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hubbytype_ - 1 hour ago

I remember when people cried over their relationships, called their best friends for advice, and fought for their relationship.. Now people just move on to the person they had all along

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eugene - 1 hour ago

Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

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DrValentineStewart - 1 hour ago

GM single father just looking to see if there is a real woman on here seeking a real relationship and possibly marriage I am 52 years old single devoted to my daughter she's like a wife LOL so I'm trying to divorce her and get a real adult wife LOL please will a real woman stand up run to me so I could run away from my daughter the other wife LOL s...

NUNOTHA822 - 5 hours ago

Ladies PLEASE stop bring ur dysfunctionall azz relationship to work with not ray ray so quit being hostile at the register when i pay

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EyesOnDaddy - 6 hours ago

The best way to PREDICT positive outcomes in a co-parenting relationship is to CREATE positive outcomes.

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BlazinCutie48 - 9 hours ago

The enemy may be trying to break your marriage or relationships and destroy your families. But God can turn the tables. Doesn't the Bible say He prepares a table in the presence of our enemies? Psalms 23 :and use the very things to lay a solid foundation for the rest of your marriage, relationship and family!

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Quanny11 - 9 hours ago

I hate when you tell someone you ve been through some ** in your past relationship and they put you through the same ** like okay yeah fml

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MisterH66 - 9 hours ago

I never post like this. It's this angry ** at work who gossips and tries to drag me into her ** to the point where a discussion had to be had with management. I did nothing wrong. This is not an ego trip on my part. Atleast 5 times she used the word animosity towards me. All I could say is I do my job, and help where I can. She threw in the t...

1Zoltar - 10 hours ago

I refuse to let my past experience and hers stop us from creating what could be a beautiful relationship. don't allow your past to sabotage your future. let's move forward.

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100percent_Gentlemen - 10 hours ago

As a mature adult, everyone is supposed to be as self reliant and self sufficient as possible. That way, whenever in relationships with other people, everyone can pull their own weight and also POSITIVELY contribute to the relationship without disturbing others too much, too often or at all. #Maturity #Adulthood

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1Zoltar - 10 hours ago

I refuse to be in another relationship where it's one sided. not in 2018.

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BlazinCutie48 - 11 hours ago

To grow a Godly marriage or relationship, you must : pray together, pray for each other, express love,accept each other,remember your blessings,nuture your relationship,create time for each other,pray for your family together, read the Bible together, and forgive each other!

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BlazinCutie48 - 11 hours ago

No relationship can be built on lies and mistrust. It must have a SOLID FOUNDATION of honesty, compromise, commitment and most importantly CHRIST!

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kimgjerrod - 11 hours ago

who from new Haven and 21 or 22 look for relationship and honest

BlazinCutie48 - 11 hours ago

Love is about serving someone other than yourself. Don't allow the world to feed you with a false illusion of love, where it is driven by lust and selfish gain. God showed His love by coming down in flesh to die for people who may never love Him. If you're desiring a relationship or you're already in one, be sure that you are pouring into them rath...

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100percent_Gentlemen - 12 hours ago

Investing your time and effort into cheap low quality people to be in a relationship with, many times will only produce cheap low quality results. Be very wise with whom you choose to be in relationships with.

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PrincessHoward29 - 12 hours ago


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ALFONSOTAYLOR - 14 hours ago

You re in a relationship to be happy, to smile, to laugh, to make memories, to enjoy one another - and not to be constantly hurt and upset.

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Poegirl18 - 14 hours ago

Communication and honesty is key in a relationship whether it s good news or bad news... if you keep it real and you re honest with your partner this is the foundation for a good and lasting relationship

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KimBellaGreen2 - 14 hours ago

I am looking for a man who is understanding, caring, loving, and a man who will be there for me. Someone who is willing to give. In some relationships only one person gives, but this is not what I want. A relationship must take both people working together, and loving one another, doing what ever it takes to make things work.

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