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ebonyexperience-ent - 1 hour ago

Riding out a storm in the middle of the Mississippi River...not exactly how I envisioned spending my birthday. No matter, at least The Allmighty blessed me to see it. I'll make up for it when I get back to dry land. Be safe, y'all...

babegirl4everINdy - 2 hours ago

House hunting can get very discouraging...I need to keep praying...just getting tired of the waiting...everyone be blessed...Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy

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DAMAZE - 4 hours ago

Ode to Black Women.. Black women are Beautiful, Black women are gorgeous, Black women are Blessed, Black women are Strong, Black women are Regal, Black women are Real, Black women are Mothers, Black women are Wives, Black women are Our Daughters, Black women are Undefended, Black women are Undefeated, Black women are Undisputed...Black women are EV...

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epeaches2 - 6 hours ago

God is raining his favor in my direction. #blessed

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Babyboy_comic - 6 hours ago

Share with someone in your phone list! "If you have a Bible that's falling apart (reading believing and receiving) you'll have a life that's not!!!" 2 Timothy 3:16 17 KJV All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be p...

PoeticVenus - 7 hours ago

I don't have a small waist, perfect round butt and perkie titties. I am fluffy all over, scars, rolls and a crooked smile. I am perfectly made in God's image. There is a King who wants me as I blessed beautiful people.

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cherokeewoods - 10 hours ago

SomeTimes Like Today I Say To The Holy Father.. Father IF YOU Need To Bless Help Assist Some One Else Sickly Or In Need Of YOU Today BeSides Me Even Though I Need YOU Too, It's OK To Give Them My Share I Will UnderStand. So IF That's 1 Of You Needing HIM More, U May Have My Blessing IF It's HIS Will{^_~ I Start A New Med Tomorrow For My Protein Kid...

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2BDESIRED3 - 11 hours ago

Gm BP....If material things are what you're talking about when you say I'm Blessed you have no idea what a Blessing is.

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LetMeBeMYOB - 11 hours ago

Good morning to everyone have a fantastic day on purpose. Be Blessed

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slimbutta1 - 12 hours ago

Thankful for another day #Blessed

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aliciasims - 13 hours ago

Good Morning have a wonderful blessed day

Paralegalpam - 13 hours ago

I am so BLESSED!!!!

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Msyose - 14 hours ago

Good morning kings and queens have a blessed day :)

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twinpoet77 - 14 hours ago

It s impossible said pride. It s risky said experience. It s pointless said reason. Give it a try whispered the heart." ~Colleen Youngblood! #StepOutOnFaith #GoodMorning Have a blessed day All

BrownButterfly29 - 14 hours ago

Up early going to have a nice breakfast and then get ready for my day. I am so grateful for the positive changes that the Lord has given me. I will not take it for granted. Blessed.

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butterfly1kisses - 14 hours ago

Have a blessed and prosperous day

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SMOOTH_CL_120 - 14 hours ago

life is a trip most of the time!!! u have good times as well as the bad!!! but life always surprises u one time or another!!! life Is worth living when your living for a blessed reason!!!#god is good, hataz r bad but prayer is the key to salvation!!!

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Rose69ON - 15 hours ago

Good morning! Have a blessed day!

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moomoo50 - 15 hours ago

GM...B.P. may you all have a blessed day......

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Mose50 - 15 hours ago

good morning Black Planet hope everyone have a blessed day today 1

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