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Gie26175 - 2 minutes ago

Our weakness is a vessel for his power and our flaws, a canvas for his grace.

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Kenyakenya1 - 4 minutes ago

see why these women so lonely half y'all dudes gay.....

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babygirlv78 - 8 minutes ago

Good morning everyone

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Exquisite28 - 19 minutes ago

people fear the truth, but will live a lie#mindslavery#**isdeep

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britni_crayton2 - 19 minutes ago

Good Girls are Just Bad Girls that never got Caught!

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Kiing_Me - 19 minutes ago

Pacman was back at it - I hope he didn't look to threatening to Mayweather ... we KNOW he won't fight then.

ukrainianbeauty - 20 minutes ago

my daughter looked at me tonight and told me how kind, pretty and smart I am. She said she knows I'm smart because I go to school everyday work every night and take care of her. I'm kind because I am nice to people and treat her so good. made me cry, sometimes a child's words can reassure when a man's is lacking. Ivan blessed. good night bp. shout ...

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goldbloodedd - 20 minutes ago

lil tipsy off henny.

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Realshaky - 20 minutes ago

should not have gotten a lil tipsy before coming to work tonight now I'm sleepy. Gotta find a corner to hide in for about an hr.

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Stan1023 - 21 minutes ago

Why is the last night of a shift ALWAYS THE LONGEST!!!!

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StacieMUA - 22 minutes ago

Everything happens for a reason. I will not be mad nor be sad, God has a way of showing you things and bringing new light so that you shall see clearer. Life lessons, I can never stop learning

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Gie26175 - 22 minutes ago

I told you I was having a bad day...all I wanted was your encouragement, love and support. But I didn't get anything from you. Not sure which was day or no support... :(

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kandisland - 23 minutes ago

Do you remember when you were a kid, playing Nintendo and it wouldnt work? You'd take the cartridge out, blow in it and that would magically fix the problem. Every kid I know did that, but how the hell did we all know how to fix the problem? There was no Internet or message boards or FAQs. We just figured that ** out. 80's baby

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lovemad31 - 24 minutes ago

Leaving the casino everytime I come I'm reminded of how much I hate this one... Can't gamble in peace men trying to pick me up...I'm still ahead from the 1k I won earlier... I'm going home alone no drinking no hotel.. This responsible ** is blowing me.. I could use a NY slice right now!

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kandisland - 25 minutes ago

Black women need to start standing up for one another, stop condoning black men being disrespectful to black women and acting like their behavior is cute just because they aren't addressing you directly. He's calling a black woman a hoe because she has a different opinion than him, and y'all women propping it! Like it's okay, well it's not! If we d...

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Kenyakenya1 - 27 minutes ago

Ayte who up with the kid?

Angel-Face19 - 30 minutes ago


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SEXXY_CHOCOLATE_ - 30 minutes ago

Are you a LOVER or a FIGHTER?

12selenanur - 32 minutes ago

I'm horny Can't you hear what I say I'm so horny And tonight I swear I'll be with you, baby everywhere I will kiss you And I'll touch you inside Oh, mmm I don't know how You can feel when emotion turn the wheel I want you, gonna do it tonight Come to me if you need some action

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official28 - 33 minutes ago

A boy watches his mum and dad having s*x he ask, "What are you doing ?" His dad replies, "Making you a brother or sister!" Boy say, "Do her d*ggy style I want a puppy."

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