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Rain_Moonshine - 3 hours ago

No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you -whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind. ~Nikki Rowe

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bethmarv - 7 hours ago

Now for a time about forty years God put up with their ways in the wilderness. (Ac. 13:18). Father we want the love that sweetly bears whatever Your hand may choose to send. We want the love that patiently endures the wrongs that comes from enemy or friend. Amen!!! Some people may not react favorably to our efforts to show care and concern. When...

FLGemini33 - 9 hours ago

Meanwhile, it is 69 days to Christmas. Whatever you wish to do with this information is your choice!

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Joannemarie2 - 9 hours ago

One or two brothas on here say the most outrageous shxt, they are under cover haters of black women, and how can you hate the womb you came out of, for whatever reason

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raebug18 - 14 hours ago

Patience is what we all need to work on. Whatever is rushed, either never fully develops into its potential or doesn't last long.. via @JayKelz

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JayKelz - 16 hours ago

Patience is what we all need to work on. Whatever is rushed, either never fully develops into its potential or doesn't last long..

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BOSSINUP3 - 20 hours ago

You don't have to put on a facade just because you're on social media...Folks be killing me on here with the bs... Stroking their own ego & living an illusion based on whatever you have going on.. Competing with people they don't even know or trying to be better than the next..#watereddownnegroes

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LYNN_740OH - 21 hours ago

When someone tell someone something that doesn't mean go BK and talk ** that means they trusted that certain someone to tell em whatever they wanted that person to Kno smfh that's why i only ** with a few I don't need a bunch of nosey MF all up in mine

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Khamel3 - 23 hours ago

It may be hard for us to let go of other people and their problems if we fear trouble things will happen, or if we feel are worried and interference are holding another person's life together. But if we trust our Higher Power, we can begin to assume that all will be well. We can let go, knowing that whatever happens will be God's will. we can accep...

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KillaKjelly1 - 1 day ago

WHY BE OUTRAGED OVER WHAT AGENT ORANGE SAID TO THE BLACK SOLDIERS WIFE?? HES ONLY TELLING US HOW THEY REALLY FEEL BUT WHY DO BLACKS CONTINUE TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY ANYWAY? Brother Malcolm already told us...If violence is wrong in America, violence is wrong abroad. If it is wrong to be violent defending black women and black children and black ba...

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PapaDoc_Pryme - 1 day ago

Don't be fooled: your "free speech" here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Blogger, whatever's controlled by who runs it. And I'm not just talking about inappropriate comments.

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TSquared1 - 1 day ago

Whatever gives you a reason not to be yourself, will give you several reasons to be someone else.

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Lastat969 - 1 day ago

I swear I've never been on the site where all I want to do is meet people have fun & enjoy myself and for some reason these ratchet a$$ women keep begging for money and gifts. I'm talking to you taking panhandling and hustling to a whole different level. what's really crazy is they think because they look a certain way that they basically can beg ...

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Dyrtywerk - 1 day ago

Man's power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, the mind will create and manifest.

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CombMyHair - 1 day ago

How much of yourself do you reveal? Whatever it is you have no intention on changing...

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GoingUp1 - 1 day ago

More crazy news... sun flashing on and off video in Nigeria during the consecration of Holy land. Luke 21:25. 25And there shall be signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars and in the earth, suffering of nations and clasping of hands*, from the alarm of the sound of the sea, 26And an earthquake* which drives ...

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Sweettea37ky - 1 day ago

I Love my black brotha...strong brother..there is no one above ya I want chat to know that I'm here for you for whatever true! Black brother by Angie stone- ) This is one reason that Us Black sistas love you black men! Y'all are the real MVPs

AboveavgJoe - 1 day ago

Today God, whatever state of circumstance we may be in, give us sight to be grateful & cleanse our hearts from greed & vainglorious Desires!!!

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Caroline2244 - 1 day ago

If you're single you might long for a romantic partner today. If you're attached you might think of making your commitment more permanent. If you're married children might be on your mind. Whatever your situation and whatever it is you're searching for now look your best when encountering current or potential partners. You'll probably get the ...

YayaBrownEyez25 - 1 day ago

Makin Shrimp and Broccoli Melted cheese with Ranch mix together!! i know it late but whatever

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