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CHINKEE_BROWN_EYEZ - 9 minutes ago


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HONEYBUTTERPRET - 11 minutes ago

Mean ppl dnt bother me... But Mean ppl who disguise themselves as Nice ppl bother me a lot..

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Stacyh43 - 13 minutes ago

Men, there is nothing wrong with talking a few pics abd adding to your page. That draws us in. Pictures needed: 1 with smile, 1 without, 1 full body, 1 showing you being funny or having fun.

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PRITIGURL08 - 19 minutes ago

Earlier this year, EVERYBODY thought I was crazy for wanting some rain boots, so I didn't order EVERYBODY in Dallas wishing they had a pair

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carldepass - 19 minutes ago

I thought my brother was crazy for becoming an atheist... but now I'm feeling why he made his choice.... the good get the short end of life while the wicked get a pass to carry out more dirty deeds...Can someone give me a good reason to believe in God? This is a serious question, not some B.S.

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Karim_Ellis - 21 minutes ago

Never argue with anyone stupider than you... It's the quickest way to reduce brain cells. ~Karim R. Ellis

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nedwalkerjr - 23 minutes ago

GM... We woke up, Thank you Lord.. When I accepted Christ, I died on the cross with him.. when he arose, three days later, I did too.. dead to this world of sin!! Alive and washed clean of my sin, and blessed with eternal life!! Y.O.L.O..?? Yah... you only live once in sin and die forever.. But, with Jesus as your savior you only die once and Live ...

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BLAQESUNSHINE - 23 minutes ago

I'm so blessed. Gm

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AnalogGirl08 - 24 minutes ago

Shout out to all the black men on this site complaining sbout and disrespecting black women. Shout out to all the non-black men with usernames emphasizing your interests in black women, more specifically our bodies and shout out to the men asking for phone numbers and sending ** pictures in the first note. You all are the real MVPs. #notreally #...

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Severn - 24 minutes ago

Whoa.....Last night was pretty crazy. Whenever I drink I turn into Jason Bourne. I can't remember much, fighting comes naturally, and I have a sudden urge to evade the law. Here's to the freakin weekend.

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sjbc4119 - 24 minutes ago

God gave us a heart to feel what our eyes can't see.

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DeVah79 - 26 minutes ago

I'm working on becoming a better me.

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mommahot - 27 minutes ago

Cheating is simply insecurity at its high point..Most people already know they are not capable to sustain a monogamus relationship..

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Wordchaser7 - 27 minutes ago

I swear it's beautiful outside. Gonna be a nice day not to be cooped up in the house.

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TRUTH2424 - 27 minutes ago

If you close your eyes in a fight that doesn't mean you're not gonna get punched.

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greeneyesfeefee - 29 minutes ago

Good morning :)

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FlAmiN_Ph0EniX - 30 minutes ago

Getting tired of losing loved ones. Stay in Peace my fallen Angels, you are now surrounded by unconditional love and serenity. #Gramma P #Raymond Astaphan

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HunnieBaibee45 - 30 minutes ago

Why do guys send invites to see them on their page, and it's twenty pics of him wearing sunglasses???

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jae626 - 30 minutes ago

Some people would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. -Norman Peale

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318MostHandsome - 31 minutes ago

if You Peek...You Should Speak

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