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dawuda12 - 3 hours ago

Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning, and those who died this morning had plans for tonight. Don't take life for granted. In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often and love as much as you can. You may never know when you may not have that chance again. Until your good is better, and your better be best, never...

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ebonydoll803 - 7 hours ago

LeBron put in the work tonight at the Cleveland Plantation!

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InLveAndWar - 8 hours ago

I went to dinner tonight and saw this couple all lovey dovey with each other and made me sad. Not because they were in love but because I feel like at this rate Idk if I'll ever feel that again. Welp...lemme go to bed HMU

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PRITIGURL08 - 9 hours ago

I’ve watched a lot of war movies tonight...can’t wait to see who i dream about killing...hopefully my ex

Joannemarie2 - 9 hours ago

I was chillin with family, and family came home, we may have our differences, but real family have that uncondition, rare and far in between, it don't necessarily mean blood related, but tonight we related

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CutePicChic - 10 hours ago

I just died in your arms tonight

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ladyjack19771 - 10 hours ago

Bored tonight. I thought I wanted to stay in but now I’m having second thoughts.

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MissEj98 - 10 hours ago

Jspot tonight!

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PRITIGURL08 - 11 hours ago

What are y’all doing tonight? I haven’t been home on a Saturday night I’m so long

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dmann413 - 14 hours ago

been out all day with fam now relaxing waiting for tonight's game go Boston

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kingkong34_ - 19 hours ago

You are in charge of your life and I won’t you to go and win! Tonight I want you to sit down and write out some detail goals. See when you change the way you look your life things will change...

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CoolCal34 - 19 hours ago

I guess I'll go out tonight and try and find my future wife.

Mike5561 - 1 day ago

God's night to all,God I ask that you give this world comfort tonight. Give those who can't feel your Joy enough so they can feel. I ask that you put a new hunger for your love in all of us in the name of Jesus Amen

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KingLioness - 1 day ago

i think I'm going to club bed tonight... my pillows and blanket needs me tonight

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EmpressGenii - 1 day ago

Just got home from an AWESOME singles gathering at my church tonight!

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flyboycheck - 1 day ago

Who getting some tonight

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LyricDU - 1 day ago

What’s good for tonight?

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KingLioness - 1 day ago

my god my job knows how to celebrate.. vodka shots with wine.. lawd I'm going home on my ears tonight

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crazyc502 - 1 day ago

What everyone getting into tonight?

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nypottinger - 1 day ago

Friday night let’s see what trouble I get into tonight

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