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JUSTME721 - 4 hours ago

It's been almost a year since i've been on here just wanted HELLO to all of you beautiful people...... much love from R.I.

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HumblyIcU - 8 hours ago

Islam People! Hope all of you had a beautiful and wonderful day! Be easy out there tonight.

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1Zoltar - 10 hours ago

I refuse to let my past experience and hers stop us from creating what could be a beautiful relationship. don't allow your past to sabotage your future. let's move forward.

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princehall22 - 11 hours ago

why is it so hard for a educated working men in Detroit to find a beautiful good woman, why do i have to pretend to be a certin look that's profile negatively in order to get the attention i desire

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MsBmore - 13 hours ago

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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delohard - 14 hours ago

What's up my Beautiful People!!! I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing day!!!! Stay blessed and humble!

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theother99percent - 16 hours ago

'Bye Beautiful' is about the sweetest thing a man who is only curious about a woman (who wants more than friendship), but does not plan on any type of future relationship.

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Sexygthatsright - 18 hours ago

thank you LORD for blessing me with you gift of life, allowing me to see, this beautiful day.. thank you Dr. Martin Luther King. for everything you did..

Tada31 - 19 hours ago

So many strong beautiful lady s go unnoticed because they don t care to be a popular social media model. Many are Focused on their responsibilities, household, & real life priorities. That s the woman that would bring value to a mans life. Not internet model Candy Rain with 16,599 likes every pic! #RealTalk

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1mayeth - 20 hours ago

If you follow :Nowthis Page in fb they have beautiful stories and Anderson Cooper and the rest of the media personalities call Trump a bigoted racist after the sad remarks on Haiti.

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MissShantell - 21 hours ago

It's a beautiful morning!!! Blessings

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Brandi_Candi7 - 22 hours ago

I'm new to this...Beautiful chocolate female looking for friends...

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MR_KING_JAY76 - 1 day ago

Fellas if you invited beautiful female friend to your place and take off her panties then she smell hell foul....would you tell her leave your place or you tell her take shower???

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TrueMist - 1 day ago

Ugh To Rome with Love ....Are Black women that far behind????? Personably? In Femininity? Predictable? ....we re really such beautiful women :-(

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Mellow_Yellow123 - 1 day ago

hey you yes you the good woman I see you looking only if you are in the UnitedStates I'm sorry for those across the sea I can't help but y all still beautiful

My-Swt-Beautiful-Luv - 1 day ago


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JoelEasy96 - 1 day ago

A Beautiful Sunday!!

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Williamsgood - 1 day ago

love is one of the beautiful thing that bring peace

thunderivy84 - 1 day ago

i hear people compliment women of all races & all i hear is she s beautiful, she s a gorgeous women & so on. But when ppl (of other races) approach a black woman they always lead w| you re beautiful FOR a black woman AS IF that s a compliment! let me tell you IT IS NOT

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tajbp - 1 day ago

It s a beautiful day, today!

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