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yerooooo.. whats really good blackplanet... its ya infamous gurl zakiyyah... yall may know me as lil zak.....switchin thangs up... *smilin* For those of yall that dont know me like that... im 21... Im a proud mommy of 1 >>gorgeous baby<< >that i put >>1st *&& *foremost<< before >>any<< && >>EVERYBODY<..>i love 2 shop<...that is my addiction#$$;... lol actually keep it real i like 2 read 2... books by D.S... sista souljah... paul langan... im dead @$... people be sleepin on novels... they actually might teach you a thing or 2... *smilin* but yeaa im not 2 much more different than ya average girl.. except 4 the simple fact... im me ~*100*~

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I started %#&@$!!n wit tha hustle &+became my ex n now im [ .married) to tha money n im sleepin wit success-aint neva had to trick _ cuz ive always been tha treat

Hi5 kisses





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    Sicklerville, NJ

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American

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