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SusieBrown - 8 minutes ago

Everybody wants to be cute, but most don't want to get there by being healthy. Start today by eating better.

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BEAR1986 - 12 minutes ago

If you're fueled and filled by anger, hate, and sadness... You're not doing anything but bringing harm to yourself. A inside full of misery will not get you anywhere or help any situation.

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Malik21229 - 13 minutes ago

Damn. Can't even submit a random post without someone taking it literal. Oh well.....I guess people will always think ** is about them. #YoureIrrelevant #NoOneIsThinkingBoutYou #GoHaveAFewSeats

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d-mx - 17 minutes ago

last day of school for the kids..and weekend fun for me's time for the beer run all weekend baby

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Sicilian_Lady - 22 minutes ago

until the end of time...

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Epyphanyy - 27 minutes ago

"A person's tongue can give you the taste of his heart." -Ibn al-Qayyim

QueenB901 - 28 minutes ago

GM Kings and Queens!!

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Winst39 - 29 minutes ago

Once you let go of negative people... Positive ones appear...!!!

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ChasinDestiny79 - 36 minutes ago

People are so quick to judge others for the same thing they were once. guilty of.......

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milkcocoa2 - 38 minutes ago

Finally, it's the last day of school. No more kids to teach!! I am so looking forward to some time off. Happy Friday BP. Ain't nothing gonna spoil my day !!!

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missnerra - 40 minutes ago

i be waking up to early... baby be kocked out and im just up laying under him or on his chest. i love him, the best man ever. back to sleep i go.

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TLC82 - 43 minutes ago

Thanking The Man Above!!!!

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JerseyGreeneyes - 46 minutes ago

Wishing you the weekend of your desire. RELAX..RELATE..RELEASE!

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Devinedelight1 - 1 hour ago

He spends time and money, waxing, polishing, rims on the car, but won't invest in the family that holds him at night

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Jayason - 1 hour ago

Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting and just have faith that things will work out.

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itwasablackguy - 1 hour ago

My people talk sooo much about being treated unfairly here, yet are scared or too lazy to leave the place in which they are the object of scorn! A passport is a slave's ticket off the plantation. I advise you to 'get out' before you are 'trapped in' as they plan to slow down the process of applying for one. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

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CalaMichelle - 1 hour ago

Live your life the way your heart leads you. This way you'll never have any regrets

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TSquared1 - 1 hour ago

You should never take paracetamol to cure someone else's headache

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Lady527 - 1 hour ago

Love to do everything on my bucket list and just have fun. I get to do what I love and meet lots of people 5 Star vacation on a 2 star budget!

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BBlast46th - 1 hour ago

Feeling her Friday...fellas let her know what's up...

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