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Rain_Moonshine - 10 minutes ago

Since it bothers him enough to come over and comment disparagingly on my page, nobody tell @SoulfulRebel that I am wearing a butt plug for easy access to my husband using ALL of my holes tonight ~Rain. He might kill himself hearing that a stranger is posting TMI about her sex life with her husband. #FingersCrossed

Rain_Moonshine - 1 hour ago

Wow ... I have been making out with my husband all afternoon lol. We will never make it out to groceries or to the date. I am only letting him feel how wet I am and I am also measuring how erect he gets -with my throat. But he can t do anything more. Not until tonight at least. ~Rain

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adorablecute1 - 1 hour ago

When your friends are ringing you to go out tonight but your being a grandma yup that's me tonight. Keeping my ** quiet.. You just wanna chill & be under your duvet nice cosy & warm :) The best feeling Ever..

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ms_nice_petite - 1 hour ago

Him: wyd tonight ? me:nothing as of now Him:I would love to come and take you out tonight but I'm between pays.... this is a complete waste of you even bother texting

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ZiZiTravel - 1 hour ago

giving this explosive video presentation tonight!

ChocolateSwagger334 - 2 hours ago

Tonight: Justice League!

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ZiZiTravel - 2 hours ago

Join me live tonight at 6:30 pm central time. Download ZOOM app use code 8446224717

junebugs17 - 2 hours ago

I quit drinking yesterday but tonight , I m celebrating my comeback #lol

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YayaBrownEyez25 - 15 hours ago

Goin out Tonight Trmw For my sister Bday Monday about get lit!!

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TorSauga - 16 hours ago

going bar hopping tonight any suggestions Toronto Mississauga

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SunshineLuuv - 16 hours ago

It's midnight and some of y'all askin' what's the move tonight. If you don't get somewhere and sit down. Ain't nobody tryin' to go out with your stranger danger azz. Here...have a coke and a smile.

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jwells67 - 17 hours ago

What s going on tonight ladies hit me up...let s chat

mrblacktaurusxoxo - 17 hours ago

Tonight: it started innocently enough... I picked up my guitar.., I only meant to brush the dust off of it,,, Then... First: it was some Ready For The World , a little Marvin Gaye, then some Bob Marley... The next thing I know - I m jammin! Now I m ready for some of that real good sleep...

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SoldieretteofChrist - 19 hours ago

I pray for those who are hearts are grief stricken, heavy, and troubled tonight. Father let the burden be made light, and yolk made easy that heavy hearts may find rest and comfort in you in the Mighty name of Yeshua Hamashiach, the Risen Lamb.

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Dre3291 - 20 hours ago

Gonna see Justice League tonight

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Ms_Toya81 - 20 hours ago

Its me and tequila tonight

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DR_2003 - 20 hours ago

Supposed to be meeting up with some people tonight, don t think I m going to make it lol, The couch has a hold of me

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SuperGlo69 - 21 hours ago

LMN Is Going to be popping tonight i have all my goodies and a wine cooler haven't drink in 2 weeks lol

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MsChinaaBrown - 21 hours ago

feel like actin up.. but i may just turn down tonight watch movies and eat eat with my loved ones:) finna put belly on... :-P whats poppin is anything going down tonight. where my homieloves at tho muah i need a new music dude lace me with fire..

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ms_classy_1980 - 21 hours ago

As of 3:25 Central Standard Time today...this teacher is on Thanksgiving Break! Put a praise on it! Thank you Jesus for time off! Now it's onto crab legs and mimosas tonight!

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