hours ago

Damn....I got alot female friends but they ain't interested in no dating no relationship no friends with benefits oh well....keep them platonic distance friends with ladies pretty sad indeed!!!

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MrSnickers33 - 7 hours ago

6 Keys To A Relationship : Friendship Loyalty Honesty Trust Understanding & Communication

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KingOmega11 - 13 hours ago

Two people can be in a relationship and still can't see eye to eye.Communications level needs adjustments keep it in sync y'all. Doves that fly together stay together.

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Croatoa - 13 hours ago

All women are crazy and like dysfunctional men. When ur a good dude that treats her right she will sabotage the relationship and ** it up. All women are like this if she had at least 1 dysfunctional man. I give up on these hoes. The white ones acting a damn fool too. What a **ed up world.

lisa2266 - 15 hours ago

Someone tells you that they've always been attracted to you even though they were aware that you were in a committed relationship. That relationship has since ended and now that individual is eagerly trying to pursue you...they inform you that they're actually glad that the relationship has ended because now they see a chance with you. Is that pers...

trinahobley - 15 hours ago

I'm tired woman putting on stupid s*** BlackPlanet worry about somebody else's relationships and thinking that is cool it's not cool to be up in somebody else's relationship when you don't have a relationship of your own stop giving out advice that you don't even know what you talking about what somebody else relationship is you have nothing to do ...

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Jshari112 - 15 hours ago

#Gemini don't expect you to read their minds, they will tell you exactly what they want from you in a relationship. The rest is up to you.

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KillaKjelly1 - 16 hours ago

All of these single men out here and hoes want a man whose in a relationship or married SMH Get some self esteem thotties!

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Merciano22 - 16 hours ago

Dont blame the other woman for messing up your relationship she just showed you how much your man cares about it

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Tada31 - 18 hours ago

In a relationship it s important to always date your partner. The dating shouldn t stop just because a title is attached. It s extremely vital to share dreams, goals, and plans. Push your mate, have their back, pray for them, pray with them, compliment, and continuously court them etc... Never allow another individual to out thirst you when i...

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Manishkohli23 - 18 hours ago

Hi Beautiful Friends Hw r u All Good afternoon My name is Manish I like interracial Marriage and relationship if anyone is interested can suggest me someone or inbox me

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waiting4luvonly - 19 hours ago

Fellas one thing to always remember. When you trying to build a relationship with someone COME WITH MORE THAN JUST YOUR ** IN YOUR HAND. THAT'S NOT SUBSTANCE! Substance is a job, goals, education, trust, respect, honor appreciation of all that lady does for you and herself!

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