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JerseyGreeneyes - 13 minutes ago

It's only Tuesday. Ughhhhh

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myacooper59 - 14 minutes ago

$250 into $2500 NOW today sameday pay if interested hmu by inbox or txt 205)566)5380

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calibaymsparker - 15 minutes ago

Some people really ain't got ** better to do.... smh and lmao! one of those days I guess. you should have to provide I'd to join certain websites, #immature

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kennyever - 17 minutes ago

looks aren't everything but its something!

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ScotianCanadian902 - 18 minutes ago

What's Good Bp?....Good day... Good vibes.

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Kept21 - 26 minutes ago

Every body wants the good life but nobody wants to pay the price.

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KellyAnn79 - 29 minutes ago

Some of these men on here looking for side **s not chicks. I'm just saying time the hell out for that behavior ..............Pick a chick or a ** and stay the hell there.....

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Kosmopolitisch - 38 minutes ago

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. - Frederick Douglass

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2much4anickel - 38 minutes ago

Someday all the love you have given away will come back to you and it will stay.

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William_and_Tae - 39 minutes ago

The woman who claim they don't need a man, have yet to actually meet one.

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Kosmopolitisch - 39 minutes ago

This world of ours... must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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makinhoney72 - 39 minutes ago

Never regret being a good woman to the wrong man....his loss.....

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sweet_black_kim - 41 minutes ago

Shout out to the man and woman that knows how to treat their significant other with dignity and respect no matter the circumstance. I commend you... :-) #WhereThereIsARelationshipThereWillBeIssuesToGetThroughMoreThanLikely

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Texasbeauty1977 - 46 minutes ago

everyone wants to know my Age I'm 40 ........ Fabulous 40

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Sargasso - 50 minutes ago

"There have been hard times, sad times and happy times, but I am just glad to be alive. Said Mrs. Oatley who turned 99 Years old.

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Texasbeauty1977 - 51 minutes ago

What City are u in ....I'm From Dallas Texas .... Everything Bigger and Beautiful

1975Platinumkitty - 51 minutes ago

BP use to be a good place to meet it's a good place to be on the next Catfish episode!

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ViRtUoUs814 - 51 minutes ago

Surround yourself with people who out think you and who are where you want to be in life, and you'll achieve the same result. #TimeForTheNextLevel

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MarieS999 - 52 minutes ago

smh @ one oe of the last idiots that commented on one of my pics saying i needed weightwatchers or jenny craig....didnt even have a pic on his profile...smh

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Theophilus101 - 52 minutes ago

Never apologize for not allowing another individual to suck the life out of you. You may not be to control someone's negative behavior, but you can control how long you participate in it.

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