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siana12345 - 4 minutes ago

I hate when men get caught cheating the first thing they say is "baby you are the only one I love you and I don't ** with no one else but you" #singleandlovingit

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Rebornagain3337 - 10 minutes ago

I live by this Motto " Hope for the best, but be prepared for the Worst". That way you're not caught off guard if things don't go accordingly!

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KINGTHUMP - 15 minutes ago

They saying Cam Newton a top 5 NFL QB? That means, he is up there with Peyton, Brees, Rogers, Wilson, Luck, Brady and (cough) Romo... Lol Who agrees with this logic?

FLYGURLKee - 18 minutes ago


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Atlas44 - 18 minutes ago

Relationships aren't everything, nothing wrong with just being in somebody's life & making each other happy. Titles complicate things anyways.

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Amiyah0754 - 23 minutes ago

There is nothing more sexier than a confident woman who can cook, clean, work a 9-5, raise her kids & look good while doing it!

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Jahdub - 24 minutes ago

Being hurt is an awful thing..But u cant let that change your personality...We hold grudges alot...But instead of holding that grudge...Its they lost..If u know u did ur best..Its going to b ok...Never beat yourself up ova another person's ** up...Random thought...

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Reno1982 - 25 minutes ago

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

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stoner_my_lifestyle - 25 minutes ago

Why this 17 year old girl try to get at me?!? She gone tell me nobody cares about age no more and on top of that....SHE WAS WHITE.....I find three things wrong with this scenario. You not bout to have me locked up 25-life lil white bit.

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sergeitsmyname - 25 minutes ago

Wat y'all mofos up too sending friend requests and not saying hii??!! I wonder y...#catfisheshuh???Aww well keep sending them doesn't cost a thing to accept 'em so it's all good till I tired of 'em

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QUANFROMNWK - 27 minutes ago

Real life friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face. #LoveMyFriends

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NY_BOYFRIEND85 - 29 minutes ago

cant believed I found my boo on bp.. and she luv the ** out me...

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Leinad626 - 32 minutes ago

WTF! These days everybody is a freaking celebrity and wants to be followed on Instagram or Twitter. Who the heck do you think you are? Please follow me on Facebook for more posts. Thanks.

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handsome_gamer_geek - 33 minutes ago

I understand some women tend to be clingy but just because im not looking to webcam every night doesnt mean im trying any less to grow with you

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NY_BOYFRIEND85 - 37 minutes ago

been cup caking with her....

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llatrix - 37 minutes ago

This fool actually told me that he was being "nice and respectful" by insisting on calling me "sweetheart" after I told him not to. 1) if I just told you not to do it and you do it anyway, that's not respectful. 2) if you wouldn't address a superior that way, it's not respectful. 3) Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. lmao is this really ...

Prettythicc7 - 38 minutes ago

I wanna get 2 more tattoos and my nipples pierced who wants to come

SuchALady_84 - 39 minutes ago

its u been we didn't knw we shared the same feelings to waiting for me & then I was waiting for u. we lots touch during dark times now the clouds r clear.. but u r making a life time with someone else... but I still want u... the morals I have hold me back n I'm like damn life is a **!

yungjack831 - 40 minutes ago

Some chicks just way to thirsty.But hey it makes pimpin easy.

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SaGeF0H - 43 minutes ago

The real ones will love the real you! IJS

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