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(TITLE OF NOBILITY/AXUMITE PEDIGREE & DIVINE APPOINTMENT OF GRAND PHARAOH: BaEnAusar Unnefer/NATIONALISM IN AFRICA: TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE: PORTUGAL AFRO-ATLANTIC CULTURE: ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY: ON THE LIVE DIALOGUE BETWEEN AFRICA AND THE AMERICAS/CONFERENCE Sur la religion des anciens Egyptiens Er-Pat XXXVII Scepter of Amon Dec. 25, 2000). The Imperial dignity, shall remain perpetually attached to the lineage of BaEnAusar Unnefer(c), born William Norris Brown Jr(c) July 5th 1965 A.D., having reached the shores of North America via the institution of chattel slavery, by which his ancestors were sold under the dictatorship of Emperor Susneyos in 1607 A.D...descends from the great Zagwe usurpers of the Solomonic dynasty of Menelik 1st, son of (Makeda; Queen of Ethiopia; Queen of Sheba/ and King Solomon of Jerusalem 970 B.C./ ending with the Emperor Hailie Salassie 1974 A.D.) of whom are duly recorded in the Royal Asiatic society in London...WHEREAS by virtue of his descendancy from the Zagwe Dynasty which ruled Ethiopia from 1030 A.D. to 1270 A.D. under the ancient Agaw Tribal Confederation established by Queen Gudit in 980 A.D....And possessing his Imperial blood thereby, as well as the anointing he has received as a Hierophant of Serus'etau (Holy rites of the Mysteries) of ancient KMT (Egypt), is attached (Rex et sacerdos/the persona of Melchisdek) and sacred trust of inviolable authority supreme even to the papacy of the Vatican...being recognized as God's sovereign upon any soil which he may set foot propagating the ancient mysteries as they were committed unto Moses as the true ceremonies granted Israel from the Great Pharaoah; Ausar Unnefer (Osiris) who's name was given to all true prophets of Israel as the supreme name of God; sealed in the Ark of the covenant and secured in the Holy city of Axum; having passed through the cisterns of Judaism, Christianity and comes this divinely prepared High Priest (Grand Pharaoh) whom is set over whatsoever spiritual order he so desires or deems necessary to establish for the summon bonum of all humanity. THEREFORE We, the forty and two elders of the High council of the Er-Pat (Chief clan) of the earth whom descend from heaven out of the infrastructure cosmic womb of the universe, shrouded in the element of hereby assemble to bear witness, that on December 25th 2000 A.D., our sign appeared in the heavens; a solar eclipse, to validate the rebirth of Osiris in Amenta (America) in the person of Grand Pharaoh: BaEnAusar Unnefer. This was done that the Great prophecy of Ani the Triumphant, be fulfilled as it is written in the Pert Em Heru, as in the Bible, and as in the Quran. AS IT IS WRITTEN, SO SHALL IT BE DONE. ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** * And now, His Immanence, Imperial Grand Pharaoh (In Specie Neter Nefer Pro Se) Sovereign Head of the Pharaonic State of Vires (Amenta) Pro Corpre Regni; Unified Kingdom of Ancient Kemet(Kush), Infra Corpus Civitatis/Independent of systems peculiar/In dehors of the Unted States of America . ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** Anet Hra-K (Homage to thee) Beloved Netcheru (Nature) Nation; Citizens of the State of Vires (Amenta); Melaniated-Kindred; Hip-Hop generation; Members of the B.P. Family, & all of you so-called NEGROES/COLORED/BLACKS/MOORS/A FROAMERICANS/AFRICANAMERICANS/ AFRICANS & alleged descendants thereof. Today, marks a time unprecedented in the history of our existence here on the continent of (Amenta) which is known to most of you as North we declare ourselves UNIVERSAL SUCCESSORS to our Aboriginal and Indigenous Nation State: (The Pharaonic State of Vires) , a seat of government to which we all are heirs and of which has been in VACANT SUCCESSION for the last 250 years, established here in the West well before the advent of the circumvention of the earth by mankind. For the first time in 2,000 years of foreign domination, colonialism and alien occupation through which the barriers of INTERNATIONAl Institutional DIASPORA were put firmly in place to keep us wandering without a true knowledge of self, we have collectively as well as individually, broken the shackles of ignorance and finally come into the great awakening which has been so long anticipated under every great leader of all so-called BLACK people (Past & Present) to which end the phenomena of Nationalism as we commonly, if rather imprecisely speak of it, have now broke surface in such a particular way under this Pharaonic Administration, that not only the jewish traditions, traditions of christianity, of Islam, the Western world and civilization itself ALL FIND THEMSELVES PERPETUALLY INDEBTED...but also having the phenomena of Nationalism taking as its starting point the critical relation between ecclesiastic and secular functions of spiritual and temporal Nationalism in Politics, Nation and State, an ability to lay an IRREFUTABLE claim to the combination of National Identity, Political aspiration and acheivement which has over the centuries been such a potent influence for life and death itself. (Applause). The Re-birth of a Nation is a more obscure historical process than the Birth of a Nation, at least where Diaspora necessarily preceeds Nation and Nation preceeds State. Yet the more pragmatic starting point must without doubt nor contradiction be the stressing of our right as a people to manage our own affairs esp. when such right to self-government and self-determination free of outside overlords or interference is in and of itself, HEREDITARY in UNIVERSAL SUCCESSORSHIP. (Applause). Such rights prove to be a very potent force in the world of politics, of which the very development of democracy has contributed to this demand for government from within. And thus, along with the achievement of statehood or self-government, much greater attention is paid by the State of Vires (Amenta) to cultural identity and unity and to the redevelopment of a interrupted ethnic reality