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MEME8255 - 14 minutes ago

If their Respectful, Loving, Loyal, Faithful, Kind, Giving, Listens without defending, Understanding, Supportive, Appreciates, Give Time, Healthy Attention, Laughs with you, Mentally and Emotionally Strong WHAT MORE CAN ONE WANT? Guess MORAL NEEDS ain't Vidal nowAdayz Huh!! LOVE THOSE HONOR CHERISH THOSE KIND. ANYTHING ELSE PLZ ADD!

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5712426902calltxt - 15 minutes ago

I need a guy in my life that txts everyday and WANTS to talk. ig momoissokool

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Nunuforever84 - 26 minutes ago

I look down at the beef, that sh** childish to me. Aye' Gucci Mane on repeat. #MakeLove

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Thick_CaliSuga - 28 minutes ago

Bed time is a good thing but having someone to snuggle with would be better

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Simply_Sha29 - 34 minutes ago

Depression and anxiety is a beast

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dgfdf - 38 minutes ago

need to find some nice big titties to lay my head on and go to sleep

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BrandonBravo - 44 minutes ago

ugghh can't sleep and bored the worst combo

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V0IUPTU0US - 46 minutes ago

A BP man had asked was I transgender female and I wasn't offended by it. The reasons is because they are beautiful on the outside and they are beautiful on the inside. Also, they're more ladylike than a lot of these women on here. It's a compliment to me.

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PoeticmindforChrist - 47 minutes ago

I've got a big day ahead of me and I'm a little nervous. Please say a little prayer for me. I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.

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ckboogie - 48 minutes ago

"Friends with benefits" sounds like the ideal of what a marriage should be. Maybe that's why so many fail, because they include neither.

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SunshineLuuv - 51 minutes ago

My friends wonder what is wrong with me. Well I'm in a daze, from your love you see. I came back to let you know, got a thing for you, and I can't let go... Bobby Caldwell

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BlackPrototype - 51 minutes ago

I don't give a ** about no World War III and some nukes going off. Just let me get high one last time right before ** starts popping off. That way I can go out with a real BANG!

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MsTweety414 - 52 minutes ago

Getting out 4 a bit

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berryseductive - 54 minutes ago

I need an adventure. and someone to share it with. all work no play is getting played out but the way these dudes are set up..smh..oh well.

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KYBlackman45 - 57 minutes ago

Miss that late 80s early 90s R&B music...

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amyngyn - 1 hour ago

Goodnight have a good blessed night

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darknluscious26 - 1 hour ago

Sometimes we make the bad choice of chasing the wrong person when the right one is right in front of our faces.

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King_Wise_1 - 1 hour ago

As long as we/Black people continue to believe that no one should be judged by what they do, you've heard the phrase (only God can judge me) then we also must live with the fact we have no standards. And a people/race who choose to live without standards deserves whatever they get.

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mytruth73 - 1 hour ago

Beautiful night to lay back and chill. Baby girl is with her mom this weekend and church in the A.M. Early night for me, night BP fam! #singledadlife #blessed

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Mimi5891 - 1 hour ago

Nights like this I wish.....

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