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krumbs2008 - 1 hour ago

What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.

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Kahilia1 - 3 hours ago

My father told me I know ur mom is wonderful and amazing person it's my fault that I ruin everything we had When u find a beautiful woman don't lose her cause she's valuable and rare thots are for everyone

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Devica - 4 hours ago

Solitude, lots of space, and beautiful scenery

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Symona_31 - 4 hours ago

Goodnight beautiful people.

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ROBERT983 - 4 hours ago

Awkward moment when he says everything beautiful until it's over now you're types of **es!!!!! #HighGradeConfession21 #LamesCake

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melloca - 4 hours ago

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful relaxing part of America

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CaramelB - 4 hours ago

He met me offline and said 'Wow, you're real! And you're beautiful for a digital girl.' *smirk*

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jmoney7769 - 5 hours ago

Watching "The Last Alaskans"... Love this show... Something about their simple life.... It's beautiful...

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Au_Naturale_Beauty - 6 hours ago

I've been so many places, I've seen so many things But none quite so lovely as you More beautiful than the Mona Lisa Worth more than gold And my eyes have the pleasure to behold You're my latest and my greatest My latest, my greatest inspiration

Don1love - 7 hours ago

being pretty and having good ** .don't mean ** to me.i love a beautiful soul

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Derrick884 - 7 hours ago

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

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Ladyhenny41 - 7 hours ago

Good evening Beautiful People..Hope all us well...Have a good one.. #Smooches

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bigmike350 - 8 hours ago

Okay to my Bbw , Skinny, Thick , Phat, curvy, voluptuous Booty , and all that good stuff . I Love to see My Black Sistas Embolden And flowing with confidence And and when you see them you know them because they walk with power and grace they walk as a Pharaoh like Meryt-Neith and Cleopatra VII FYI Pharaoh had more style than Kings just saying but...

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truman3n - 8 hours ago

I lost my car eventually. It messed my credit up. When the reality is around the time she wrecked it. I would have built my credit & been trading it in for a new Lexus. True story. Love & friendship, beautiful ain't it. Instead I had poor credit & settled for a used T. Bird. They would have hated to see that nigga in a new Lexus. Might have killed ...

PrTyGyRl4u - 11 hours ago

Question:::: Would you rather be complimented as being Beautiful/Handsome/Gorgeous or Sexy?? Does it matter?? Asking because sometimes I've seen some offended by being referred to as Sexy outside of being called Beautiful/Handsome/Gorgeous..What about You?

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EvolvingTony - 12 hours ago

Someone asked me if I only date models because all of my girlfriends tend to be extremely beautiful. I said, thank you!

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ROBERT983 - 13 hours ago

Sometimes I just want to know mentally if her beautiful body built with beautiful things deep inside or is it just the normal shallow and hollow walking vessel

jpeezy111 - 14 hours ago

Well hello there beautiful ladies of BP

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jmoney7769 - 14 hours ago

Good mornin Beautiful.. Rise and shine.. Live and Love..

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Clegal - 15 hours ago

Even when things are ugly they're still beautiful. Shout and dance during your time off trials and tribulations. God will deliver you.

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