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Kahilia1 - 3 minutes ago

I need morning sex

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Beautynheart0521 - 6 minutes ago

So is anyone secretly in love with me yet? It's getting cold outside.

chrissychris23 - 8 minutes ago

It's my birthday

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beautiful2419 - 10 minutes ago

thank u Jesus for keeping me and my family you're the best thing for that ever happen to me gm beautiful ppl have a blessed day

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Don1love - 16 minutes ago

prayers are boosters for the soul .they jump start your spirit

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MsElaine36 - 16 minutes ago

I'm not the type of woman you're used to dealing with luv. I'm cut from a different cloth. Respect me and I'll respect you.

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vickyissosweet3 - 17 minutes ago

I just wanted to tell you I love you today... I loved you when I created you, and will love you forever.. I'm here answering your prayers, holding you at night ,providing for you each day .. I'm the Almighty that can do all things.. I'm the God of "I AM".. I just wanted to let you know I love you I'm here for you my sons/daughters again to...

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Sexiiijexxica69 - 19 minutes ago

It would be nice to meet a man who is honest with his intentions. It's much better to just be straight forward as to what you want versus pretending to be something to get what you want from me...

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Ray63275 - 20 minutes ago

Faith comes by hearing ... actions come by believing ... blessings manifest when you have prepared what you heard and acted as though you already had it ... #Faith101

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LeeNlove1 - 24 minutes ago

Good morning,my beautiful people. Have a good nights and Week. RELAX MODE.

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the_bx_kid - 28 minutes ago

Sometimes what you've been waiting for happens when you least expect it. Keep your faith going.

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Melanin_QueenTX - 29 minutes ago

Daily reminder: Today is the day to be your greatest!

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TeDDyBearGuy - 31 minutes ago

GM...thinking about IHOP for breakfast

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MsElaine36 - 33 minutes ago

LOL!! Some men are so easily offended/turned off when a woman nicely tells them not to treat her the way they treat the rest. Will the STRONG, RESPECTFUL MEN PLEASE stand up...omgosh!

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Kahilia1 - 38 minutes ago

LMBO Drop ur pre-church picture now

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Ray63275 - 48 minutes ago

Once you as a single person can embrace your singlehood moving beyond your own insecurities and dissatisfactions you'll began to realize that contentment makes room for companionship... (Nobody wants a discontented partner) #WisdomSpeaks

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Virtuous2k - 52 minutes ago

Sometimes your elevation will require isolation. If you are not willing to separate yourself to get instruction from God you are setting yourself up for Unnecessary conflict. In order to be a great leader one must be a good follower.

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Be-You-tifull - 53 minutes ago

Back from my trip to Cura ao

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Lithy1983 - 55 minutes ago

When 20 year olds tryna hit on you. My son I'm lil to mature for u lmaoooo

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Mzlightdelightcsb - 1 hour ago

Up can't sleep hopefully sleep come over me again

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