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kiingkev - 11 hours ago

aye if you ** with ps4 add ksavagemf . Damn tonight is another lame ** night for me **.

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ThickNickie25 - 16 hours ago

I guess I'll watch some movies tonight

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Ms_Browneyez01 - 16 hours ago

Having a 90s throw back dance off tonight... I need to go to bed.....#realmusic

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BrownButterfly29 - 16 hours ago

A lot on my heart tonight time for prayer. Good night everybody

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Conquerer1984 - 18 hours ago

@Danaijia2 - I got a sexy ** female in another state who wants to give me some tonight, while your pig faced, train track teeth having, fat **, **ty ** is sitting behind your phone coming off all whack. Why don't you go let some more bums run a train on you, Ms. Piggy? **ty ** **! You look just like what you are - a pig.

SCHYNNA2 - 18 hours ago

Law and Order SVU tonight

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Rain_Moonshine - 20 hours ago

I feel like doing a bathing suit home photoshoot tonight.

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chitowndj - 1 day ago

Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl Hey, girl, long time no see Do you have a little time to spend with me? I wanna know what's been going on In your life, huh, talk to me, baby Your hair, perfume you wear Brings back memories, oh, of you and me You look so fine, you blow my mind All over again, ooh So much has ...

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TEASEIT - 1 day ago

Monday, July 24, 2017 Life is nontraditional and out of sync when Mercury trines Uranus today. Everything has an odd connection to something else. Your mission is to connect the dots. Tonight, when Venus aspects Saturn, the latter is a bit more profound. You are wise to take conversations seriously.

Danaijia2 - 1 day ago

Who's out in Atlanta tonight

KillaKjelly1 - 1 day ago

Alot of angry people on here tonight who probably just need to get some or buy a toy lol Life's too short to be so uptight over small stuff...Don't sweat the small stuff...Sweat doing something you love...I know I'm about too hahaha #GnBp

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prettieyes86 - 1 day ago

The ending of tonight's episode of Insecure gave me life!!!

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Gray9881 - 1 day ago

Game of thrones was awesome tonight.

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Rain_Moonshine - 1 day ago

I am dying laughing at these status updates tonight ... I LOVE MY PEOPLE.

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Mischievous5 - 1 day ago

Fat bud tonight hit my kik to smoke.

CoolCal34 - 1 day ago

GOT and Insecure tonight!

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mari07c - 2 days ago

Power Tonight...

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JP4Simplicity - 2 days ago

Ok, lets revisit the friend zone: You are interested in someone but you tell them you just want to be friends to avoid possible rejection. So, they put you in the friend zone. Why are you mad when you ask what they are getting into tonight and they say they are going on a date. Baby you positioned yourself not them!

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dgfdf - 2 days ago

drank clear tonight, now what to get in to? be nice if I could find someone to get in to...

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sunshine1609 - 2 days ago

Completely bored, I should've went to work tonight.


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