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Butterfly_01 - 22 minutes ago

I guess I'll go to sleep, since everyone seems busy tonight.

Youngstultz - 1 hour ago

how are all my bp ladies doing tonight

Adam34short - 1 hour ago

Who want to get ** tonight

Kip3611 - 2 hours ago

Beat Shazam, Love Connection and Queen of the South on tonight. My tv schedule is full.

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blac_heat - 4 hours ago

I'm performing in van Nuys tonight, 9pm liquid zoo.

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renam2000 - 4 hours ago

Tonight will be a great night to hang near the pier Yessssss

LovelyMo43 - 6 hours ago

Bored. I need some company til I go to work tonight

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Jasmine_GA - 10 hours ago

What times the draft tonight?

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KingDre69 - 11 hours ago

THE SUCCULENT AFFAIR is EROTIC SPOKEN WORD & R&B MUSIC Presenting FLAME DROPPERS With Guest Host Romeo D'nati TONIGHT 8p pst - 10p cst - 11p est ***FLAME DROPPERS ONLY*** Call 646-668-2477 to spit your EROTIC & SENSUAL FLAMES

TAPE69 - 15 hours ago

Callin' my river to let her know I'm a be on my way Missin' how the river flow even Though it's only been a couple of days Cause it be raining and Complaining you Got that water made for drinking (up) Baby if I drown tonight it's all worth it for you I don't need no rescue I'm a hold my breath until you feel it in you chest When I go Under Under I ...

tattoo67 - 16 hours ago

NBA Draft tonight!

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Prettyblack174 - 22 hours ago

It's going to be a long night. Took a long nap today....ok what's good on tube tonight. lol :-)

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mystic091 - 23 hours ago

So, I don't go out dancing much anymore but I've been working out... I tried to do my Zumba tonight and Damn! #Didntgiveupthough

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Au_Naturale_Beauty - 23 hours ago

Whelp...I got excited for nothing. No rain is coming towards me tonight.

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Brandnew116 - 1 day ago

Up late tonight working on my presentation for work in AM. What y'all doing?

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theblessedone2007 - 1 day ago

Feeling a bit down tonight

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BLCKRAIN13 - 2 days ago

Going to see transformers movie tonight...then all day tomorrow....Thats how you stay cool in So Cali heat...

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CoolBlackGuy64 - 2 days ago

Just landed n Vegas! It's about to go down! What's crack-u-latin tonight!?!?

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kissin - 2 days ago

Where the Cincinnati oh men at.. let's go out tonight

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MeAni - 2 days ago

Queen Sugar Season 2 Premier Part 1 tonight @ 10PM EST! OWN Network


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