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Winst39 - 12 minutes ago

Mondays are for Fresh Starts.....!!!!

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msnikkibaby71 - 16 minutes ago

My BLACK is beautiful!!! Happy Monday

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LadyResa917 - 16 minutes ago


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duanemollock - 17 minutes ago

Peace to all the go getters

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Sauga_Souljaa_ - 18 minutes ago

GM ! I wish you all a good start to your week

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woodz908 - 23 minutes ago

[ ] single [ ] taken [ ] thinking about frying chicken wangz #BLACKPEOPLEPROBLEMS LMFAO

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Jaymee77 - 23 minutes ago

We are culture nothing moves without us ~Jay-Z

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from_down_under - 28 minutes ago

Saying Sorry isn't always a cure for everything.

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JayKelz - 28 minutes ago

You'll be amazed at how at times it takes an outside source to tell you the very thing that you already know, in order for you to actually grasp and receive it..

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teeboz2 - 34 minutes ago

Isn't it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren't even worth a second of it via @cdcutie

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woodz908 - 36 minutes ago

I'm actually proud of myself, after all I been through in the past 3 years I actually made it at my job for a full year! #MOMMAIMADEIT

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sagsrule38 - 39 minutes ago

I opened 2 gifts this morning..they were my EYES.. GM BEAUTIFUL PPL.. HAPPY MAKING MOVES MONDAY.. make 2 day great .. enjoy

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solidkid - 41 minutes ago


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BKLYNEALEY - 48 minutes ago

GM all my BP have a bless week & Monday. had a great weekend off now up doing some cleaning ,walk the Dog ,& do some work for work on my Monday starts now work tonight .feeling bless with no stress..& school is around the Summer is done looking fwd to Thanksgiving , a new house & truck..IN GOD I TRUST....SO B...

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CCaramel704 - 52 minutes ago

Dating someone for thirty days or less is not a relationship it's a free trial period,first month free like (Pandora plus,hulu or Spotify) ijs!!!

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smilewithdimples - 53 minutes ago

SMDH ... over here in Europe they show the passing of Jerry Lewis on the news, but not of ** Gregory - Media is slacking big time !!!

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Bobbie91 - 56 minutes ago

Happy Monday all. Feeling a bit blue, but I'm going to shake it and make this a positive/productive Monday! Hoping the same for everyone!

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SoldieretteofChrist - 59 minutes ago

Have anyone else notice that the Saints of the Most High sleep don't sleep a lot nor the nearly the time which is recommended?...we seem to be awake way more than normal throughout a 24 span.

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whymeuask - 1 hour ago

If you found someone who will do their best just to be with you despite that you are so difficult to understand, take care of them. Keep them at all cost, because to encounter someone with so much appreciation for you is a one thing that you will never be able to experience everyday. Good morning!

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angelwithsoul - 1 hour ago

Friend invites are nice but you can send me a message and we can have some type of conversation. I can string a couple of words together lol.

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