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LupusButterfly - 5 minutes ago

Lupus makes me feel every joint, every muscle, every tissue the beat of my heart and I know I am alive! I take no moment for granted, I dance in the rain and I celebrate my good days and am thankful I am alive on my bad days. May is Lupus Awareness month. .I am aware everyday! I have Lupus. Lupus doesn't have me!

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von_thehotgirl - 8 minutes ago

Dear ** Boys: Please stay off my page. I only interact with MEN. Thank You kindly.

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az4dayz - 11 minutes ago

Happy Sunday: )

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finesse1023 - 12 minutes ago

I just want someone to come into my life and not waste my time with bull** and shenanigans

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momas24 - 13 minutes ago

good afternoon all

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Cinnamon237 - 16 minutes ago

How many men know the different roles a woman can be? Let's see who answer! This is going to be interesting.

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taurus_424 - 20 minutes ago

When you realize you are within the calm before the storm...this week is abt to be bananas!

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NiceWetJuicy - 20 minutes ago

Do not be afraid to do something just because youre scared of what people will say about you.People will judge you no matter what you do.

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_Truly_Afrodite_ - 20 minutes ago

What's up to all the BP philosophers who'd rather give advice on how to change your life instead of changing theirs!

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QueenofBeautyUK82 - 21 minutes ago

I'd rather make you smile with all my clothes on, make up off, hair natural with just my personality on show - that's how I know we truly connect.

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Shawn_Thomas_33 - 23 minutes ago

The hornets getting blowed out by 30...

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Nic_Tx - 29 minutes ago

Pay attention to bad intentions... A person with show you exactly who they are...

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angelkay6767 - 29 minutes ago

if you just want attention you can go star in a movie I don't have time to deal with toxic people

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MSTHICKNESS56 - 32 minutes ago

Now that my daughter has graduated this weekend with her bachelor's degree, it's time for me to start living my life how I want to, I'm great fun the Lord allowed me to be a great parent and do the right thing!! Prayers and doing the right thing works!! Amen

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94Shan - 32 minutes ago

Man I swear everybody on here is a freaking philosopher lol mhmm.

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JustMeBeingMe2015 - 33 minutes ago

Although of being hurt in the past, I still believe people have good in them! I now realize hurting people hurt people.

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musiqlife24 - 35 minutes ago

As long as you understand your mission, that's all that matters!! #StriveForGreatness

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Sweethang79 - 37 minutes ago

Sometimes the best relationships are based on a great friendship first.

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drlovejoy13 - 39 minutes ago

Even the government knows God is real. In order for the New World Order to happen they have to shut down every holiness church. But people sitting here saying we don't need religion. You boneheads, when the church is gone the antichrist will come and Armageddon soon follows. Wake up! THERE IS A GOD!

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BellGreen - 41 minutes ago

DEAREST BLACK WOMAN in case no one told you today: You are beautiful You are loved You are needed You are alive for a reason You are stronger than you think You are gonna get through this I'm gLad you alive Don't give up

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