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Davidbuckson - 14 hours ago

Football is the game of my life. CALM& HUMBLE

moneymike777 - 1 day ago

for all the folks who quit watching football for whatever reason you missed some damm good football today

HumblyIcU - 1 day ago

Football games are gone off...And I'm not sleepy.... geesh...

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nicklapfar86 - 1 day ago

Some of ya trying to be all sensitive bout relationship goals but we up here trying to talk football man. Football wins haha

BLCKRAIN13 - 1 day ago

and that's why I don't respect defensive backs they're a bunch of soft ** trash talking **es they want glory on one play and then they can't tackle and play the football game on the next

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Fsuchick83 - 1 day ago

Loving this football Sunday good games!!!

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Jackson__ - 1 day ago

lol! why everyone hating on Jacksonville Jags fan? They've always had fans! Their team just so happens to be playing the best football ever in that organization. lol stop hating on them and put some respeck on that team.

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BossinUP-32 - 1 day ago

May y'all need to chill out about this football game and it's not that big of a deal it's just a game I can see if this was the playoffs and they were facing elimination or something like that then that would be something to get upset about but it's just a game I mean it'll be more games next week it's all good y'all still is fans and still have a ...

4rayser - 1 day ago

If New England win the Super Bowl this year,.. I won't be a fan of football anymore!!

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Naboofl - 1 day ago

Reppin my city...Go Jags #football life

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timmur5 - 1 day ago

Okay football people this is the game I've been waiting for old school knock you on your ** football who y'all got to Pittsburgh or Jacksonville I'm taking Jacksonville 17 to 14

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AngelT6 - 1 day ago

Work day ... don't want to be here . Would rather be home watching football

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Fsuchick83 - 1 day ago

Ready for some football

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nypottinger - 1 day ago

Waiting for football to start....

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blazinPotPie37 - 1 day ago

Football Sunday equals Football food!

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yenom124 - 1 day ago

Morning ppl ready for more football

02actl - 1 day ago

Good Morning BP! Ready for football already!

jmoney7769 - 1 day ago

Great night of poker with the boys.. Looking forward to a great day of relaxing and football tomorrow.. Good evenin Beautiful..

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niccarican1 - 2 days ago

January has been a bad month for football teams in the state of Georgia. #flyeaglesfly #cowgirlfansstfu #nfcchampionshipbound

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jmoney7769 - 2 days ago

Worst tragedy in football was Carson Wentz going down... This was their year.. They just are not a Super Bowl team now..

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