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MachiaV3LLi_ - 7 hours ago

Texas lit tonight

Tadow_DGAF - 7 hours ago

Oooohweee UMBC busted everybody's bracket tonight

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unapologetically_blk - 8 hours ago

Friday night, smoke drinks and some flicks, just hanging with the couch tonight. Had a long day

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misscantgetenuff - 9 hours ago

what's the move for tonight??

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stacie52 - 13 hours ago

My heart is feeling so Heavy! My nephew passed away a month ago Gunned down for nothing. I'm not going to rest until the police have his killers in custody. again they broke out of jail PLEASE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING CALL THE POLICE. AND AS HIS MOTHER SAID TONIGHT AT THE CANDLE VIGIL, HELP THE POLICE SOLVE THIS MURDER. DONT REMAIN SILENT. AND PLEASE...

brat04 - 13 hours ago

I have absolutely nothing planned tonight work, gym, and home. Couldn’t wait to just relax!

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jcupid21 - 13 hours ago

What should I do tonight in this beautiful place, San Antonio TX?

Roman_bc - 13 hours ago

So tonight... gotta leave that 9 to 5 upon the shelf. And just enjoy yourself Groove... let the madness in the music get to you. Life ain't so bad at all.

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TakeAHugX - 16 hours ago

third day back to exercise and my body is so sore.... but I must run the convention stairs tonight

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Tadow_DGAF - 17 hours ago

If I hit the lottery tonight hell naw we not related hahaha

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Beautiful_Gorgeous35 - 17 hours ago

so tonight is going to be epic friends coming into town two nights of hell of fun clothes are packed about to get hair done then to the abc store and then off to Charlotte

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Blackeneselady1 - 20 hours ago

Yes hitting the casino tonight!! :)

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CaramelB - 21 hours ago

Today is my co worker last day.... she has charged me with two things. Tonight's festivities, and making sure I go back to the doctor. #Celebration

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Shimona_e - 22 hours ago

Gonna go out tonight with a friend whoop! long time I'm excited but first,, tackling this day...Woooohsahhhh

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Brierre1 - 1 day ago

I feel so overwhelmed tonight. Very long day. Can't sleep. I need a break physically, mentally and spiritually.

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RoyaltyMoNique - 1 day ago

Didn’t feel like cooking tonight so Pizza Hut it is

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Joannemarie2 - 1 day ago

Everyone has turned in for tonight, I'm alone and thinking to myself I'm no racist I'm in love with what the white man use abuse and copy, black people, is that so wrong, if this is a white mans world, black people are the envy of the world meaning i don't see our circumstances from the white mans standards but the Creators, which does not make me ...

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blugirl - 1 day ago

Had a wonderful time at the Avery Sunshine concert tonight, if she's ever in your area go check her out...

ike-c - 1 day ago

What's a good chill spot in New York tonight?

petertamtam6 - 1 day ago

I need a woman tonight........Biko