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Taurus_mama515 - 3 hours ago

I don't know about y'all but this summer needs to pass on thru, it's too hot in the South plus it's getting in the way of football season

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Forgiven03 - 20 hours ago

NBA is done! Watching the WNBA now and excited for football!

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26sean - 3 days ago

Regardless if kaepernick ever plays football again we as a people need to have his back on every angle. He has over a million followers and gives 100k out to a charity each month. With his one million followers at a petty $1 from each follower a month he can continue the good work. Those who can donate more even better. Create our own stimulus. He ...

will03sya - 3 days ago

I swear females love fukkin with complicated dudes, me I'm simple, if u can cook, keep that bath and body works on deck(I love a girl that smell good lol) and leave me alone while I'm watching football or even sit with me and act like u know what's going on then we good. lol

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Reemzeno - 4 days ago

Women are they new spy be careful men they are where you watch basketball, football and even where you play your game console... They infiltrated all of men spots... Men be careful of those men who always around women they giving up secrets for **... Why you think your lady sleep with men and even your friends... Men have been bamboozled making ...

SHORTSTAQ - 4 days ago

a very special big props to my sons father..from the haircuts to cooking to school pic day, parent conferences, discipline, providing, football and scholarships, it goes on to infinity...thanks man...really..from my heart

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JerseyGreeneyes - 5 days ago

When does football season start?

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DntWasteMyTime07 - 5 days ago

i dnt like boring men...if all u wanna do is be in house **in then im not for u...i like to do **...spades night, dominoes, watchin the game, bball or my fav FOOTBALL.. go bowling hit casino or some ** nigga...niggas is lame today.

MsChinaaBrown - 6 days ago

I love wearing high football socks:-P around the house yay

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LyfeLesson206 - 7 days ago

Can't wait on football to kick off

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koughee1 - 7 days ago

Damn... Is it FOOTBALL SEASON yet?!! Hope Lebron n company smoked the BEST ganja... on their way HOME!

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msniideep1 - 7 days ago

In basketball wihdrawal..ready for football season!!

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blueberry_baby1 - 8 days ago

Two moments I can I think of the top of my head where a man can't try to get at me... And that's during football or if I'm watching battles. It's like my dude I'm trying to get in this game or these bars I'm not hearing you lol. I'm not even in an affectionate kind of mood at those times lol

Strokeofgenius1983 - 8 days ago

Basketball is done now we are on to football. I can't wait

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EROCKALIPSE - 8 days ago

Who's ready for Football season? #Cowboysnation

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DeeRigga11 - 9 days ago

Ok, let's go Football Season...we're waiting

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SlimDaddyKane - 9 days ago

Ready for football season now

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SmilesSweet - 9 days ago

Basketball is over until the fall so now it's Baseball until college football starts. Who's your baseball team?

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Kapbruhcorn - 9 days ago

No more basketball and football is still 3 months away, *sigh*

Mose50 - 9 days ago

Let's play some football


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