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maxxmilyon - 7 minutes ago

The Young want the Old ........The Old want the Young .....

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DivineCincere - 9 minutes ago

Life is what you make it!! That's all

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AndreD24 - 10 minutes ago

What's your IQ?

JS8420 - 12 minutes ago

** this MEEK & DRAKE BEEF, I know GHOST better KILL ANGELA tomorrow

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K_LOV - 13 minutes ago

If she flinches when you go to put your arms around her, someone else's hand once wasn't so sweet. If she questions you, someone else lied to her. If she doesn't tell you things, someone else once betrayed her secrets. Behind every cranky complicated woman or woman who is scared to love, is a woman who is tired of being broken.

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f0t0sh00tfresh - 15 minutes ago

Not an R & B dude but cop that BLACK ROSE album

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Ahki_Slikk7 - 15 minutes ago


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truec2010 - 18 minutes ago

Today's dating scene is often a complete joke! Im so over it.

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jazz2402 - 18 minutes ago

It's Friday night, so that means brown liquor and brown women. Saturday night means clear liquor and .......invisible women.

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Shetatted72 - 19 minutes ago

Friday.. Feels like a good day to cheat

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LickMyTana - 19 minutes ago

The main people be in their feelings online.... Be the main ones that get looked over in public.... So your hate inside is not about what somebody does on "Their" page... It's about the hate you have for yourself..... Cause if someone loves their self as much as I DO.... I don't give a flying horse ** what someone post on their **!!!!! #DontBeS...

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Nellz27 - 20 minutes ago

Hoping my weekend goes good need something to do

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blackBond22 - 20 minutes ago

I rather have a girl that works in target than a golddigger tryna find a target #cashflow#harlem# he said it the best

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NyemiaLove - 20 minutes ago

got California weather here in Chicago weather is so damn beautiful!!!! ON LAKESHORE DRIVE AT THE BEACH TURNT UP!!!

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yung_devil - 21 minutes ago

meek sister did more work then him

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90s_Blvd - 24 minutes ago

Staying in DC this weekend.

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RICO78TX - 25 minutes ago

you need someone who's going to keep a smile on your face inside and outside of the bedroom.

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grbvito - 25 minutes ago

Who's tryna go out tonight?

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ViRtUoUs814 - 25 minutes ago

See yourself overcoming says the lord!!!! Again there is nothing you can't handle! Allow what is weak to make you strong!!!!

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Capitolheights88 - 25 minutes ago

i got sexy body and also handsome.

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