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99GoodEnough - 1 hour ago

Yes I have a job, yes I have a car, yes I have a place to live, yes I am single,no kids and no I m not crazy. Fun to be around, smart enough to hold a conversation and charming enough to not try to just hit it. Just looking for friends, going with the flow, whatever comes next is destiny.

Pamela303 - 1 hour ago

This morning I got an inbox from a beautiful lady giving me a compliment. It really made my day! Its a wonderful thing when women can uplift each other and not put each other down. I love all my sisters whatever your nationality is. My Love has no color or race attached to it!! Be blessed Beautiful Women of BP!!!

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82boyblu - 2 hours ago

She'll do whatever long as you don't call her out for it.

KillaKjelly1 - 7 hours ago

A lot of people say don't blame the woman if a man cheats but some of these hoes be tossin it up handing it out an begging for the D....Its chicks out here who will do ANYTHING just to say they slept with your man....Those kinda **s are to blame esp when they knew about the wife/woman....They deserve whatever they got coming to them IJS

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Braveheart_46 - 15 hours ago

It is through total acceptance of what is that u gain total control of what can be. By allowing life to come to u u empower ur purpose to radiate out from u. U cannot successfully fight against what is. For the moment u choose to fight u are fighting against a past that cannot be changed. Accept the energy that comes to u in this now moment whatev...

mzTreazur - 1 day ago

If I say I m single and don t jump at some guy propositioning me why does he immediately assume I have an issue or am involved with someone. Don t get mad because I m not falling for whatever you re selling, did it ever occur to you it s just YOU I m not interested in

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Quiet_Elevation - 1 day ago

"I just wanna(Inhale), I just wanna see what ya mind taste like, feel how your thoughts give birth to words that cause me to pause..As I rethink my approach..My delivery has to be a canvas painted of premeditated words from intricate thoughts..because honestly..the mediocre just won't do. I want to sip until I taste all of you..excuse my forwardnes...

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Pamela303 - 1 day ago

Yeah.... I m picky. But whatever.

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Sweettea37ky - 1 day ago

Never take anyone's rude behaviors personally! Their Negativity is not YOUR fault, you did nothing wrong to upset them! Let them continue to " be in they're feelings" about whatever it is their mad at!!! Never let angry people who don't pay you a good service rent room in your brain, give them that mental eviction notice and put them the hell out!!...

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IPISSGLITTER - 1 day ago

i let whoever think whatever idc

MissTreat - 2 days ago

What do you do, when you catch your significant other lying to you.... on one of those...YEA, BABE. I TOLD YOU about her before! And you're like, OH REALLY? FELLAS, DON'T YOU KNOW WOMEN REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Rather it's a big lie or a small one. I'm trying to be nice with my Poker face. But seriously, y'all Men better stop this. Why is it ok...

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Maria-Rae1 - 2 days ago

If you want to experience lasting change in your life, you need to refocus your mind. Specifically, you need to change your thought patterns from focusing on what you don t want, to focusing on what you do want. And this is why: Whatever you focus on is what you move toward.

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KingOmega11 - 2 days ago

However the horrible truth may be people need to know. Class is always in session of events in whatever the timeline may be.

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trinityego3 - 3 days ago

Today is the day! (or rather the weekend) I am FINALLY taking myself out and am going to enjoy doin whatever in the hell I wanna do. I really just wanna dance, have A drink and I don't know. I shall see what happens.

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Idar77 - 3 days ago

..and no.. Men don't care less than a ** that you have a Pocket Rabbit, a vibrator or whatever else you want to call it. Most won't even have anything to do with you IF he pulls it out of you that you DO have on. (No pun intended either)

renegades_finest - 3 days ago

let me get this straight with y'all females because y'all single and since every nigga in his momma,can talk to you which I could care less, whatever bull** y'all on gotta stop, it's a new year and yall like y'all changing condoms left to right playing with niggas emotions, saying whatever, like alot of homies is not gonna take that lightly, whe...

Angelb888 - 3 days ago

Whatever you compromise to get definitely you will compromise to keep . Say no to compromise!

michael115m20 - 4 days ago

marching to the beat of love I held her hands you looked at me in my face I said...Shorty I'm there for you anytime you need me For real girl, it's me in your world, believe me Nuthin' make a man feel better than a woman Queen with a crown that be down for whatever you were ...There are few things thats forever, my Lady We can make wars or mak...

Adonus77 - 4 days ago

I was talking to her friend today & during the conversation that brought up a memory of another conversation I had the middle of last year. I saw a lady walking at my job and I commented at how pretty she was. My coworker told me I was a dog for admiring how good the lady looked. Also made reference to me flirting with women that came in. I said as...

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SLAPDOG51 - 4 days ago

CHRISTIANS Do I Believe Father GOD Has Removed His Mighty Hand From This Nation?...Nope But I Know This Nation Is Removing My Heavenly Father's Mighty Hand From This Nation...When Father GOD Does Remove His Hand From This Nation It Will Be "The Day The Afternoon The Evening The Night Whatever" Of The LORD...And It Will Make No Sense In Locki...