in which is possessed of a continuing ethnic, cultural, historical and religious factor that plays a highly significant role in political development from the tribe to the empire and recognized as a self-conscious drawing together of those factors ending in the definition of our people as a SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT Nation by Rights of Divine. (Applause). We can not in all honesty, claim the (RIGHT) of citizenship within the United States of America simply because we have been granted only the (PRIVILEGE) of citizenship,...a Privilege of which only remains operative for as long as we surrender our BIRTHRIGHT by identifying with the Corporate veils derivative of the Constructive Trust i.e. (Fraud-by-operation-of-law) of the Roman/Latin invention of SCIPIO AFRICANUS. We are NOT now, nor have we ever been NEGROES, COLORED, BLACKS, MOORS, AFRO AMERICANS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, or AFRICANS. Nor do we recognize ANY SUCH PLACE as having a REAL existence on the planet earth which is called by the appellation of AFRICA! Despite the fact that this legal fiction is an accepted reality for billions of people world-wide, IT IS NOT OUR REALITY. For IF there were to exist ANY people possessing the RIGHT to name the soil of which they are ABORIGINAL to, surely it is those whom are either NATIVE thereof or DESCENDANT therefrom. And as this was in fact a designated geographical region of and by our ancestors, we, following in the footsteps of our forefathers recognize the continent misnomered as Africa under its TRUE designation which is (Ta-Netcher) i.e. "Land of the gods." (Applause) As Ta-Netcher is where the original seat of our government was raised under the Unified Kingdom of Ancient Kemet BEFORE that seat of power was transferred here to (Amenta) i.e. "The West" before there was a such entity as the United States of America, on behalf of the realm OF the Unified Kingdom of Ancient Kemet under the Pharaonic State of Vires (Amenta), which until now has only been known to the Western world under the banner of (Novus Ordo Seclorum), i.e. "New Order of the Ages." (Applause). Let us be absolutely clear on one point which is, (Novus Ordo Seclorum), does NOT correctly translate as "New Order of the Ages" Nor "New World Order", but rather its proper translation is "Modern Ecclesiastic Seculars." And this means that ALL AUTHORITY of ANY and EVERY government on the face of the earth, is received via a Theocracy, in particular, the Theocracy of the Unified Kingdom of Ancient Kemet which is today represented by the Pharaonic State of Vires (Amenta) no longer being in VACANT SUCCESSION.. (Applause). The Reverse side of the Great seal of the United States, is today, and always has been without exception, a signature, representative of our own Divine and Holy Nation, its Royal Priesthood and the Peculiar people of its citizenry. The people of the Indigenous region of Ancient Kemet/Kush, misnomered as the ancient Egyptians, were the FIRST people in history to fly a National Flag. We must not confuse ancient Egyptians [sic] with the Aboriginal people of ancient Kemet, to wit; the Unified Kingdom of Ancient Kemet/Kush, as Egypt itself is a Greek name, named after the alleged Greek god AEGYPTUS whom is said in myths to have conqured ancient Kemet and named the land after himself, to wit; Alexander the so-called Great. The ORIGINAL people of Kemet were called (NETCHERU) and are today ONE and the SAME with ALL MELANIATED-KINDRED. And, as ALL Nations have a National Flag, We too PROUDLY fly our Nations Flag and ALL that it represents. The flags of ancient Kemet/Kush were designed like (streamers) or (pennants) attached to a staff with the national symbol mounted on top of the staff itself. The flag bore sacred emblems of the gods, i.e. (NETCHERU) or the fan of feathers representing the Pharaohs. Today, OUR National Flag has been reinstated according to the ideals, people, land and government of which it represents. OUR Flag, is the emblem of OUR Country, the UNIFIED KINGDOM OF ANCIENT KEMET/KUSH as it reflects the transition of its seat of power from the East to the West here in Amenta, called today by the SEPARATE and EQUAL STATION as GRANTORS under the CHARTA COMMUNIS, to wit; Declaration of Independence 1776 A.D. through Which the United States of America was born into its existence!!!!. (Applause) And there are those whom would ask, "What beneficiary rights do we possess by the Declaration of Independence."? To them we say, "The Declaration of Independence not only establishes US as a Pre-existing Sovereign Nation EXEMPT from U.S. Laws, but also provides for us what it ABOLISHED for the government of the United States, in short, "DIVINE RIGHT" as UNIVERSAL SUCCESSORS in Politics". Let there be NO Mistake that in the WEST, it was ORIGINALLY well UNDERSTOOD and AGREED to in principle, that the PEOPLE, derive Political Sovereignty from God. We hold no quarrels to this fact as OUR ONLY ALLEGIENCE as a NATION STATE is to the LAWS OF NATURE, NATURE'S GOD and the GREAT GOVERNOR OF THE WORLD from whom WE AS A NATION DESCEND! (Applause) In THAT Descendancy, is ESTABLISHED OUR DIVINE RIGHTS to which the Declaration Solemnley AFFIRMS, the Chain of Politcal Succession, (a) God, (b) The People, and (c) Government. We are a NATION which proceeds directly from God, considered that which is IN God, and which WITHOUT< God CAN NOT BE nor BE CONCEIVED. And thus, it is from US< whom ALL POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY is derived, including the Political Sovereignty of these United States. We are ALL Heirs to this Nation State....We are ALL Citizens thereof whether Implied or Express. We are, A MIGHTY SOVEREIGN NATION WITHIN A NATION OF MIGHTY SOVEREIGNS! Claim you seat upon your established Throne today! Go to (www.pharaonicstateofviresamen on Blackplanet and patriate yourselves under your OWN Divine Nation State, or contact me personally at ( I leave you as I came. Em-hotep & Anet Hra-Ten.

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