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calicoolcat73 - 3 hours ago

Watched Infiltrator tonight for the first time. OMG intense movie. I totally recommend it. It is based on a true story with the Colombian Cartel.

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Pamela303 - 4 hours ago

A lotta unnecessary anger goin on tonight....I m straight. Sippin my tea, takin pics. Lol

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Bachon23 - 5 hours ago

How is everyone doing tonight??

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jaysupa1 - 5 hours ago

Whats up who trying to talk tonight

jaysupa1 - 6 hours ago

Whats up good people. Whats going on tonight.

gata914 - 6 hours ago

what's good for tonight

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tx_972 - 7 hours ago

Good evening BP! I pray that you are safe tonight. I ask God for shield of protection through your destinations. Let us continue to feed on the spiritual truth so we can grow into God's understanding. Be obedient to his commands, so we can witness prosperity. When we receive blessing, let's bless others. Thank you Jesus, for you are Lord! God bles...

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theother99percent - 7 hours ago

'Selma, Lord Selma' will be on tonight, looking forward to seeing it.

HumblyIcU - 8 hours ago

Islam People! Hope all of you had a beautiful and wonderful day! Be easy out there tonight.

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hb7857 - 8 hours ago

hope this weather don't get too bad tonight in Dallas Texas

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Toni_Porter91 - 8 hours ago

bored and home alone again tonight: maybe the universe wants me to start going to bed early....

MixtapeMiniBeatz - 9 hours ago

Damn it's cold in Dallas tonight

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PrettyLady1988 - 10 hours ago

hope i get my booty rubbed tonight

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tx_972 - 17 hours ago

Good morning BP! Happy birthday MLK Jr.. I pray that we are kind and loving to one another, like Dr. King wanted us to be. I ask God for traveling grace to you all during troubled weather conditions tonight. Remember your plan and will through Jesus, let's be encouraged. Let joy flow through your situations, because God has already answered prayers...

FLGemini33 - 19 hours ago

me getting ready to go to the bar: age 26: tonight I'm getting laid! age 36: tonight I'm getting cheese sticks

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Alwaysjazzy44 - 1 day ago

Thought For Tonight... It's better to be alone then with the wrong company!!! Who's shaping your world?

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Adrian364 - 1 day ago

l am do fine tonight

tx_972 - 1 day ago

Good evening BP! I pray that you are having a wonderful night. Before you go to sleep, remember that you have purpose. I pray that God speaks to you tonight, giving you directions for tomorrow. For it's a new day. A day we should use are resources to help others through Christ. Kind words at times can be enough to bring joy to someone. Be Great BP!...

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xtraterrestrial1 - 1 day ago

Mannnn you can t be like I m cookin steak tonight and then turn around cook a CUBE steak...smh

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JuicyThaBody - 1 day ago

is it just me or is everyone horny on bp tonight lmao I'm surprised its not me this time lol Good luck with catching that nut

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