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cinnamonapple5 - 7 minutes ago

If you use Viagra you too old for me boo boo lol

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LaydeAphrodite - 8 minutes ago

Monthly Bills: Rent: $1,600, Utilities: $500, Car note/Insurance: $300, Cable: $180, Mobile: $170, Food/Misc: $700, High School Fees: $100. ..... I'm on this site for exposure/networking. Do you honestly think that I have time for your juvenile, idiotic, one dimensional thinking? I'm not the least bit amused. Stay out of my inbox if your conversati...

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YourHighness2015 - 9 minutes ago

So bored.. thinking about flat ironing my hair

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FaithofLove777 - 11 minutes ago

I was involved in an abusive relationship with a women who constantly tried to physically hurt me she even put a dent in my car I love her the house by herself but she still stalked me just to physically abuse me also,my mother raised me not to ever put my hands on a woman so I had to put the cops in her life, my friends said I was a coward for cal...

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innerlife - 14 minutes ago

I love how music moves you. It plays and you just respond! YES!!

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MrKarrington - 15 minutes ago

Sometimes she doesn't want your advice she just wants someone to listen to her

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KindofBlackRob - 18 minutes ago

I know us guys are guilty of leaving the toilet seat up, but some women are so nasty. Flush the damn toilet. No one wants to see poop in the bowl. Ugh!!!

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Daphaney - 19 minutes ago

When you go outside in the snow and your feet and hands go numb lawd know you cold when the tears start running from your eyes lol! Jesus be some heat lol #Imfrozen

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1986smiles1986 - 20 minutes ago

:) take chances, have no regrets, truly live life to its fullest:) making great experiences

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JerseyBoy54 - 21 minutes ago

OFF work and Bible Study Tonight . Got to keep GoD in Your Life with so much Going on in This World !

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Chache22 - 22 minutes ago

It's HARD for a man, to live without a woman. Every woman.needs a man to link to.

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IYANOIYANTI - 22 minutes ago

When shes the right one for me i just can't get enough of her, even thou shes controlling i let her control me cause only a lioness can tame the lion !!!1

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QuiteStorm318 - 23 minutes ago

When will people start standing up for real relationships. this side chick side dude status is overrated.

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KNOTTHEAD - 23 minutes ago

Lesson from my dog. Wnenever life brings you **, kick some grass over it and move on.

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Marchell_229 - 24 minutes ago

I Wonder If Catfish Comes On Again Tonight, I Missed It Lastnight..Anyways Bout To Do Some Cleaning Then Later On Might Get On Skype

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Thick_CaliSuga - 24 minutes ago

Falling in LOVE IS only HALF of what I want... STAYING in love IS THE REST!

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SEXXY_CHOCOLATE_ - 25 minutes ago

Love is Love

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Brwnchick82 - 26 minutes ago

a pair of lips will say anything

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cityyblvd - 26 minutes ago

finna go to the hood ! pull up on my eastsides westKilla

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trina2g3 - 27 minutes ago

Snowed in and want some good food that does not require me cooking it and good conversation....let's see what happens...

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