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EyEz_of_a_Soldier - 5 minutes ago

A chick doesn't have to look flawless for me to treat her like she is.

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icanloveu4ever314 - 5 minutes ago

"If you're talking behind my back you're in a good position to kiss my **!"

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SoUnorthodox - 10 minutes ago

You lose when you start checking for people who aren't checking for you.

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Jonniqua - 13 minutes ago

I can't twerk, roll a blunt or even get 10000 likes BUT I can surely cook, clean, hold an intelligent conversation, make my own money and if your funds are tight, I can hold us down!!! #TrueStory #GrownAssWomen via @Mizz_Dimplez_

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RarePearl9 - 13 minutes ago

If I walk alone I'm not on my own I feel like I can make it the storm is over now

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MonicaG1978 - 13 minutes ago

I don't ask for much but I'm coming to you for prayers for this wonderful lady I once took care of. A couple days ago she was full of life and energy and now they are saying she's in her last days. I can't say her name, please just pray for this "wonderful lady" God will kno who she is. All prayers are appreciated!

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NRT729 - 14 minutes ago

It's crazy how a woman act when she really find out that her baby daddy has truly moved on! The true side of her comes out! Jealousy really come out today in my world! I thought we was cool into she took my boys from me damn!!! Lord help me!!!

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1handsomeman80 - 14 minutes ago

Bp females mean the world to some of y'all dudes like there's none that exist outside of this site ...the more love letters she get from y'all the more bashing she does ...nicca stop ur dumb ** stupid love lines

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TriceyBoo2 - 16 minutes ago

I think I'm going to become celibate.

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LadyElysian - 16 minutes ago

good evening have a wonderful evening people

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resexy - 16 minutes ago

** u petty **es

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rahsaanobey1 - 17 minutes ago

an actual friend would be nice ijs. unfortunately on here were just sending friend request to random people we dont know from a can of paint just to have a friend list. how can we be friends if we don't ever talk just my thoughts.

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HurricaneJ920 - 17 minutes ago

i wanna do bad things with you i wanna do good things for you

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MzHeather71AZ - 18 minutes ago

A strong women doesnt need you she wants you. And if you start slacking she'll conquer her world without you!!

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Resilient_Brilliant - 18 minutes ago

Okay you called me ** or whatever. Okay remind where im suppose to care. Wait....right about now? Lmao insecure boys kill me. #nonmothefactor

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brandonjgonz72 - 19 minutes ago

I'm a sucker for full lips on a woman. Now don't get me wrong , it's not a preference , women without full lips are just as beautiful. Cuz as long as you know how to kiss that's all that matters

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360Junkie - 19 minutes ago

His moment of clarity comes after he cums. It is then when he decides how he wants to deal with you. Food for THOT.

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LillyB00 - 21 minutes ago

Is it just me .. but when u wanna know what letter comes next in the alphabet u automatically find yourself mentally singing the ABC's?

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DCdeepspace9 - 21 minutes ago

Set an example. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you not because they are nice, but because you are.

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kimnotic78 - 22 minutes ago

Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob~ juicy j

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