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sweet_black_kim - 13 minutes ago

I was raised on that old school love...When I love...I love hard and for real...I can teach this new generation a thing or two, lol! :-)

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mercrider74 - 14 minutes ago

I love when a woman leaves a pic of her smiling. not her tits and **. it leaves more to the imagination. #olskool

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GypszelaFlower - 21 minutes ago

I Would Never Judge Someone Based Off Their Religion,It's The Heart That Count's In My Eyes...But I Also Feel Your Spirituality Is Really Nones Business....I Mean It's Your Life,You Are The Only One,That Has To Look@Yourself In The Mirror....

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bbw_pisces_queen - 21 minutes ago

intelligence is sexy....

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Adonus77 - 23 minutes ago

Excited to have a small role in the movie they are filming. Only an extra, but always fun & a blessing to do this.

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aimeenguyen - 27 minutes ago

Love a intellectual intelligent man :)

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purekarma35 - 29 minutes ago

That moment u find a new masseuse so good you wake up on the table like wtf!#** rub

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drlovejoy13 - 37 minutes ago

I don't care how much you claim to not believe in God, when the doctor say you got so many months to live, you gonna be praying to Jesus more than me

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Bekkibarnett - 38 minutes ago

Not only are us college educated black women out here competing with these spoiled white entitled kids who have connections, but the younger ones too. They want something cute running around their offices, sometimes it dont matter if we are more experienced. Cause they still see us sometimes as second rate, black and too proud. What was u complaini...

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mystic091 - 39 minutes ago

In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.

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TAYTAYB - 40 minutes ago

hey BP hope everyone had a good day

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Jackson1950 - 40 minutes ago

Didn't feel like working out today, but pushed through it. Some days you have to motivate and encourage yourself

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GypszelaFlower - 41 minutes ago

Good Evening!!!

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HughMurris - 47 minutes ago

A trans gender female posted: starve your distractions feed your focus So I guess if your focus is ** don't get distracted by the **, lol

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Bigbooty109 - 48 minutes ago

People lie so much about their lives on bp it's ridiculous.. I could see if you tell one lie about your life.. but your whole life a lie..#Idon'tWantToLiveOnThisPlanetAnynore lol

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PoeticSimplicity - 49 minutes ago

Do men really want a "good" woman or do they want a crazy broad that'll key their car? What do ya want?

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RayJB - 50 minutes ago

Some of you have multiple babies by multiple different people. I'm not judging you. You're just not for me.

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yAy0s_bAck - 52 minutes ago

Ladies, if he can watch an episode of This Is Us without shedding one single thug tear, he has no soul. Leave that man immediately. #thestruggle

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NewsOne - 52 minutes ago

Trump thus far has spent $10 million while in office

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tharris1028 - 1 hour ago

I'm willing to bet that I have gained at least a good 10 pounds from eating stuff that I can't get in Atlanta...... oh well!! #noplacelikehome #NewYorkStateofmind

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