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sweetiness5 - 7 minutes ago


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HappyChyck - 34 minutes ago

Peace of mind is so important. I will fiercely protect mine. hash tag you've been warned! Enjoy the beautiful evening BP

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hollaatubriefly - 1 hour ago

another joint for thw beautiful ladies Rihanna-you da one

hollaatubriefly - 2 hours ago

for them beautiful women out there Cassie ft. lil wayne-Official Girl

DAMAZE - 4 hours ago

Ode to Black Women.. Black women are Beautiful, Black women are gorgeous, Black women are Blessed, Black women are Strong, Black women are Regal, Black women are Real, Black women are Mothers, Black women are Wives, Black women are Our Daughters, Black women are Undefended, Black women are Undefeated, Black women are Undisputed...Black women are EV...

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WorstCaseScenario - 5 hours ago

You ever get a compliment from a beautiful woman at the store but it's only because she's trying to get you signed up for some pyramid scheme? Nice try, Tits McGee...beat it! Lol

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crystalhogan - 6 hours ago

Chilling on this beautiful summer day

mizzsexiluv - 6 hours ago

it is a beautiful day outside I'm going to Joy this beautiful today at today

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Mr_Photographer_7 - 7 hours ago

Why do some black Women have to state that they're mixed as if that makes them more beautiful. Black is beautiful regardless.

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PoeticVenus - 7 hours ago

I don't have a small waist, perfect round butt and perkie titties. I am fluffy all over, scars, rolls and a crooked smile. I am perfectly made in God's image. There is a King who wants me as I blessed beautiful people.

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christopherwilliams9 - 8 hours ago

hello I'm Chris love to meet a beautiful black lady that I can enjoy get to know as a friend and grow from there somebody that's not about the game the plane that wants to meet a serious guy that has his own everything that's about his business but this is you please let's talk

LovelivePlay10 - 8 hours ago

Good morning Beautiful Black People !

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PINKPUMKIN - 8 hours ago

"Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to but it won't be forever! You will find love again and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime enjoy all that YOU are!!!!" .....RIHANNA

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shanty16 - 8 hours ago

life is beautiful

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jmoney7769 - 8 hours ago

Travel abroad isn't for the unaware... These folks will try to get ya!.. Pick pockets everywhere, hidden fees on bank withdrawals, shady street vendors, you name it... The sights are beautiful, but ya gotta be careful..

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nanakwame13 - 9 hours ago

I thank God for this beautiful day, I give thanks to you oo lord

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prettyyaz68 - 10 hours ago

It's going to be a beautiful day here in San Francisco! Enjoy!

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highyella102al - 10 hours ago

beauty can be bought but you can't buy a beautiful heart.

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Colbyc28 - 10 hours ago

i hope falling in love with a beautiful gorgeous attractive women one day

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LYNN_740OH - 11 hours ago

It's so beautiful when the thirst is mutual

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