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deaconblues70 - 3 minutes ago

There are worse things than being wishing you were. God has you single for multiple reasons, but perhaps mainly so no one can mess up your life, or truth be told, so you won't mess up others.

anna-32 - 8 minutes ago

One more day till a fun filled wknd!

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RasLamar - 11 minutes ago

Jah is my light and my salvation

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omglong - 13 minutes ago

why is it only people from different States think your interesting and want to talk to you?

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BlackPrototype - 16 minutes ago

If your woman works, pays all the bills while you're unemployed at home, the least you can do is take out the trash and keep the house clean. Fools be lazy putting extra stress on their woman they don't deserve!

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benny197 - 19 minutes ago

Remember Time and Distance can never separate me away from u still I crown u as mine princess. # where are u.. Lol

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FeeFeeGreeneyes196 - 20 minutes ago

Work done!! let the long weekend begin!!

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smauricet8 - 21 minutes ago

You can't truly enjoy things if you're always trying to control them.

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chitowngurl75 - 24 minutes ago

One More Chance.......The Notorious BIG

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StarRegulus - 26 minutes ago

**.. I don't cuss. But ** ** **!!!

LADYLUCIOUS9NUP - 27 minutes ago

This Heat is not nice today!!

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Selah2Exodus - 28 minutes ago

Wow what a week!

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ThatTaurusChick96 - 30 minutes ago

I don't see how people think it's OK to leave an animal in a hot car. Worse than that how do you forget a whole child or baby in your car. People don't raise kids now days, social media, does. That's why you have so many missing kids now days. When I was growing up I couldn't do anything or go anywhere without my mother being all up in my business....

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NtenseLife - 31 minutes ago

No body puts Stress on you. You pick that Muther**er up and carry it around.

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BuddaBean821 - 31 minutes ago

Shout Out To The Single Mothers Out Here Handling Their Business And Not Making Excuses Us Man Appreciate Yall...

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shelkyra - 34 minutes ago

i told myself to stop being nice years ago, but its naturally part of my personality.....#ugh!! #MAlife!

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hilltop_hustla - 37 minutes ago

Question: Do women care if a man calls her beautiful or does it only matter if she cares about him too?

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Supreme_Dyvuh - 38 minutes ago

gggrrrrrr. irritated...

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rida4real1 - 39 minutes ago

if i hear a rumor that you have bedbugs at your house I'm still not coming in...thats just me...

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BreatheN2grow - 43 minutes ago

Slow down young ladies, the harder you party, the fewer dance cards you'll have when you get older.

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