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Delvontay - 1 hour ago

when it comes down to relationships remember it's only 4 kings and 4 queens in a deck so what or tha odds of you pulling one on tha first try. but each time you pull u get closer to your king or queen. what I'm trying to say is that don't let one bad relationship stop u . u keep trying God is gone bless u with somebody special sometimes success co...

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ViRtUoUs814 - 4 hours ago

Most people speak their mind about your relationship after it has ended. Until then, they hold their peace. Know what you are doing so you don't need to be taught by those who think they do. Some will get that.

thunderivy84 - 5 hours ago

When yu in a relationship how many times a week would you say is normal to have sex????

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vkrazy - 6 hours ago

I'm not here for a relationship. Business Only. Thanks My Sugahs!

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713BabyFace - 6 hours ago

when you still working on yourself really you're not ready for a relationship. unless you're just passing time devaluing yourself

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-KristinaMarieGreen - 6 hours ago

What's the best way to tell someone that you want to end your relationship?

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Beauty76293 - 7 hours ago


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Dozie_pascal - 8 hours ago

some people be scouting for relationship online. sincerely u ve got to look closer to where u are.

Don1love - 8 hours ago

in a relationship you and your mate have to give it 100% and 100% love is whole not to be given in portions

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hetonu - 8 hours ago

60% of divorces are due to poor communication. lf communication is lack in your relationship, quit now before u end up in divorce in marriage. wise up.

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Carter204 - 11 hours ago

I'm a black guy and am here to find a relationship with anyone who is ready to marry...

Colbyc28 - 12 hours ago

i like a women who is classy i like to have a old fashion romantic relationship with a women

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Mr_ghetto64 - 15 hours ago

~I pray God bless your relationship & increase your love!! If you're single, I pray God brings you to someone to fulfill purpose together ~

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MrTurner23 - 16 hours ago

Y'all be wanting relationship just like these celebrities until you find out they cheat, and you don't want a relationship like them no more.

cljlvnv39 - 17 hours ago

Not all men are destroyers some are restorers. I've learned that a good man will lead and love you. He will step to the plate and be that man God called him to be. He will show you what you have in him and what can be accomplished when working together. A relationship is like a house it's only strong as the foundation it's built on.

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ross308 - 17 hours ago

This question is for men. What holds you back from giving your all in any relationship? And why do you think that is?

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Rain_Moonshine - 18 hours ago

The Relationship Bill of Rights -- You have the right, without shame, blame or guilt: 1- to be free from coercion, violence and intimidation to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want/to revoke consent to any form of intimacy at any time/to be told the truth/to say no to requests/to hold and express differing points of view/to feel al...

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Dyrtywerk - 18 hours ago

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship that you have.

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Karmelbaby1 - 19 hours ago

Make it a priority that whoever you choose to partner up with in life in any type of romantic relationship or friendship inspires you to GROW. It can be emotionally, spiritually, mentally or artistically. This is important. This is a MUST.

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cuteexcel - 20 hours ago

What's New With YouWell I don't know if am doing or saying the right thing bcos am really tired of all the drama going on around me. Is there any real or God fearing lady out there?am single and in need of true love I don't mind long distance relationship bcos I believe anything could happen and anything could work out for good


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