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kimberleeMN - 2 hours ago

Hello. Lonely girl needing some attention tonight.

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marciano6 - 2 hours ago

I see that its alot of lonely women on here tonight.

Big_Daddy_Flex - 2 hours ago

I almost forgot to mop the bathroom floor after I pissed tonight.

Big_Daddy_Flex - 3 hours ago

I wanna rub my tongue up and down a clit tonight.

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sharloana - 4 hours ago

Damn.... No football tonight... What's a woman to do?

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yessssfuckmegood - 4 hours ago

Super horny tonight

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SCHYNNA2 - 5 hours ago

black ish was so good tonight I cant wait for the new season to start next month

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honestlyme80 - 8 hours ago

I've got to have sex soon. Goodness. Maybe I'll just masterbate tonight

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Pippens1 - 15 hours ago

A Forecast for my girlfriend..........I'm no weather man, but she can expect more than a few inches tonight.......LOL

Leighton4 - 16 hours ago

smoke if you smoking drink if you drinking baby remember you coming home with me tonight!!

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305Taylor - 17 hours ago

Lunch cooked for the week,washed clothes. Now resting before wrk tonight. Be blessed Bp.

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ntshfree - 20 hours ago

Just woke up. Suppose to already be at the gym. Don't feel like going. Would rather eat breakfast then go back to sleep until it's time to get up and go to work. ughh... I won't get my body back if I sleep. But I'm tired & need sleep before hitting that time clock tonight. :-)

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STACY11 - 1 day ago

Off tonight can't sleep watching movies, eating popcorn sipping on a glass of red wine relax mode!!!!!!

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VanessaOshay - 1 day ago

I received some very bad news tonight...

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cutienatalie772 - 1 day ago

Whats up tonight BP?

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ROBERT983 - 1 day ago

Lawd God forgive me i have this deep burning desire for the great taste of a Roti tonight!!!!! #HighGradeConfession21

BKLYNEALEY - 1 day ago

GM all happy Monday I'm still bin bed watching (GOT) GAMEOF THRONE'S took a little break kid's getting up for school & work had to touch up the kitchen an fix the bottom of the kitchen sink not paying nobody for nothing there's internet & YouTube I'm Learn FACT'S & I fid an awesome JOB'S I'm on my 2018 ** Early FACT'S.. now back to my ...

youngmike109 - 2 days ago

Good Night From Baton Rouge,LA I am trier I have a busy day for today yes Guys I am in New Orleans,LA Tonight I had went the New Orleans and I am in this 5 Star Hotel & Ciaos but anyway Good Night my BP Family and Friends.

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LaydeeBoss40 - 2 days ago

Memphis poppin tonight. But I need to go to sleep. I got an early day tomorrow.

MisterH66 - 2 days ago

Do not forget the series finale of The Strain is on tonight!- MisterH66

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