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Big_cali31 - 48 minutes ago

Entertaining your ex is disrespectful to the relationship that you are in. When you mix the past with the present you destroy the future ...

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Alexismith35 - 49 minutes ago

I’m looking for a serious relationship with a mature man.

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Danaijia2 - 50 minutes ago

Having SOMEONE to call your OWN is only as RELEVANT as the QUALITY of the person that they are!!!! Sometimes we are so CAUGHT UP in the IDEA of being in a RELATIONSHIP that we lose sight of what is IMPORTANT!!! Don't waste your time on a person who is not worthy of the love that you are willing to give and by all means if an individual can't treat ...

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intelligentplayers - 1 hour ago

Do not waist your life on shoes.When you get to Jannah, the angels will not say, " Everyone who had the latest pair of shoes get in this line "........ C' money man, you wont even need them..... Allah Akbar, make sure you are establishing a good relationship between you and Allah, you are concentrating in salah, develop and Islamic personality, lov...

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Albert245 - 2 hours ago

I’m single and searching for someone who’s ready and ready for honest and forever relationship

Cutpi - 2 hours ago

There is Life after a failed Relationship. Don't get it twisted. Keep the Faith❤

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Perna - 3 hours ago

Without communication there is no relationship if you don't text me or call me I'll understand if I forget all about you you'll understand

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itsjustmsjay - 8 hours ago

I like to read different things especially stuff that suppose to be inspirational. So on this one particular page there was a posting that said “I have the strength for one more relationship if he cheats on me I am staying.” Really???? I rather be single.

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holdonslowly_forever - 8 hours ago

A good relationship is with someone who knows all your insecurities and imperfections but still loves you for who you are.

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Ashcool345 - 8 hours ago

I am a big believer in physical attraction/chemistry as the starting point of a potential relationship. Without chemistry, there is no point in going any further. I believe there has to be a balance of give and take in a relationship.

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Thuglife138 - 11 hours ago

Black couples find it way harder to be together than other races because,other races seem to be more on the same page & in it 4 the SAME REASONS,with the same on the other hand smh,wana control the relationship but can't even control yourself,SELFISH af & want the relationship to be all about u,fukk the other persons goals

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joyjoy7369 - 12 hours ago

I'm thinking of trying a same-sex relationship to see if I like it. I've been told twice don't knock it till you try it so why not

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laidbackbro007 - 13 hours ago

We as people tend to make a stand between a relationship, or career building, because when you fall in love, or your heart gets broken it makes it almost impossible to focus.

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cherrystl - 13 hours ago

Eating my leftovers whist I am asleep will likely end our relationship. Am I petty?

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jessicaraven100 - 14 hours ago

Pls all guys on bp are not really wanting a relationship..what should I do😔

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AmericasLifeTrainer - 14 hours ago

Studies show that couples who exercise together experience greater relationship fulfillment and are less likely to divorce than couples who do not.

cardi-B46 - 15 hours ago

Cordial Relationship

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vidals_vision_nyc - 16 hours ago

Don’t give me good ** , I will start a relationship without your permission.

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KindofBlackRob - 19 hours ago

It's one thing to cheat when you are dating or in a relationship, it's another thing to cheat in a marriage. It's even crazier when someone get a pregnant. It can o my go downhill from there. If you aren't happy, at least have enough respect for the person you are involved with to end it.

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2bUtTeRfLyKiSsEs - 19 hours ago

say you're in a relationship and people come out of the woodwork say you're single and lonely and nobody talks to you go figure

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