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Brandnew116 - 4 minutes ago

I don't understand why people share all these videos of fighting & ignorance on social networks. SMDH

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chrissey - 7 minutes ago

I Be Bored As Hell I Need Some Damn Friends That Really Dont Be On That Drama ** And Like To Have Fun

Its_So_Official21 - 7 minutes ago

I love watching Football. .Go Patriots! They've been doing very well!

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bkzgrimmeydiva - 8 minutes ago

I just wanna take time out to big up all the REAL fathers out there who bends backwards for their children... Yall don't get enough credit and y'all should because y'all have a very very important role in a child's life.. Moms y'all do y'all thing but there's something special about a father's love and affection that makes a huge difference in a ch...

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prettiibrown88 - 9 minutes ago

Talking to my grandmother always uplifts me! She's my motivation and my inspiration.

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RuntimeError - 9 minutes ago

I'm throwing a party at my crib this weekend. I'm out now buying food and misc items for this get together... Gonna b fun. Drinks on me!

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sweetyjw - 12 minutes ago

Have a taste for cheesecake from the cheesecake factory

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MissGoodVibe88 - 13 minutes ago

Good evening BP, stay blessed.

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Rushad321 - 16 minutes ago

it really scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie

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Ms_Intangible21 - 16 minutes ago

Did y'all miss me?!? Lol What's good BP peeps?!?

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goldengoddess78 - 18 minutes ago


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tcw33 - 20 minutes ago

My height never really bothered me until my 12yr old daughter had her growth spurt. Now every time she stands next to me I think damn I'm so short! Lol

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RarestRose2 - 20 minutes ago

People be lying about sh*t that they ain't gotta lie about. Why lie about stupid stuff like where you've been or who you were with? That's dumb...some people just aren't trustworthy.

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Mulattomami90NY - 20 minutes ago

I'm just getting it how I live.... Believe meeeee

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andrewhite23 - 20 minutes ago

Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, and make you happy. If you know people who do none of these things, let them go.

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cutziepie9171 - 21 minutes ago

People change for 2 reasons: Either they hv learned a lot or been hurt too much

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blaznbeauti - 21 minutes ago

I think Im all set for now.....why play around with a choice you made along time ago?

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medrylena - 22 minutes ago

That moment you realize you DO need a good man by your side..smh

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Bossy_ap - 23 minutes ago

it's cold. where's dat somebody:)

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theprofoundone - 24 minutes ago

Time to go to work

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