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PRITIGURL08 - 14 minutes ago

I said 4 mins, I done been on here for 11 mins...

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MsBlackberridaTruth - 16 minutes ago

Queens and Kings you have greatness within, explore it, master it, and share some with the world! You got this, stay encouraged! Don't forget to see Black Panther!

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slimgoody2011 - 21 minutes ago

everybodys talking about this black panther movie whats all the hype??

MZMAC2U - 21 minutes ago

Come on baby let's stop all this textin and playin. Grown folks pick up the phone to call and talk is all that I'm sayin. # textzone #differentstrokes4differentpeople

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TeddyBlanco - 22 minutes ago

There are two ways to be happy: change the situation, or change your mindset towards it.

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trinahobley - 22 minutes ago

we over come evil with good

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TAmour - 28 minutes ago

On this day....I saw Black Panther and it was good...:-) Can't wait to chat about it.

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theodorsha2 - 28 minutes ago

On my way from Charlotte NC what a nice vacation. On my way home now, ugghhh

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neworleans3slim - 29 minutes ago

So now yall in yall feelings because I wont explain myself or comply to yall beliefs. lmaooo Yall humans are phucking retarded thinking I have to roll with the punches!!! Phuck Outta Here.

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bigsexy188 - 30 minutes ago

We live in a generation where people wont come to your wedding, but they will be there for your funeral! #ReadThatAgain

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IN_Laidback29 - 31 minutes ago

If a female is accustomed too having males ask her 'Are you single?' then I'm too advanced for her cuz I never ask that question lol....

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BabyofHearts - 32 minutes ago

Be mindful of what you toss away, careful of what you push away and think hard before you walk away. via @Ninobest23

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Joannemarie2 - 42 minutes ago

This sista i know is taking a walk on the other side, now there's a conflict he won't introduce her to his side of the family, i told her no matter how intellectual, or cultured she was, what was staring back at her was the fact she was a black woman, and not be caught up in the hype because not everybody is down with it, she asked a told her

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Simonalk - 47 minutes ago

Not to self: Black Panther may be inspiring to some but just okay to others. No need to bash those who don t agree with you. It makes you look stupid and emotional.

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cherokeewoods - 48 minutes ago

EveryThing Viewed On YouTube Is NOT The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.. And BeSides That Its Making Some Folk Here Awfully Paranoid And Delusional{^_~ Get A Good Good Grip My People.. ijs

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Ninobest23 - 54 minutes ago

Be mindful of what you toss away, careful of what you push away and think hard before you walk away.

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Kldeez-2001 - 54 minutes ago

I m sure somebody already told yall, But go see Black Panther, go see it twice.

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_MISUNDASTOOD_ - 56 minutes ago

TRUE or FALSE.... Is it true that you can LEARN or TELL alot about a MAN, by the way he treats his Mom? #AskingForAFriend :)

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B_da_bestest - 1 hour ago

Black Panther was dope. Wakanda forever!

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King_Wise_1 - 1 hour ago

The massive success of "Black Panther" has given our spirit a much needed jolt of positive momentum. Now, the key is to expand this empetus into other areas of people activities.

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