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TAPE69 - 36 minutes ago

Part of being in a adult relationship is knowing that the person you choice to be in a relationship with isn t going to improve your life or way of living they are there because they choose to be there when you start to realize this then and only then will unconditional love grow

nu-avenues - 45 minutes ago

Nothing worst than a single person with all the relationship answers

Babyboy_comic - 1 hour ago

Share with someone in your phone list! (The Blessing Is Already On You): "The Blessing is never in what's lost in your life but in what's left. So stop crying and complaining about what you don't have or the relationship that didn't work out. For who lost more than 'Job' being a perfect and an upright man one that feared God and eschewed evil....

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TAPE69 - 1 hour ago

controversy and disagreements are only dangerous to a relationship if you don t know your partners way of handling disagreements as well as the communication between you guys are weak

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Financial_Support - 2 hours ago

A loaded bank account, healthy relationship & a comfortable life is all I want

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Bobbie91 - 3 hours ago

Why do people fear god now? Seems trendy to be atheist or non committed. It s safe to say your spiritual but not religious? Can you date someone that doesn t have a strong relationship with god? Thought I could but starting to see this as a problem.

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NATIVELOVE5577 - 3 hours ago

9 yrs under a toxic mom than 7yrs with a toxic relationship that's 14 yrs of mental and emotional abuse WHY BC I DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WAS UNHEALTHY or any type of abuse. And now that I know I'm refusing to Bond or Help like I use too my refused just proves that I was right to distance myself. The once negative voides cost me my health confidence t...

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michael115m20 - 4 hours ago

@902SoScotianCanadian Selfishness will never lead to a happy relationship. If you're not going to sacrifice for each other, you'll never be happy together.

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J_2084 - 4 hours ago

In a relationship you should want someone that compliments you (in whichever way that may be for you) not someone contradicts you.

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Spider3322 - 5 hours ago

it's funny how u can be in a relationship and doing everything buy your damn. self now no 50/50 any more I see I'm about ready to throw the whole relationship away

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verabilson89 - 6 hours ago

hello every one am vera and am here for a good relationship if interested add me on hangouts so we chat over there verabilson89@gmail. com serious people only

LPNLL70 - 8 hours ago

If you're way easily're not really relationship material.

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KindofBlackRob - 8 hours ago

There is one thing that I have learned about women. If she all of a sudden starts random arguments, fights and is easily irritated, she wants out of that relationship/marriage. Oh, and you weren't her first choice from the beginning. She clearly wants to be with someone else.

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night-shade - 8 hours ago

Stop thinking you're ready for a relationship just because you're tired of being lonely!

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EAMIGS - 9 hours ago

A relationship without trust is like a phone without service. What do you do with a phone that doesn't have service? You play games. Respect and honor your relationships.

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MachiaV3LLi_ - 10 hours ago

Relationship = understanding / communication / forgiveness /patience

Dennis11448 - 10 hours ago

Am out for a serious relationship

Dennis11448 - 11 hours ago

Am out for any serious relationship

salessa75 - 14 hours ago

Every failed relationship is a learning lesson, on my way to receiving my masters.

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BlackPrototype - 15 hours ago

Stop thinking you're ready for a relationship just because you're tired of being lonely!

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