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asmauball11 - 48 seconds ago

one guy told me am beautiful and i should come and ** her immediately i told him to ** off and ** his sister like that lol

juvaughn - 1 hour ago

check out my profile to see how beautiful jamaica are

TEASEIT - 2 hours ago

Wild Silk Brian Russell out in the wild the kingdom of worms spin in silence in separation and live to leave behind what's become to them useless such as luxury begins and again becomes the meticulous work it took to shape a pattern out of patience wore down a continent's grasses into paths and passed through dangerous terrain for w...

Prettyblack174 - 3 hours ago

Beautiful day! Enjoy!

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NATIVELOVE5577 - 3 hours ago

Twisted HEFFA female THINKS I'M FALL 4THIS....alright sunshine please be safe OK and Am Darryl by name, I am 40 years old. I have a daughter she is 11 years old and her name is Jasmine. Am a man of dignity and integrity and cute man that i think you will like to meet. I love smiling because it always make me handsome. Let's see definitely certifiab...

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jmoney7769 - 3 hours ago

Good mornin Beautiful.. Enjoy Saturday.. Much love.

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Rain_Moonshine - 3 hours ago

And there we were in a kind of harmony, the evening was so beautiful that I felt in my heart the kind of twinge that you cannot tell whether is pain or joy. Catching fireflies. ~Rain

Bossip - 3 hours ago

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to witness this man smash this beautiful bride to smithereens with love

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michael115m20 - 6 hours ago

Beautiful morning Y'all let's thank the Lord for another day of life and His Love for mankind and His Kindness let our souls Glorify and magnify our God . Thank you Lord for the overflowing of your fresh anointing when the storms of hatred tries to overwhelm me. Lord, you have blessed me with the spirit of perseverance and self preservation.There...

Ms-Sunset - 6 hours ago

Morning all Its a beautiful day in Barbados and I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend.

SethEllis - 7 hours ago

Good morning beautiful people(BP) Enjoy your romantic Saturday morning with "Never Be the Same Again" song by Melanie C Please, take your time to listen to the lyrics. Show some love :) Shabbath Shalom.

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Carlos537 - 11 hours ago

Just because love is beautiful doesn t mean it s not gonna hurt sometimes. Good morning

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ismael192 - 11 hours ago

Morning my beautiful people great day

chloe2hawt - 14 hours ago

life is beautiful........

Joannemarie2 - 15 hours ago

They got the rainbow coalition going on over here, the men of color, they fill my eyes, beautiful brothas, I'm in heaven, my babe going it right, so proud

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DEEJAYD55 - 1 day ago

Happy Friday beautiful ladies and hope u all have a wonderful, safe, and blessed weekend!!!

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TazzM - 1 day ago

U know I know a real take care his woman, treat them like they the most beautiful woman n the world, all I want is someone will take the time to get to know me, I meet woman and the first thing is money, am understand, maybe it just me and I don't deserve to be n love,,,,, that how feel

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Stephanie393 - 1 day ago

Hello my Beautiful people

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SethEllis - 1 day ago

Good afternoon. It is a beautiful Friday so far and I thank God is Friday :) It may interest you to know that if you really want to move on to the next step in life then you need to forget the past. Work is done when force is moved over a distance. Shalom and enjoy your day.

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JaqcolateMousse - 1 day ago

It's a beautiful day to be on this planet. So be kind to your brothers and sisters today.

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