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xXxCOURTxXx - 6 minutes ago

how's everyone's evening??

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LovelyLaura69 - 7 minutes ago

up rubbing on that kitty

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shayla162 - 10 minutes ago

I have a serious question:: if you have a blown head gasket in your car but owe like 3500 should I fix or get another car

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alwaysda1temptress - 12 minutes ago

I wish this app can filter people. I care not to see these women same old status updates. I'm horny, I'm sleepy, I'm angry, I'm bored, I'm sad, I'm depressed, I'm lonely, I'm boss, I'm broken.... are yall females or Walt Disney Dwarfs?

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estherelena - 12 minutes ago

Its always that men with no pictures or the ones that look like they came out they mamas ** that got the most to say smh. Crawl back in yo mamas ** where u came from and stay tf off my page man fr.

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khaliwilliam - 18 minutes ago

If someone backbites about you, send them a gift because they are giving you their good deeds.

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marcie56 - 19 minutes ago

Hello, have you ever ate something that was so delicious. that you couldn't stop... Must I say more lol

Beauty76293 - 23 minutes ago


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summer_reignz - 23 minutes ago

Many people will say they love you. Being patient and waiting for you no matter the circumstance, knowing all the hypotheticals but loving me enough to trust that when I am yours I am everything and beyond your wildest dreams and most intimate prayers. Everyone isn't built to wait. People love with the expectancy to be hurt. I am transparent even ...

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Lightbright109 - 24 minutes ago

Someone is looking up to you. Don't let that person down.

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chhubbs - 26 minutes ago

To live without condition. To talk without intention, to give without reason and to love without expectation that's the heart of true friend.

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KAYEBEE215 - 28 minutes ago

I'm summer time fine ...........come hit it till tha morning........tha sunrise while I'm moaning judgement!!!

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TrueMist - 29 minutes ago

When you're on the phone with someone and all they talk about is .... Theirself :-(

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eyekandi28 - 29 minutes ago

5miles plenty of water then some rest. #fitbit #fitlife

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SEX_LOVE_GAMES - 30 minutes ago

I wish u could really be as honest with women as they say they want u to be.. but honesty gets u no panties... no conversation ..and blocked.. women should just be honest and say ... just tell me what I want to hear...

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Miss_Tori - 31 minutes ago

When all you can do is smile and thank God.

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Shawn_Thomas_33 - 31 minutes ago

Rip Michael Jackson... You wasn't as good as my boy Prince but you was still diz-ope...

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azdiva33 - 33 minutes ago

Perfect day perfect dinner and great convo...sometimes you just need a girls night in your jammies drinking wine and reminiscing

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mocamika - 34 minutes ago


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SCHYNNA2 - 35 minutes ago

I watched a new episode of Mistresses tonight

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