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Queenmelanin35 - 3 minutes ago

It don't matter if you don't get it. its not forced for you to get it. ya choices decides ya fate. You can't stop my choices because they keep my mind on a learning street..if you can't teach somebody how to grow, what use are you to life? You just exist for living in a next mans world to follow his rules. (i ain't settling) Some wanna create SOMET...

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powawoman - 8 minutes ago

Let me say it again...Stay off my page if you don't like what I say, that is your with it...

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KINGOFEROTICA - 9 minutes ago

Wife, girl friend, lover, ** buddy. What does it all really mean? The only thing I understand is action. I will never give you a title your actions will determined your role in my life

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HATER - 11 minutes ago

That ones that are the richest are usually the cheapest

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kimberTX - 12 minutes ago

I found my happy place.

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themusiclife35 - 14 minutes ago

I think some people are afraid to be single because it exposes who you truly are if you never date yourself how can truly know what you want if you been in 100 relationships in the pass year there's something clearly wrong sometimes you need to take a break from dating and find out who you are js

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BiggLover89 - 15 minutes ago

If you send me a message and i dnt reply dnt send a hate message cause you mad grow up!!!!!! LMBO

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Niceguycursed - 22 minutes ago

When someone is miserable they aren't going to just keep it to themselves. Misery naturally doesn't want to be alone and will always try to influence the miserableness on others. Instead of fighting fire with fire show mysery your bright smile, show misery a warm hug, a kiss and a hunger to live life to the fullest every waking moment. If misery at...

HUSTLESTATUS24 - 24 minutes ago

Imma start selling Weave Febreeze

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Lina79 - 24 minutes ago

hate being left so disappointed and broken who you give your love and all to cause sometimes they're just not worth it not even when you keep trying time & time again and finally see its just not what u want/need..when in reality all you wanted was them..just feel so deceived and beyond sad.

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realonesexy - 25 minutes ago

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

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FreeThinker001 - 25 minutes ago

How much did Donald Trump pay these Uncle Tom Pastors?

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HATER - 29 minutes ago

Don't give your money to the church. They should be giving their money to you

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hello0077 - 29 minutes ago

God said whatever the ..(LOCUSTS) I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten-- the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm -- my great army that I sent among you...walk by Faith not by sight!!

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DretotheA - 30 minutes ago

I saw a woman walking with her man with both of his kids on his shoulders. It was a beautiful site to see!

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Niceguycursed - 30 minutes ago

every time you open up your heart you are dating losers and then trying to figure out what's wrong with men? how about what's wrong with the cycle you have trapped yourself in with dating the unqualified? plenty of potential husbands but it won't appear that way if you're only dealing with clowns.

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jeanma24 - 36 minutes ago

I love food I need a friend to go out and enjoy different dish and scenery...

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mzsexiiariesthick77 - 37 minutes ago

Feel like my stress isn't gone but it still around cause tired being here . Why my life so hard, ugh hopefully I get get be happy again. Anyway good night, sweet dreams

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Boss_Hogg0720 - 38 minutes ago

NEWS FLASH: Going to the gym is NOT a pass to go and pull your chair up to the BUFFET. It basically defeats the purpose....... But then you wonder why you can't tie your shoes. C'mon man!!!!!

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SunshineLuv007 - 39 minutes ago

Boo bear, you are 3 hours behind. Meaning when you got home and settled, I'd be knocked out turning my pillow to the dry side. As Nana used to say. Lol. That ain't gonna work.

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