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MissIsabelly - 18 minutes ago

I bring too much to the table to be treated like a napkin.

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shenakins1 - 21 minutes ago

My personal opinion if your not chasing a ball , at sports event Jerseys shouldn't be worn . Plus braids after 6 is a no go.. ijs

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NewsOne - 23 minutes ago

I 'Don't Like Serving Blacks:' Olive Garden awards comedian $6,000 after server comment

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JustwhoIam322 - 26 minutes ago

Good afternoon BP I can't believe I stayed in the house and told my job is wasn't coming in today. A sister is tired. Have a blessed day everybody

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I_Am_Unique_03 - 26 minutes ago


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The_Director85 - 28 minutes ago

my status remains the same this rain though lol #im staying in bed till Thursday it's about to get into freeze zone 26 FRIDAY

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BlackPearl76AZ - 28 minutes ago

Rant Day: I can't stand for a person to look for flaws in another to justify their own.

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brendajamesNY - 29 minutes ago

It's December.. wow it was an awesome year 2016 wish all my friends make it to 2017.

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sweetdesire61 - 29 minutes ago

I am so tired of being alone and finding it hard to find a man of substance. One that just doesn't want to ** and leave....

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chocolateleo216 - 30 minutes ago

I should have stayed my black ** at **in home

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Virtuous2k - 31 minutes ago

FYI - Do not give CPR to dead situations.

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moseshester - 31 minutes ago

The next dude that plays me, his mother and sister gonna catch these hands

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rrickyg3n3ral - 32 minutes ago

It Seems To Me, most Women Dont know How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship. They Meet a Guy, ** is Sweet for 5min, Then They Spend the Rest of the Time lookn For Evidence Against MFs. I Could Hear the Music from "Law n Order" rt Now.

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BIGDADAY - 37 minutes ago

Thank God for sick days!

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MujerBellaAlways - 38 minutes ago

Smile it can make someones day !!!!!

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kennethward71 - 46 minutes ago

Awesome weather here South Florida.....

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AlredyMade - 46 minutes ago

I agree! If relationships is so good to the last drop..then why most of you single asf!

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twotones8166 - 47 minutes ago

Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does. #walkthetalk

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Rozptlz - 48 minutes ago

Sexy! Sexy! Sexy! GM! if u peekn u best be speakn!!! MUUAAAAH

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Lissa0905 - 49 minutes ago

Never ignore someone who cares for you. If they take the time to call you, stop by and see you and they are there for when no one else was keep that person on in your life. Because some day you will wake up and realize that you had lost a precious diamond while you where to busy collecting stones...

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