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mr-Tadow - 4 minutes ago

She told me she was a boss chick and did everything like a boss ..I said cool and dropped her off at the bus stop and she paid her fare and sat in the back of the bus with her lip poked out..and I said to my self you ain't the Boss of me dammit lmao

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River_Power - 4 minutes ago

There is no such thing as a cussing Christian. Colossians 3:8~ But now you must put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, FILTHY LANGUAGE out of your mouth.

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Bootyliciousamazon1 - 5 minutes ago

made it thru the storm, now blessed n soon to be reaping the rewards....thank u father God

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louboutin_lover - 11 minutes ago

Watching the ms. universe pageant... Where are all the women of color?... Smh... I'm changing the channel.

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RockStarr11 - 12 minutes ago

Free P*ssy, landed a lot of dudes with that Crazy/Ugly Baby MaMa..... Hahahahaha :))

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DeeSheKnows - 12 minutes ago

Yo that attachment is real but when your with someone that aunt really for you thats some **ed up ** to feel RT

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Tenderlick - 14 minutes ago

No disrespect, but you can most definitely distinguish the men from the boys on here, by reading their status.

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patwadley - 17 minutes ago

If something is bound to happen, it will happen.. Right time, right person, and for the best reason

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Sand25 - 17 minutes ago

I need a husband... Who wants to get married??

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zoria1 - 19 minutes ago

Take me to church.

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Decent1232 - 19 minutes ago

We truly need more BOLD GOD fearing ppl to help others spiritual on & off the net. #God #Family n Friends #Priorities

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KARAN-MANGO - 19 minutes ago


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hotsummernight - 19 minutes ago

Just a Human moment. Grief will having you re-acting to irrelevancy. To err is Human

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COMMONSENSE12 - 20 minutes ago

ppl really fall for them stupid money scams

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JTH_aSiGrOw - 22 minutes ago

I wish you could vote off the people who post the dumbest ** on this site. #wedontcare

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504_Stacey - 23 minutes ago

I hate when people see me at the store & are like, "hey what are you doing here?" Im like "Oh you know,... hunting elephants and **!!!

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MorganKelley2 - 23 minutes ago

Why is it that some men think they can say disrespectful ** under my status or pics but as soon as I say something back I'm wrong smh don't shoot if you don't want shoots fired back lol

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pixelface - 23 minutes ago

In the end you won't be able to tell God anything. The life you lead would have spoken for you!

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almoncookibutta - 25 minutes ago

i'zzzzza lovezzzza me a big man that smells so good!

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ChinaaBrown - 26 minutes ago

hydro's n henn

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