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TheOnlyKatie - 3 minutes ago

Married and mostly monogamous as **

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UrbanFlare69 - 4 minutes ago

Workout begins at 10...

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shyne863_13 - 4 minutes ago

Real men are those who are courageous enough to say "I'm sorry" & realize when they're wrong!

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rar868 - 5 minutes ago

When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

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luv_lee_one - 7 minutes ago

Why pray out loud if God can hear our thoughts? One, it keeps our minds from wandering! And two, it can strengthen and encourage those who are listening.

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ambiance2 - 9 minutes ago

** twerking, can you cook? Lol

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Sexcsha31 - 9 minutes ago

It's pretty ironic how people get mad when you treat them the same way they treat you.Like #ijstho #TruTalk #100

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PRITIGURL08 - 10 minutes ago

Sooooo September is take a man on a date month...are there any single men over 36 interested in going on a nice date with me? Inbox only

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Safree - 13 minutes ago

Done with that love **

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caramelbama1 - 13 minutes ago

Make sure the past is properly laid to rest before looking ahead to a new relationship. Not doing so May destroy your future.

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rar868 - 13 minutes ago

When God knows you're ready for the responsibility of commitment, He'll reveal the right person under the right circumstances.

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shayLeo - 14 minutes ago

i guy hit me up and than my friend. ..this is funny..we sitting right beside each other. .Men dont even have a type anymore

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da1nonlymr_fresh - 14 minutes ago

real husbands of Hollywood..lmao...GN

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Au_Naturale_Beauty - 15 minutes ago

Can't wait until it gets cool out. I'm ready to dress all snuggly and warm.

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Dread-Head-Shawty - 16 minutes ago

Never forget the past cause in the future you will always remember where you came from to get where you at...

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1RoyalOriginal - 16 minutes ago

Danm I swear I love life. I feel stronger than ever. #BuiltFordTough

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That_Damn_Ike - 17 minutes ago

It doesn't make me feel good to have a bunch of people propping my posts. I'd rather have the opinion you hold in your head expressed.

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tmacks32 - 17 minutes ago

Ladies: Every guy that says hello to you is not necessarily trying to "Get at you" there are some friendly guys left in the world you know....

Croatoa - 18 minutes ago

This girl I really don't know texted me saying wyd. I said at home what's up? She said she's trying to figure out how she gonna pay her phone bill. People this is y I'm no longer asking for numbers lbvs

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MrCollins3 - 19 minutes ago

why are so many Asian women stuck up, smh


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